Is running to lose belly fat a good way for you to eliminate the stomach flab and get closer to having flat abs? Running is one of the most popular cardio workouts in the world. Millions of people do it as a hobby to feel good, lose weight, and look better.

But, when you want to melt away the belly fat, is running a good option for you or is there things you do not know? Is there a way to run to burn more belly fat? This article will answer all of these questions …

Let me start by saying that as far as cardio goes, running is an excellent way to burn belly fat for a number of reasons:

1. It's intensive and hard to do so your body burns more calories.

2. Your entire body takes part in the motion meaning that you're working multiple muscle groups which adds to the intensity and effect.

3. Running is easy to do. You do not need equipment, to pay for a class, or instruction. You just need a good pair of shoes and you're ready to go.

However, not all runners achieve the same results in terms of fat loss.

If you're running to lose belly fat as fast as you can, you need to make sure you're doing it right. Here are a few tips:

1. Run in intervals, changing your pace every few minutes from slow, through medium, to fast and even sprinting. This works your body in a variety of intensities and burns more calories in a shorter time.

2. Run uphill as part of your route – Running at an incline can prove to be a great addition to your overall running effect.

3. Make sure to finish your run with a sprint. Sprinting actually tightens up your stomach muscles as well as burn overall body fat so you're also getting an abs workout as you run.

There are two things to note:

1. Running by itself will not give you optimal results. You need to follow a sensible eating plan in order to burn off belly fat as fast as possible. Do not burn calories only to eat the wrong things later on.

2. You need to do strength exercises as well as cardio to increase your metabolism and firm up your body and abs. While running can prove to be your main cardio workouts, remember that strength training is crucial for men and women both.