How many times have we seen or known people who are constantly going to the gym and running miles and miles for hours and hours yet still, year after year seem to look and appear the same physically, with the same problems?

So many people think that long, boring cardio is the way to go. Really there are so many other, better options. One of these, and frankly, maybe the best of them, is the sprint. The sprint is in many ways the most effective fat loss and muscle-building workout out there.

Just looking at the Olympic athletes is proof to this. Looking at the marathoners, you are stuck by their skinniness bordering on emaciation. On the other hand, if you look at the sprinters, for example the famous world record holder Usain Bolt, you see a physical specimen with a completely symmetrical body and no fat to be found. He is also exploding with rippling muscles; a striking difference from the emaciated jogger.

This type of cardio training is also extremely time saving. As opposed to jogging on a treadmill for an hour, you could do five sixty-yard sprints, taking breaks in between course, and burn fat while also building muscle. The short bursts of energy you are exercising in these sprints followed by the short resting periods will facilitate muscle growth.

Additionally, because you will be exerting yourself to the max on each sprint, each of these high intensity sprints will provide the most bang for your buck, and you will definitely feel it when it is over. As opposed to a short relaxing jog with a magazine on a treadmill, here you will be working your body with short bursts of max energy on the sprints.

There are also a number of ways to increase the difficulty by adding in some variables. It is possible to mix in some bodyweight exercises like squats or pushups in between sprints for some added difficulty. Additionally, it is possible to utilize this form of cardio on a treadmill also. An example of a sprint treadmill workout would look something like this:

  • Start out with a four-minute warmup on a low speed
  • Increase the speed to eight mph, or whatever is intense for you, for one minute
  • Decrease the speed to four mph for a minute an a half
  • Increase again etc …
  • Repeat this four times.

By the end, you will be burnt out yet feeling a great sense of accomplishment. By the end of a sprint workout, I guarantee you will be wiped, possible dripping with sweat. It will feel like you have actually done something to challenge your body and muscles, though it did not take hours.

So try it and see the dramatic upgrades in your body that you have been waiting for.