Walking to lose weight and burn fat is one of my favorite workouts. I love to feel the ground beneath my feet and, unlike running, when you walk, it's much easier to notice your surroundings and enjoy the scenery.

However, for some people the amount of calories that you burn when walking is not high enough. One of the ways in which you can increase it is to wear ankle weights while walking. In this article I want to touch upon some of the benefits of walking with ankle weights and some tips on how to use them properly.


1. One obvious benefits of walking with weights around your ankles is that it makes your walking a much tougher workout to do and one that will burn more calories and fat. Basically, you'll be able to burn more calories for the same number of minutes that you used to walk before.

2. Wearing weights also increases the muscular stimulation on your legs, so you're getting a better strength workout in addition to the cardiovascular element of walking. A double benefit.

3. Walking with ankle weights is great when you feel that you've reached a level of fitness that makes your current walking workouts seem easy and unchalling. Instead of increasing your walking time, just use the weights for extra difficulty.

Tips on how to use ankle weights

1. While walking with ankle weights has benefits, it is also something that needs to be done wisely. Do not use heavy weights. You do not need them. This is not a strength workout but a cardio one. You're not supposed to make it hard on yourself to actually walk. This is just for the little extra stimulation, nothing more.

2. If you feel any pain in your legs or shins you need to stop using these ankle weights for a while. Do not ever put too much stress on your legs.

3. When you do wear these weights, they need to be tight around your ankles. Do not let them be loose and interfere with your stride.

4. If you're looking for an even greater challenge, try walking with ankle weights at an incline. This will give you and even greater workout.

5. Check with your doctor before using ankle weights to make sure you do not have any joint issues that prevent you from using them.

Extra tip : ankle weights can also be used in a variety of lower body and abs exercises so if you already have them, make sure to use them for these types of exercises as well.