Riding a stationary bike is a great way to get into shape. Not only because it is a workout routine anyone can participate in, but also because it's convenient. You can ride a stationary bike at any time of the day and in any weather while watching TV.

To get the most out of your stationary bike exercise follow these tips:

(1) Since riding a stationary bike is a low intensity workout and not a full body workout, consider adding weight training to your workout regimen to ensure that you continue to burn calories throughout the day.
(2) To avoid leg cramps, pedal with the ball of your feet, instead of using your toes.
(3) Keep an eye on your post, and do not hunch over. Remember, this is a low impact workout so you should not be riding at a pace that your post is negatively effected, and …
(4) When you finish your workout, rest for a minute or two before getting off the bike.

Below are stationary bike routines for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced exerciser.

Beginner workout: exercise for 40 minutes at 45 percent of your maximum heart rate. Pedal for one minute at a medium level and then one minute at a low level.

Intermediate workout: workout 30 minutes at 65 percent of your maximum heart rate. Pedal for two minutes at a medium level and then two minutes at a low level.

Advanced workout: pedal with all your might for 8 seconds and then recover for 12 seconds. This is a high intensity workout that you should participate in only several times a week for 20 minutes. Another interval workout is pedaling hard for 10 seconds, recovering for 45 seconds, then pedaling hard for 15 seconds, recovering for 45 seconds, and finally pedaling hard for 20 seconds, and recovering for 45 seconds.

These exercises are a great way to pass the time while watching television and getting into shape all at once.