One of the most popular exercises is aerobics. It improves general health and helps you lose weight. Depending on diet and workout frequency, it can make you lose a lot of unwanted pounds. It increases stamina and endurance, and is one way to detoxify the body. Doing aerobic exercises not only improves physical health, it also relieves tension and anxiety. All these support you in your quest to achieve better health. An obese or overweight person is not considered healthy. To be healthy, you have to be within your ideal weight range.

Aerobics involve moving the large muscles of the body over a period of time. Ideally, you should do aerobic exercises for 20 minutes. Fitness experts suggest that 30 minutes of aerobics can be divided into 10 minute bursts. It can have the same effect as doing your exercises continuously. Aerobic exercises reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers. It also enhances the immune system making you less prone to flu and colds. If you have chronic conditions like diabetes, aerobics can help in the avoidance of its complications. This is because aerobics stabilize blood sugar levels.

The heart can greatly benefit from aerobic exercises. Consistently doing these exercises improves contraction of the heart muscles. This means that the heart is working efficiently. It does not need to tire itself out to supply blood to the body. Your heart has been beating since you were inside your mother's womb. It has not taken a rest ever since. With aerobics, you can at least help it become stronger. Aerobics also boosts good cholesterol. This results to lesser accidents of plaques that may cause strokes later.

Aerobics can be tiring in the first few days. As you go along, it improves stamina and endurance. It also releases endorphins, which act as natural pain killers in the body. Endorphins also improve immune system function, regulate appetite and decreases tension. Aerobics improve the cognitive abilities of the elderly. It also improves their abilities to take care of themselves longer. Needless to say, aerobics prevent obesity. A consistently balanced diet and exercise plan promotes long term weight loss. Some fitness experts suggest doing aerobic exercises in the morning, before eating any food. According to them, this boosts fat burning. The body uses carbohydrates first before it uses up fat as energy.

Aerobics help keep your weight within your ideal range. Not all slim people are healthy. Extreme thinness can have its own set of problems to contend with. Obesity and extreme thinness are at opposite ends of the weight spectrum. Keeping your weight within your ideal range is one way of achieving health. Aerobics can help you strike the right balance.