Strength and Conditioning Training For a BJJ Competition

I compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) competition and leading up to the recent BJJ British Open I created a home time based strength and conditioning program.

BJJ competitions are a knock out tournament format with each match lasting from 5 minutes (white belt) to 10 minutes (black belt). The number of matches you require to win to get a medal depend on the number of competitors in your category. The categories are split into belt, age and weight.

To be successful in a BJJ competition, you need a mixture of strength and endurance. It is also important to understand that you are required to pre register and state your weight category prior to arriving at the venue. This means that you need to make sure that you are under a given weight.

I therefore constructed a time based fitness program where II was working at different level for set period of time. I developed a 12 minute circuit that alternated between skipping and clean and pressing, as follows:

0-1 min Skipping
1-3 min Clean and press
3-4 min Skipping
4-5 min Clean and press
… etc up to 12 minutes.

Please note I used a weight that I was able to clean and press 10 times.

This workout provided me with an all round cardiovascular and functional strength building program. It is also important to note that I did this work out three times a week (in the mornings), while training five BJJ classes. These classes mainly primarily of technique drills and application of these techniques in sparing.

The biggest challenge with the workout was managing the time. So I created a exercise CD on my iMac, that actually gave me instructions of when to change exercise and updated me on the time. I also added motivational phrases to get my mind set correct nearer the end of the workout as I got tired. This CD was added to my iPod.

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No Space No Problem – 1 Way to Do Cardio Without Running!

Cardio training without running is in a lot of ways the best form of cardio, especially if you need to get your workouts either at home or at the office. Forget the monotonous and boring treadmills and elliptical trainers too. Real cardio requires the operation and movement of kettlebell swings! Keep reading if I have your attention.

High Intensity Cardio!

If you are going to get your cardio workouts in then you have got to make the most of your space and your time. If you are like me and most other people you do not have time to get to the gym, wait on an open space, or find somewhere to run. This is where the world's best hand held gym comes into play.

By now you are probably familiar with the ancient kettlebell and the basic strength endurance lift that is performed by it that is known as the swing. You see swinging a kettlebell or kettlebells is quite the cardio strength workout that will challenge anyone whether they are a beginner or an elite level athlete! Kettlebell swings do not discriminate my friend. This lift is great because it can be performed in a number of different ways if you want it to be.

Despite the versatility and variety of ways you can perform the swing lift with the kettlebell you can still achieve a tremendous level of cardio with this particular lift without ever even having to run. The lift is performed by you having to swing the bell in an arc like fashion back and forth from between your legs up to chest level. This is done by you having to engage both your hips and knees in an act of constant flexion and extension in order to create the momentum to move the bell through the arc range of motion. Many muscles must remain tense and performed through the lift in order to stabilize and control the kettlebell for optimal benefit.

After only executing 15 to 20 flawless swings you will understand just why this is a serious cardio workout my friend. Your heart will be pumping like crazy and you will learn what it means to have a kettlebell conditioned heart! No space is no problem if you are looking to get into shape and do it without having to run. Take the time to learn about this and other killer cardio strength training drills by accessing more of my articles on the subject for free. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart my friend!

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Some Importance of Aerobic and Muscular Fitness to Us

During the years, different forms and types of staying fit have emerged due to the increase of diseases and the reduction of some people wanting to stay fit. Most health professionals preach the importance of aerobic and muscular fitness for the body for at least three or more days in a week. Some people prefer to do aerobic fitness trainings, but hate muscular fitness trainings. The truth is that having the two together is very important if you want to stay healthy and live a fit lifestyle. Some people feel very scared when they hear the aerobic or muscular fitness training. This happens if you do not know what it is. This is why it is very important to know exactly what you want and what kind of fitness training you need to solve that problem.

There are some types of aerobic activities that will work better than others. For instance, just taking a walk is a type of aerobic activity and is considered the very easy to do. Other aerobic trainings like running or jogging for an energetic activity are great. Never mind if you do not like to do any of the above because the most important thing about aerobic fitness is the fact that you just have to do anything that will make your heat propel or pump. Aerobic training for fitness uses oxygen to produce the force your body needs to power movement. Therefore, the more you practice this type of fitness training, the more your body gets use to it and makes your cardiovascular system very strong.

