Denise Austin workouts have been getting people in shape at home for years. With the Denise Austin Daily Workout or one of her yoga DVDs, you are sure to get a professional and effective workout every time.

Now is the time for all of us to get back into shape and tone our bodies and become more conscious of fitness and good health. The good health portion of our new consciousness is a healthy and nutritious diet consisting of all of the healthy foods listed in the pyramid featured by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A copy of the pyramid can be had by going to their website.

As for fitness we can let Denise Austin, known as America's No. 1. 1 fitness expert, lead us through a workout that will tone, shape and stretch us out out heads to our toes. Her fitness video “Yoga Plus” is a new blend of Yoga and Pilates which is designed to firm and reshape body lines. It improves flexibility while toning the abdominal muscles, the core and energy. Her first workout, Power Yoga is a set of traditional Yoga poses which are done in a flowing motion to generate power and stamina. The second workout, Power Pilates, is an energizing set of Pilates movements challenging the abdominal muscles and toning the buttocks, hips and thighs. It also combines three pound weights to sculpt the arms, chest and shoulders.

You can get your three to five pound weights and give Denise twenty minutes of your time each day. The routines can be done individually or together. Denise Austin's Power Yoga Plus will make you feel and look stronger, thinner and empowered.

Denise Austin has other fitness videos that combine Pilates and Yoga and target areas that need slimming or toning, fat burning, cardio fitness, leg shaping and any other specific portions of the body that need to be made more fit. In her “Get Fit Daily Dozen” Denise Austin has an effective new system to get fit. It features twelve easy exercises to be done in twelve minutes a day done to your schedule. This is a get slim and stay fit program that can be done in twelve minutes each day.