Jogging has many benefits, including burning extra calories in addition to the 2,000 calories you naturally burn per day. The amount of calories you burn while running varies. A good gauge is 100 calories per mile. So if you run three miles you'll lose 300 calories and if you run five miles you'll lose 500 calories. With proper diet, the extra calorie loss per day will make you lose weight.

Beside losing weight, jogging is beneficial in several other ways. Let's take a look at other advantages. You …

get a good night's sleep. When you run daily, your sleeping habits are positively affected. You need less sleep per night. Additionally, you wake up refreshed, and very often without the use of an alarm clock. When you wake up mentally sharp, you will be more productive through your day. Not only because your mind is careful, but also because running is linked to growing brain cells. Now, that's a benefit of running that is worth knowing!

reduce the risk of health problems. Jogging is great for the heart, and reduces your risk of diabetes or if you have diabetes you'll be able to manage the disease much better. There are plenty more health advantages to running. The point is that running is beneficial to your overall health.

reduce or eliminate stress. Studies show that runners have little or no stress. In a world where we're always on the go, and stress is always waiting around the corner, a 30-minute jogging routine will help you combat stress in a healthy way.

reduce anxiety. Jogging releases endorphins, giving the runner a sense of euphoria (runner's high). In fact, many doctors and psychologists suggest running to their patients because these professionals have not noticed a positive change in their patient's lives when they commit to cardio activity.

Additionally, running increases self-confidence because it always feels great to set a goal and accomplish it. There is not a better deal you can make with your body: you commit to burning a set of calories per day and your body will reward you with good health.