Some examples of muscular training for fitness include sit-ups, yoga, push-ups, digging, weight lifting, and so on. These activities are classified under the muscular training because they help to strengthen your muscles and the body as a whole. When you go through muscular training, your muscles and body become very strong, enabling you to go through a successful aerobic training session without any risks of hurting yourself. Most professional health practitioners preach about the fact that through muscular trainings or activities, one can lose weight because this type of training process burns many calories in the body. If your aim is to reduce weight by burning some calories, then I advise you to go for both activities and make sure you stick to it.

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Should You Get in Shape With Aerobic Exercise Or Weight Training?

When first starting an exercise plan a lot of people are unsure as to what is best for them, either Aerobic or cardio exercise or weight training. The best answer to this question is – both. A good exercise program will include both cardio and weight training. But before you start you need to know the differences between the two and the difference in the results you will get from both.

Aerobic exercise or cardiovascular exercise strengthens your cardiovascular system. Targeting your lungs, heart and blood vessels. By strengthening your cardiovascular system, it is going to give your body more endurance and it is also going to help your heart and lungs and the blood vessels which feed your muscles, to work together more efficiently. Good cardio health will reduce your risk for heart disease and heart attack. It will also reduce your risk of most cancers. It will also reduce risk of stroke. Having good cardiovascular health will give you all around good health and give you longer life.

Weight training is the process of increasing muscle strength by the use of weight resistance. Having a strong body reduces risk of injury and illness. Weight training not only strengthens muscles but it also increments bone mass, reducing the risk of bone fractures. Studies have shown that people that lift weights benefit in the same way as those who do cardio workouts.

Ideally the best exercise program is one that combines cardio and weight training work outs. One exercise that combines both work outs in one activity is swimming. Swimming requires a lot of muscles to be used at the same time, increasing heart rate and breathing. Swimming also requires a lot of aerobic stamina. Even if you are just treading water, you are using both cardio and weight training at the same time.

When looking for or planning an exercise plan, try to incorporate both cardiovascular and weight training. If you do not have access to a pool to swim, make sure your work out contains things such as jogging, spinning (biking), walking, aerobics, basically anything that increases your heart rate from its usual resting rate. Then combine weight training within the same workout. If you are new to weight lifting, stay away from the free weights. If you do use free weights always have a spotter or help from a trainer. Start out with a light, easily managed weight and increase as you are physically able. Just a side note, if you are looking to lose weight, do not solely rely on weight training. By lifting weights you will increase your muscle mass and muscle weighs more than fat, although it may look like you are losing weight, you may actually be gaining.

Most importantly, always consult your doctor before starting at diet or exercise plan.

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2 Super Intense Cardio Exercises For Torching Body Fat!

The best cardio workouts for optimum fitness have to have a strength component to them. You see cardio is not only “aerobic” in nature it can also be anaerobic. This anaerobic style of cardio means “without oxygen.” This means that when you perform an anaerobic exercise it is usually more intense and yields a high level of physical exertion which causes an oxygen deficiency after the bout of exercise is either slowed down or stopped. This deficiency is made up by your respiratory system in the less intense recovery phase of the bout you just performed. This is why cardio strength training is so effective!

Intense Cardio Exercises For You!

1. The Squat Thrust Calisthenic: The squat thrust calisthenic is a particular cardio strength training drill that I happened to be very partial to utilizing with both my fitness junkies and athletes. First of all, a calisthenic is defined as a total body exercise that is performed in a rhythmic and systematic manner in order to promote muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and total mobility.

The squat thrust is executed in 3 steps. To begin, stand with your feet at shoulder width distance apart in length. From here the first step is to crouch down and place your hands on the ground in front of you. The second step involves you kicking your legs straight back behind you in one burst movement in order to extend your body into an upright push up position. Finally, the third and final phase of the drill is completed by you kicking your legs back up underneath your body in order for you to plant your feet and stand up. All of this constituents a single repetition. This is intense cardio strength training at it's best.

2. Kettlebell Jerks For Time: If you are familiar with kettlebells by now then you know exactly what I mean when I say “cardio strength training.” This style of lifting is both oriented and very beneficial in helping you to develop a significant level of cardiovascular fitness. Executing jerks for time is just the kettlebell lift you need to torch the body fat.

