Would you enjoy being able to extend the fun of summer by being able to swim laps, do water aerobics, or simply relax in your own pool set to the perfect temperature and relax at the end of a hard day in the warmth of your own hot tub? You can delight in the fun, healthy benefits of both with a swim spa. With your own swim spa, you can enjoy a soothing, warm dip or exercise as much as you like because it combines the benefits of a swimming pool and a traditional hot tub. So, whether it's a cool spring evening, a chilly fall afternoon, or a nice, warm summer day, you can enjoy your swim spa anytime of the year!

The portion in which you can swim laps is what makes a swim spa quite different from a hot tub alone. In this part of your swim spa, internal turbines create a current you can swim against, just as you would if you swam in the ocean tide; This gives you the optimal exercise of swimming as a form of strength training in a small, efficient area.

Although going for a swim in a nearby lake or distant ocean can be a fabulous way to “get away from it all” you will always encounter the terribly watersome sand of the beach associated with natural bodies of water. Swimming pools make a great sand-less alternative, but laps in a public pool are not always possible, and, of course, not private, and installing and maintaining your own pool may be too expensive, not to mention the fact that you can 't take it with you if you move or you may simply not have the space to accommodate one.

This is where a swim spa can be the perfect solution; it takes up little space, is much less expensive than a pool, can provide the privacy you want, and is convenient, making exercise more likely. And, the heated element will ensure that you can swim year-round.

A swim spa is covered by an insulated cover and lined with polyurethane insulation, making the cost of running your unit much less expensive than a large pool would. It would, of course, be much lower than the cost of operating both a hot tub and a pool. Swim spas can be placed at ground level, making them portable should you move, or you can choose to put your unit fully or partially in the ground. Once installed, you can enjoy the benefits of soaking in your steamy hot tub, or the advantages of exercising regularly any time you like!