We all hear everyday from doctors and health and fitness professionals that we must walk every day. Some say twenty minutes three times a week. They tell us that when we do this we will feel better, eat, think and work better as well. However, when we talk with people who have tried a walking program, many of them tell us they either tried it and it did not work or they wanted to do it and did not know how.

Many years ago when our children were only from 6 to 11 years of age, we lived on a rural property. Our roadway was gravel. We did not have any street lights. The houses were a quarter mile apart and hundreds of feet off the highway. There was almost no traffic. In plain English, our area was in total darkness after the sun went down.

I had quit smoking after smoking for twenty years. The last thing I wanted to do was to start up again. I worked all day and did not arrive home until six pm from work. In the fall that means I arrived home after dark. So after supper one night we took flashlights and headed out for a walk. Our driveway was 800 feet from the road. Everything was pitch dark. At first we needed the flashlights. Soon we could see better and turned them off.

We walked along that dark road to our neighbors driveway and turned and came home. The girls were so excited that they had me drive back and measure how many miles we walked. Turned out it was exactly one mile return.

The next night we set out the same. This time we all agreed to go to the next driveway and after that for the next week we stretched it out until by the end of the first week we were walking five miles return. What a wonderful feeling we all had. We tried playing games as we walked. We played what we called the math game, 5 + 9 + 4-6 =? And the girls were soon able to do complicated math in their heads. By the way, today they are all in managerial positions and credit those early games we played. We challenged the girls to learn the stars and constellations as they shade brilliantly in the darkness of the country side and we made a game of that.

Since then we have enjoyed walking every day. It has kept us healthy and in good condition for seventy five years and counting. Give it a try.