You see the jerk lift is performed in a specific way. First of all, you must have some experience with handling the kettlebell with some level of comfort before attempting this lift, much less trying it for a bout of time. To begin you must properly clean and rack the kettlebell to your chest. Once the bell is secure you are then going to start the jerk press by executing a knee dip which involves you bending at your knees first and rolling your body weight up onto the balls of your feet. As you start to roll up onto the balls of your feet allow the upward momentum to start assisting in the vertical pushing of the kettlebell overhead.

As the bell is moving up push the bell away from your body by quickly planting your heels right back into the ground leaving your hips flexed with your body underneath the weight. From here just simply stand up to finish out the lift. As soon as you have executed this rep then simply drop the bell back into the rack position to start the process all over again. Holding the bell at the rack will allow you to rest and “calm” your senses so that you can continue to perform rep after rep with the jerks for a bout of minutes rather than set numbered reps! This is one serious intension cardio routine my friend.

If you have not already started to implement the squat thrusts and kettlebell jerks into your fitness equation then you are missing out. Take the time to learn more by accessing more of my articles on the matter for free. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart in order to torch the fat!

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Walking is the Easiest and Simplest Form of Exercise For Better Health

If someone told you there was a way to exercise that does not require a pricey gym membership or athletic skill and is actually relaxing, what would you say? No doubt, the answer would be “sign me up!”

Walking is the singular most popular form of exercise in the United States, but may be taken for granted since it is an act that many of us do each day without considering it an aerobic activity. However, the results of walking are physically rewarding and lead to a trimmer body, greater fitness and enhanced general health.

One of the wonderful aspects of starting a walking routine, known as exercise-walking, is that it can be done almost anywhere and at any time, regardless of weather. You can walk to the store, in a mall, around your neighborhood, with your dog, with a group of friends, or on your own. In addition, it is a great form of exercise for those who have a long history ofactivity, problems with obesity or who simply does not like strenuous activity.

Before you get started on your new walking routine, most podiatrists recommend finding sensible, comfortable walking shoes to ensure proper foot health. Wear thick, absorbent socks and footwear that is stable from side to side and well-cushioned. Since buying shoes is the only real monetary investment you need to make for your walking regimen, do not try to cut costs. Buy your shoes for quality, comfort and fit. If you are certain about how to choose the shoes that are best for your body and your walking style and stride, go to a shoe store that specializes in athletic shoewear and focuses on the fit that you need.

If you are free of any serious health problems, then your walking routine is ready to hit the road immediately. A checkup is recommended if you are over the age of 60, have a disease, disability or are taking medication. A medical exam is also recommended if you are 35 to 60, substantially overweight, easily fatigued, an excess smoker, or physically inactive.

Here's a few tips for getting started. Begin by taking 20 minute walks, moving at your own pace but brisk enough to make your heart beat faster. Walk with your head and back straight and stomach tight, keeping your legs out front and knees slightly bent. As you are walking, try to land on the heel of your foot and roll forward to push off on the ball of your foot. Do not forget to cool down by stretching at the end of each session.

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Exploring the Numerous Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

There are so many fun and enjoyable aerobic activities to take part in including cycling, swimming and aerobics class.

You may not be aware of how many great ways your body can benefit from these aerobic activities. Did you know that just by doing enjoyable activities such as golfing or bowling can benefit your body in many different ways? Studies have shown that daily exercise can prove beneficial to your body and many of its functions. And aerobic exercise is possibly the best (and most fun) type of exercise for reaping these great health benefits! Aerobic exercise can help many different parts of the body and it assists in helping many different functions of the body, work better.

Those parts and functions include strengthening your heart and cardiovascular system. It can also do wonders for your muscles, lungs and arms which in turn, helps your entire body function better. In the following sections, we will take an overview of the benefits you can have, today from doing aerobic exercise. No matter what the season, whether it is winter and you and your kids are participating in fun activities like ice skating or skiing, you are making your heart and cardiovascular system stronger and healthier! Just by doing these fun activities, you are keeping your body healthy and extending your life.

When your heart pumps better, your blood flows better and your lungs seem to function better, so you are breathing better and feeling better! Aerobic exercise can help your arteries by keeping your blood pumping. Clearer arteries result in lower risk for diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

Plus, aerobic activity can help you lose weight! Just by taking a brisk walk, you an improve your quality of life and prevent disease, in turn, extending your life! Whatever aerobic exercise you choose to do is based entirely upon your person preference and goals. All aerobic exercise holds some health benefit and this benefit only increases with regular aerobic activity.

