Keeping and maintaining good body health is very important. Physical activities such as walking, swimming and jogging could keep the body physically and mentally healthy.

Jogging is famous to many teenagers. For some teenager, they found themselves very attractive when doing this activity. For others, this is a form of warm up before doing some sports. And maybe, they just enjoy jogging because of their jogging partner. There are many reasons why teenager wants to engage in this physical activity.

As an observation, most of the teenagers have weight problems because they can not control their desire for foods or eating habits especially for food that are sweet and salty. Teenagers, specifically girls, want to appear good at all times. They want to emphasize their body structure and maintain their sexy body, which makes them very attractive to the eyes of many people especially to the boys.

Most of teenagers got depressed and frustrated because they do not get the type of body figure they want. For a problem like this, getting into shape and losing weight for teenagers needs much more effort and time. Rather than skipping meals, engaging to some physical activities such as jogging is the best way to keep them healthy, stronger and sexy. This will also make their bone stronger and help their cardiovascular active.

There is some information that girls should observe while jogging. Girls must be aware of the environment or the area where she jog. She should be accompanied by her friends, brothers or sisters, parents, neighbors or even pet dogs. Listening to music can make your jogging more enjoyable. You can bring you MP3 player with you but make sure that the volume is not too high. Too much volume can cause problem to your ears and it makes you more prone to danger especially if you are jogging along the road. And lastly, it is very essential to jog at the opposite side of the road.