I can tell you that I have started to exercise several times in my life and I have failed most of them. I have observed that most of us find it very easy to procrastinate on our cardio and this eventually leads to us giving up on our exercise and going back to our old routine. There are several factors that affect this decision and my analysis of my personal case has led me to write this article to help others find the strength and will power to continue with their cardio and make it a life style change. Through the following paragraphs I will discuss some of the problems that make us give up on our exercise and how we can actually eliminate them and make our cardio a life style change.

What is it about exercise that is so difficult? The fact is that when you exercise you are putting your body through a lot of activity that is actually not vital for you. You are making your body go through a lot of physical struggle to do something that it simply was not doing before, something that it knows it can continue to do without. For this reason avoiding exercising seems to be a rational thing to do. Why in the world would your body want to go through that stress? Why would it want to go through this activity that seemlessly has no purpose? Evidently the positive effects of exercise take a while to show and unless you keep your body through them you will find a very strong mental resistance to continue to exercise. After all, your body evolved to preserve energy and you are asking it to do the total opposite.

However some of the worse problems and “excuses” that come out when doing exercise -specifically cardio – are related with the way in which we carry out the exercise. My brother in law majored in sports and currently coaches a swim team and heave me some very useful and important advice to make exercise more enjoyable and to help me achieve my long term fitness goals.

The two main things that seem to make most people quit cardio are mainly time and boredom. For most of us, the more time we have to spend to do some exercise the harder it is for us to do it. For example, if doing some spinning means that you have to take a shower, change clothes, go to the gym, then shower, then go back and you end up spending 3 hours to do 1 hour of spinning then you will feel that you are just wasting a lot of time. I decided to make this as efficient as possible and I bought a spinning bike and placed it right next to my bed. So there is actually no excuse regarding time. If you keep your exercise source near you and you keep the activities needed to exercise down to almost zero then you will be able to avoid this problem and enjoy your exercise a lot more.

The next problem is related to the fact that we do not want to do the same thing over and over again. If you do spinning for 30 days, then you feel bored and you might as well quit unless you find a suitable replacement. The best thing to do here is to look for some variety. You can watch TV while you exercise, you can buy another type of machine, take a jog, etc .. Maintaining variety in exercise is vital and you'll see that by doing this you will be able to keep up with your work outs and avoid quitting to early in the game.

Of course, there are several other problems like “lack of machines”, “lack of energy”, “lack of money” but even these are easily solved by taking jogs, walking or doing some other cardio that does not require a lot of gear . In the end you need to remember that it is about the goals you want to reach and about being healthier. You need to remember that even though you were not doing cardio before, this does not mean you do not need it. Remembering where you want to be and the changes you want to make is vital to achieve a true routine change. Hopefully with the above tips you will be able to make your exercise easier and join the ranks of people who have achieved to introduce regular cardio into their daily routines.