Some of the common types of aerobic exercise include:

Aerobic Classes – step aerobics, jazzercise, etc.


Brisk Walking







Aerobic exercise also strengthens your arms and your leg muscles, helping your endurance and increasing your rate of metabolism. You can choose at what level of activity you want to participate in. The type of activity you choose determines which muscles will be strengthened. And the length of time you participate in the activity determines how much you will be strengthening your muscles. The most important thing is to enjoy the aerobic activity. Whatever you enjoy doing, there is probably an aerobic activity that can match what you like.

Whether you choose golfing, spring cleaning, bowling, gardening, or mowing the dreaded yard, just imagine all of the good you are doing to your body and how much longer you will be alive to enjoy the benefits you will reap from aerobic activity! So, as always, remember to stretch first and then start a regular daily aerobic fitness routine like kick boxing or jogging, and start reaping the benefits of aerobic exercise, today!

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How Far Should You Walk on a Pedometer – Preparing to Use Your Pedometer

Pedometers have become increasing popular and are a great way of tracking your exercise progress. They are relatively inexpensive. Some models are hip based and some are watch based. The best way to know how far to walk on your pedometer is to know how accurate your device is in the first place.

Before beginning your program you should check that your pedometer is accurate. The best way to do this is to set the counter to zero and count 100 steps to ensure its accuracy. If it is more than ten steps off counter then you should move the pedometer position on your waist or tighten the strap on your wrist.

Next ensure you have decent, comfortable footwear. This is to ensure that walking is an easy to do as possible. If you intend to do an intense session, it is advisable to have some drink with you. Hydration is important, especially in hot weather.

If however you are starting an exercise program, it is advisable to discuss this with your doctor first. While some people consider the ideal target to be 10,000 steps, it is best to begin gradually and build up, looking to achieve more and more. Effectively, the best comparison should be with yourself and it is best to create a routine that you can do consistently.

When preparing to set a target for yourself, be realistic. Once you have established the accuracy of your pedometer, go about your normal routine and see what your final tally comes to. Your aim should be to improve by roughly around 500 steps a day, building up both endurance and confidence.

It is estimated that an active person takes about 5,000 steps, roughly around 2 miles per day. Remember- it is better to do a small amount every three or four days then a larger amount with a long break!

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How Accurate Are Calories Based on a Pedometer Used in Exercising?

When you begin to lose calories, you are on your way to controlling your weight. Walking and running are great ways to lose them, but how accurate are calories based on a pedometer that you are using?

When wearing a pedometer, it counts the number of steps you take automatically. Whether you are walking or running, it counts them for you. This can help you determine how many calories you have lost working out. It is believed that approximately one hundred calories are lost when you run one mile.

As you study this calorie loss a little deeper, you will find that your weight will play a role in how much you lose. In other words, if you do the same workout as someone lighter than you, you will lose more calories doing it. And running will burn off approximately twice as many calories as walking will.

Walking one mile, or about 1600 meters, you will burn off approximately 74 calories. If you run the same distance, you will burn 105 calories. And it may also depend on how fast you walk. Fast power walking will probably burn more calories off.

You consume a lot of oxygen, while you are running. At this time you are burning off many calories with the exercise. And the more liters of oxygen you consume, the more calories you are losing. So, running, of course, will burn off more calories than walking, sometimes almost twice as many.

The bottom line is that you need to burn off more calories than you take. Calculators on line will tell you that you are burning calories even when you sleep. Housework will burn calories, shopping burns them, but you need to cur your eating habits, as well. In this way, you can be on your way to having the toned body you are working for.

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Cardio Workouts to Reduce Cellulite – Aerobic Exercises to Get Rid of Cellulite

We all know how awful cellulite can be. Where they used to be smooth skin there is now a waffly looking misshapen tissue that's much worse than just regular fat. We all believe that working out should help the problem but what sort of workouts should we do?

In this article I want to share some cardio workouts to reduce cellulite. I hope that by doing these exercises you'll be able to get rid of your cellulite completely.

The main focus of these workouts will be to target your cellulite trouble spots as much as possible. Here are some examples:

1. Walking at an incline – This can be done either outdoors or on a treadmill. Walking at an incline helps to place more strain on the back of your thighs and buttocks, the usual trouble spots of cellulite for most women who suffer from the problem.

I advise not to go over a 2% gradient on your treadmill as this can place a lot of stress on your calves. Even a small incline can make a big difference in how this simple workout targets your cellulite problem spots.

