Debbie Siebers is back in action with Slim in 6 DVD kit. It includes the signature “Slim Training” program that guarantees dieters of slimmer physique within a minimum period of six weeks-absolutely no dirty tricks. This workout system combines the basic aerobics and resistance techniques to burn more calories and eventually shape the body. It offers a series of workout regimens dubbed as the Start It Up, Ramp It Up and Burn It Up.

In the DVD series, trainer Debbie Siebers is accompanied by two exercisers to show the dieters how the moves are performed. A timer can be seen on the screen to remind you of the duration of the particular exercise. Once you get used to the routine, you may soon plug on your iPod and listen to your own playlist. There is an option for turning the music on and off. You just have to keep a focus on the screen so you will not miss any moves.

The Slim in 6 DVD kit follows a six-times-a-week training session. In order for the program to become productive within six weeks, it requires a great amount of hard work and perseverance. The exhausting six-day training makes a logical stance because it needs to prove its effectiveness. After six weeks of intestinal workout, you might be ready to testify that all the hard work is really worth the sweat.

The Slim in 6 DVD kit also includes perks to amp up the workout regimen. The resistance band, freebie workouts and guidelines are just some of the bonus items that are given away. The resistance band is used for working out the major muscles in the later workout segments. Bonus workouts are also provided with the purchase of the DVD kit. These are 15 minute-less exercise regimens that give focus to the abs and body's flexibility. They are not actually mandatory for the workout program, although they can work wonders to your figure if you consider doing the moves during your days off.

Another good addition to the workout program is the diet plan entitled “Step-by-Step Nutrition Guide”. It asserts the dieters in making the right decisions when it comes to meals and food intake. It is important to take note that any workout program is futile if the dieter failed to watch his diet. To be honest, the Slim in 6 workout program suggests a lifestyle change in order to achieve the best results overtime. This can only be done if you have the will to purge your bad eating habits.

Recently, it has been reported that the exercise program in Slim in 6 DVD is reliably hard for the majority of the dieters to perform on almost a daily basis. Each level gets more intense and requires a lot of sweat. Perhaps the best thing to do to avoid being burnout is to have two days off instead of one. Unless you are trying to meet the deadline, which is right after six weeks, you may take some rest while doing the program. Note that in order to achieve the desired results within a short period of time, you should maintain your discipline and motivation.