When it comes to adding a boost to your sexual life, starting a cardio training program is the way to go. Not only that cardio workouts are the perfect training recipe for shedding weight, improving stamina and endurance level; they're also ideal for charging up your sexual experience and making it more pleasant and enjoyable. Therefore, if getting into the best shape of your life is not a big motivator for you to start cardio training, what about improving your sexual life?

However, many people are bent no to see how cardio training-or any other form of exercise-leads to better sexual life. For that, here are some of the ways that regular exercise lead-directly or indirectly-to better sexual experience and stamina the in bedroom.

Cardio Improves Endurance

One thing that most people agree on is that cardio training is the best training tool for improving endurance. Workouts programs such as running, cycling or swimming are cardiovascular exercises per excellence. On the other hand, good sexual performance requires a basic level of endurance, otherwise you will not last much in the bedroom-especially if your partner is young and wild. Luckily, you can improve on the facet of your sexual life by taking up cardio on a regular basis. Good stamina is the back-bone of healthy life and performance, whether in the board-room or the bed-room.

Cardio Makes You Feel Sexier

According to most studies conducted on sexual problems and self-image issues, the healthier and the fitter the person, the more likely he is going to enjoy a better sexual experience. In addition, people who exercise on a regular basis have, for the most part, a better self-image and sexual attitude over sedentary people. Therefore, the more you exercise, the confident you get, and the sexier you feel. All this lead to being eager to have more sex and enjoying it even more.

Cardio Reduces Erectile Dysfunction

For a man, erectile dysfunction can bring sexual performance to a permanent halt. Add to that the psychological scars that leave most men with mental and intelligence issues. No one wants to be that guy who just could not “bring it”. Luckily, many studies have linked high rates of erectile dysfunction with people leading sedentary lifestyle.

The dreadful condition is caused, for the most part, by circulatory problems. Any cardiovascular problem or irregularity such as high blood pressure, blocked arteries can increase the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. Nearestheless, cardio training improves circulation and fires off most heart-related diseases, thus reducing the chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Too Much Cardio

Doing cardio 24/7 will not make out of you a sex god. Right on the contradiction, do too much exercise, then expect problems in the sex department. In fact, overtraining leads to a myriad of health problems such as weight gain, fatigue, loss of sexual appetite, insomnia, chronic injuries. The list goes on.

As result, moderation is key. Make sure to take adequate recovery-especially after a hard training session. The best way to do so is to space out your training days with an off day. Doing so ensures recovery and help keep the nightmare of overtraining at bay.