2. Walking up stairs – I'm a big fat of using the stairs in your workplace or apartment building to get an awesome workouts. Climbing stairs can be an effective aerobic exercise to get rid of cellulite. All it takes is the willingness to let go of the elevator for a while. If you live on the 15th floor, you do not have to go up all the way. You can get off the elevator on the 10th floor and climb up the 5 remaining. It's an awesome workout.

3. Elliptical – The elliptical is overrated as a fat burning machine, in my mind. However, if you change the angle on which you workout with it and take it as high as it can go, you can work a bit more on your cellulite trouble spots. While this is not the most intensive cardio workout in the world, it can still help quite a bit.

4. Ups and downs – Using a simple aerobic step is all you need to do this cardio workout to get rid of cellulite. You just place on foot on the step, follow it with the other, put the first foot back on the floor and follow it with the other.

Try these workouts for a few weeks and let's see what kind of cellulite reducing results you get.

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Increase Cardiovascular Fitness With a Boot Camp Workout

If you want to kick up your cardio, a boot camp can help you put you into the green zone. Problems with the cardiovascular system are the single largest killer for people in the prime of life. The sedentary lifestyle along with poor nutrition combats to age people prematurely. The damage is silent. You may never know you have heart disease before you have a heart attack. If you have a family history of the disease, you need to take extra precautions to avoid the problems. Exercise and diet need to be part of your regimen. Neverheless, how does a camp fit into your scheme?

Your cardiovascular health depends on the free and dependable flow of blood. Your heart needs to be health to start with. This means you need to exercise that muscle with aerobic exercise. For some people, getting motivated to take this important step is difficult. That is where the boot camp comes into play. You can use it as a launching pad for making the right changes. With built in motivation and support, it is an excellent place to begin. Your doctor needs to know about any exercise ideas you have. However, any one in decent health makes good candidates for a fitness camp.

You need motivation to get long-term results. You need to enjoy the experience, not dread it. A boot camp will give you a fun time while working your body in ways you never dreamed. Many people find parts hurting them never knew they had. With this comes accountability. You are expected someplace by someone. That alone gives people motivation. Your team needs your support. You will get started on the right track and are more likely to stay there. With the fun, you come out with a dependable challenging routine.

Attending a boot camp is one excuse to make significant changes in your life. No fitness plan is complete without both exercise and nutrition addressed. Your instructor can give you solid advice on what foods work and which ones do not. These changes go along with the exercise you undertake. Both come together to give you a confidence boost that many people never experience. You will find physical activity becomes easier. You see your ward becoming baggy. All of this gives you a strut in your walk and a smile on your lips. Your health will improve dramatically as you get fit. When do you want to sign up?

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Key Advantages to Cardio Exercise

The advantages to cardio exercises have long been proven by science and experience as an essential tool for staying lean, fit, strong and mentally alert. Because cardio workouts help you burn fat, it lets your muscles appear more defined and less flabby. That however is just a warm up of the advantages to cardio exercises. Read on for more information about the importance of cardio exercises.

Cardiovascular exercise royalty has gone deep into the veins of men. Certain diseases and heart ailments can be preceded by doing cardio three times a week. Many studies and researches that have been conducted testify to the prevention of heart diseases by taking up the cardio regimen. The deposition of fats in the arteries or atherosclerosis can be preceded by having cardio workouts that help “melt” away the fats in the body. It also helps lower the blood pressure among hypertensive people and a significant loss and lower blood pressure was established among these men. The risks of developing stroke and diabetes were also found to be inferior among men and women who do cardio exercises several times a week. For sure these advantages to cardio workout will keep you inspired.

The athletes from different sports are living monuments of the advantages to cardio exercises. Without the cardio exercise, their performance will decline and their rivals will certainly leave them far behind if they tire too soon and wear out immediately. Running, jogging and jumping rope are also beneficial exercises. It strengthens the legs and the over all body coordination which is an important factor for exceptional performance in sports like boxing, judo, mixed martial arts, triathlon, marathon, swimming and other active sports that we play and watch.

As a weight loss regimen the advantages to cardio exercises are also evident. Two to three times a week of cardio helps you sweat the fat off your belly and trims your body to a better looking abs.
For your own cardio workout, you can skip rope, jog, take a brisk walk and do swimming for a minimum of forty five minute to an hour a week with rest days in between.

