Are you aware that your performance can be enhanced when listening to the right style of interval training music?

Twelve (12) students were picked for an experiment during a study conducted in 2009. They listened to six (6) songs while riding an exercise bike. This study revealed that the student's output increased as their tempo increased. The students were unaware of the changes in tempo listed below.

3 different trials were conducted:

Trial 1: The songs played at normal speed.

Trial 2: During the second trial, the songs tempo was reduced by ten percent, (-10%). Trial 3: Upon the third trial, the songs speed was increased by ten percent, (+ 10%). Upon decreasing the tempo by 10%, the students encountered their performance decreasing by 36% and did not make the trial any easier. Upon increasing the tempo by 10%, student experienced an 3.5% increase in performance.

The music has a major effect on their performance. A small 20% alteration in tempo made a 39.5% difference in performance.

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A different study was conducted that proved basketball players played poorly when dealing with an abundance of pressure. When there was a catchy tune playing, their performance enhanced greatly. It's as though the music clears your mind of stress related thoughts. Thus allowing your body to work more efficiently.

Other than calming your mind, music can help your body even on a unconscious level. Your heartbeat can increase, you can become more excited, and give you extra motivation through music. Music is food for the body and mind.

What is the style of music that can help your performance?

– Fast tempo style music, (Higher BPM – Beats Per Minute).

– Music you love to listen to.

– Music that lifts you up and gets you going.