The cardio serves as the metabolic switch, which puts your body into peak state for fat burning and muscle building.

To get effective results in anything you need to create an initial movement or momentum.

1. Once you stroke the fire of your metabolism everything else comes easy. The fastest way to kick start your metabolism is through HIIT (high intensity interval training). This is short intestinal exercise that uses both moderate intensity exercise with periods of high intensity exercise. You can see startling results from just 20-30 minutes of this type of training. Ideally, you are trying to give yourself enough time to start your metabolism. Try to do at least 30 minutes. Once you have finished HIIT, you want to finish with a bang.

2. From years of conditioning and limiting beliefs we tend to hold on to highly useless, meaningful, and counter productive thoughts, emotions. So much so that it can actually sabotage our own success. To experience the full benefits of real mind power, it is extremely essential to free the mind of any blocked, negative energy. EFT, hypnosis and NLP are 3 techniques to deliver extremely liberating and self-empowering benefits. With these 3 tools you literally create a vacuum sucking out all the limitations and creating major leverage through powerful belief re-patterning.

3. Equip your mind with the most powerful tool for learning explosive brain power with memory training.

Memory training is the most powerful way to maximize your brain potential. Learn numerous tested methods that have shocking stimulatory effects on the brain.

You can not go wrong with these 3 techniques I have just described. If it is peak performance and being able to look down from high above then start applying these regularly.