For some reason I always end up doing some kind of workout on the holidays. Either my schedule always dictates that it happens that way, or I really feel like training or I do not know … maybe I feel like it puts me ahead of the competition. So when you jump out and do your workout, think about doing a short, quick one. There are lots of quick ways to destroy yourself and still have plenty of time for the really important things in life.

Since I was away last week and busy most every day, I made time to workout five of the seven days I was gone. Never more than about 20 minutes. In fact I'm finding, and I think many of you will find that if you limit most of your workouts to 20 to 40 minutes your recovery will skyrocket. I have come to the point where I generally, purposely plan to do at least a short workout every day.


Because it makes me feel so much better, and function so much better to get the physical exertion going. Because the body is made to be used. Because I want to be able to display my strength, be it endurance or power, on an almost daily basis. Because there's a ton of things you can do for exercise and have fun and build serious ability and not get bored. This plays right into some of my theories in my books. One of consistent variety. Pick something that you always use as your strength building exercise. Work that on a regular basis and from there regularly add small doses of types of exercise to keep things fresh.

Last week I had with me 175lb dumbbell and a 40kg kettlebell. Five out of the seven days I worked up to a single in the one arm press with that 175lb dumbbell. Three of those five days I did a quick 100 to 150 rep kettlebell conditioning workout. Did not take me more than about 20 minutes to do the whole thing on any given day. In fact the pressing, many times I did, as I was walking around doing other things. Such as cleaning, getting ready for the day, etc.

The kettlebell, I used three routines, working through the reps as fast as I possibly could. These are not meant to be all out prepare you for a marathon workouts, just quick conditioners. The first one I did ten reps right and left of swings, presses, cleans, front squats and windmills. Then did 25 reps each of good mornings and squat pulls. (I also on this workout, switched the order. Normally I did my first pressing, then the kettlebell workout.

The second kettlebell workout I did 100 two-hand swings, followed by 50 squat pulls. That'll get you breathing boy! The third workout I enjoyed the two-hand swings so much I did another 100 of them and finished off by bending about 10 60-penny nails. Something you might want to just keep a couple of these workouts in your repertoire. They're great quick conditioning. You also will see what I mean here by consistent variety. I did three different kettlebell workouts, but I always did my heavy pressing work. There are lots of other quickies I've done over the years. I'll share some more with you along.

If you just think, you can get anything in weightlifting done. Every workout does not have to be four hours long and 400 sets. Getting a quick one done is certainly better than doing nothing. If you try them you'll see they can be some of the most fun workouts you ever do.