Cardiovascular exercise is great for your body and managing your weight. Find out some tips that will make your cardio more effective.

Cardiovascular exercise is something that you should be doing for greater health and to burn calories to help control your weight. There are ways of making this type of exercise more effective for you. Find out some basic tips that should improve the cardio that you spend time doing, so you can maximize the benefits of it.

Do it early in the morning on an empty stomach when you first wake up for best results. This is best for fat loss if that is your goal. If you can not do it at this time, do not worry about it. If you need something in your stomach first as you might feel sick on an empty stomach, eat something simple like a banana.

It's best to not exercise at a constant pace through the workout. That's an outdated technical that is not as good for you as using interval training. Interval training means that you have periods where you go slower and faster speeds.

Do your cardio more often as this will help to keep your heart healthy and burn more calories. If you are exercising three times a week, improve yourself by doing it four or more times a week.

Be sure that you adequately protect your joints. Good shoes are needed as well as a soft surface. Be sure to also use proper form when exercising. Injury will ruin your cardio routine for a number of weeks.

If you do cardio outdoors, be sure to have an indoor alternative. Sometimes it will rain or even be too hot or cold to go out and exercise. This takes away the excuse of not wanting to exercise.

Realize your limits especially if you are getting older. Pain in the muscles from a workout is one thing. Pain that actually hurts your body is another. Know when to stop to prevent injury.

Mix up your routine. Doing the exact same type of cardio all the time is not as good as doing a variety of cardio exercises.