OK, so there are a million and one different workout routines all over the world that promise fantastic results for this, that's and the other. I'm going to blow all of those out of the water and let you in on the big workout secret ever. I'm going to tell you the one way that you can get super fit and super toned very quickly.

I am an ex Royal Air Force service man and I can tell you now that I have been subject to some extreme methods of physical and mental training. My method is based upon 10 years experience in fitness training methods and it is the only one that ever produced super fast and fantastic results. So here goes.

Here is my method broken down.

We are going to use circuit methodology. That is different different exercises in one workout session that each work a different part of the body. Here is my suggested method for men who want to bulk up and get toned quick.

You're going to visit the gym and each session will begin with a warm up exercise. Jogging or rowing are best for this and the aim is to get as many muscles as possible in warm condition, ready for the blitz workout your going to put them through. The warm up is very short, either 5 minutes at a decent pace on the treadmill or 3 minutes rowing. Take it easy and feel your muscles loosening as you do this. Once your warm here is what was going to do. Pick 5 – 6 different exercises. My favorite 5 are, dips, pull-ups, bench press, boxing, and running.

Now, this whole approach involves repeating these exercises in circuit to your maximum resistance in short, sharp bursts. So for example. I start of with bench press. I place the weight to the greatest weight that I can perform 6 repetitions with. Just 6! No more, no less, six. I press that weight 6 times and have a rest of about one minute before pressing another six. Sound easy enough? Six reps at a good weight, in two sets and that's it. Then I move onto dips. I perform 10 dips, in 2 sets. Then I move onto the treadmill. I jump on the treadmill and light jog for 55 seconds. When I get to 55 seconds I crank the speed up to sprinting pace and I spring all out for 1 minute, until 2 minutes shoes on the timer. Then after 1 minutes rest I move onto pull ups. I perform 10 pull ups in two sets. So 20 all together. Then I take a minutes rest and put my gloves on for a 2 minute round boxing the bags.

So the whole method involves short bursts of activity, that really push the body, with small periods of rest in between. What you are doing here is conditioning the body to withstand high levels of weight and stress. Instead of jogging on the treadmill for 20 minutes at an easy pace, your pushing your cardio and training your body to develop strength by sprinting at a fast pace for a short amount of time, then your moving onto your next exercise. Same with the weight exercises, like bench press and dips etc. These are heavily weighted exercises that will train your muscles to develop high resistance power. This is the quickest way to bulk up and get toned. Believe me and do it yourself to see the results.

People think that if they go to the gym and do an exercise which I can handle over and over again that your fitness will improve. It wont! Your strength and fitness only improves when you teach your body to cope with excess weight or stress, and only running as fast as you can and lifting the heaviest weight you can will do this. Do not believe me? Try it for one week and you will feel the strength you gain.

Also this form of exercise is fun. You get a kick out of knowing that your pushing yourself and it sure beats running on a treadmill for 20 minutes. The variety keeps you motivated.

For women, you can use this same technique but without the excessive weights. Just up the intensity of your workouts in short bursts then move onto the next exercise. Again its all about applying stress to your muscles and cardio / lungs. They will grow and get stronger in rapid time.