Have you noticed the extra little bulges popping up here and there on your body? Do they worry you a little? Does your scale groan when you step on it?

That is natures way of letting you know that your health is not quite what it should be. Gentle little hints. It is amazing how we stop looking at our bodies in the mirror once the weight goes on.

This is where the dog comes in. The wonderful thing about a dog is that they never tell you about your weight problem. They just simply love you, heavy or not. You, and the food control, are all matters to them.

Dogs only do a couple of things. They eat, and sleep. They love to run outside but as most responsible dog owners know, when you live in a city you must have your dog on a leash. So this is where they will save you from those little lumps of unwanted fat.

Take your dog for a good long walk. Every day or night or morning. It does not matter when. What matters that your do it. So now you are helping to get your dog into good condition and it is helping you do the same. Amazing is it not. No wonder they call dogs mans best friend.

One of the great benefits of taking it for a walk is the bond you create. The dog will respond to you. They learn to keep their attention on you if you have the treats. They will avoid other dogs if they know they will get a little treat. Mention treat to our little dog and she goes into high alert. Nothing else matters or gets her attention.

Dogs also need to spread their scent around their territory and empty their bladders quite frequently. This means you take it out first thing in the morning and last thing at night as well as once or twice a day. A good habit is to take her for a stroll around the neighborhood at least morning and night.

From this you can learn that a dog in your home is a great asset. You will be gratified as to how the extra pounds will drop off, all because your wonderful new friend who thinks there is none better that you.