Follow these guidelines for a more effective workout:
– Hydrate often and drink enough fluids after exercise.
– Eat foods high in protein to help you recover during your rest days.
– Maintain proper form by keeping your torso straight and contract your abs while taking each step.

Now it's time for you to reap the benefits and advantages to cardio exercises!

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To Get Great Abs, Try a Treadmill!

Obsessed with the look of flat abs, some may think that crunches and sit-ups are the only way to get those coveted abs. But the truth is, cardio on a treadmill is a great way to eliminate unwanted fat too. Sit-ups and crunches strengthened the abdominal muscles, however, a cardio workout is the only way to get rid of bulge completely. You can eliminate pounds and inches step-by-step, keeping these tips in mind.

Tip # 1

Before you start your cardio workout on the treadmill, ensure that you are properly stretched, and avoid using the treadmill at a high speed when you first get on it. Use a slow speed to encourage blood flow through the body, and get the body acclimated to walking on the treadmill.

Tip # 2

While on the treadmill, swing your arms to strengthen the core. Not only does this help with your balance, but it will also work your abdominal muscles. Keep your abs tight, look straight ahead, and move forward to tone.

Tip # 3

Ensure that you are maintaining a proper diet. Just because you've worked out does not mean that you can eat whatever you want. In order to lose weight, you must create a calorie deficiency. If you burn 500 calories on the treadmill, you can not eat 500 calories and expect results. It's true that you are strengthening your lungs and heart, but you are not going to reach your goal of trimming your waist.

Tip # 4

Do not give up. Getting used to a workout routine is a life changing event, and can be hard and even frustrating. Once you get used to working out however, the faster you will burn unwanted fat and feel better about your health.

The treadmill is a great piece of equipment to eliminate belly fat while toning and strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscles. A proper warm up, focus and a healthy diet will really get you going in the right direction. A treadmill is really a smart choice when it comes to general health.

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Choose the Ideal Aerobic and Cardio Exercise


There is little doubt that walking is one exercise that anyone can undertake, being simple and very easy. It's especially helpful if you are a beginner, planning to make exercising a regular feature. Or, for some reason if you could not continue with your schedule of exercising in any way, for whatever reason, this is the best way to get started again. Even those already into some kind of an exercise regimen should find it helpful as a warm up exercise. If you plan to burn fat but lack that energy to get into other sophisticated kinds of exercises, you should start with it.

Running / Jogging

Running and jogging are among the best of cardio exercises. If you love being outdoors to breathe fresh air, there is nothing to beat this experience. Any athlete is necessarily required to go jogging while training. Apart from athletes and experts, people who like going for exercises recommend jogging be adopted as a regular exercise. Running is considered to be an ideal cardiovascular exercise for those wanting to burn fat. However, any kind of exercise if carried beyond a point could cause some undesirable, but avoidable health complications and it's best to consult your doctor before hand and seek his opinion of continuing with it.


Whichever way you look at it, cycling is simply a superb way of exercising. It has some benefits that other ways of exercising lack. And, that's because of the element of fun associated with it all the time. Of course, it effectively burns calories and fat. Even if you can not mange to go outdoors, you may like trying stationary biking at home or at the gym. You derive the same benefits minus the element of fun. Working on stationary bikes is not the same as going out for cross-country biking or mountain riding that provides excitation and sense of adventurism. Neverheless, as the proverbial saying goes “something is better than nothing”!


Let's accept the fact that lifestyle of most does not leave them with as much time as to indulge in any kind of interesting outdoor activity like cycling and hiking. But, they could derive the benefits of such activities by going to the gym and opting for a machine they like using. There is quite a choice for them that go to include stationary bikes, elliptical machines, treadmills and Stairmaster, besides others.

There are certainly ways to make aerobic cardio exercises more interesting. Bring some change and break the monotony. For instance, you could try including a few sessions of weight training in your normal routine. That helps to avoid the monotony and makes it more interesting while helping you to have an increased heart rate and burns your fat too.

Before concluding, and once again, do consult doctor before venturing into any exercise regimen.

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The Advantages of Variety in Conditioning

Everyone has their pet exercises and every strength or condition guru will tell you that their 'are the best and will have legitimate sounding reasons to back them up. To some extent, that's me included. And I would definitely tell you those particular things as it reflects to high-level strength, but in my continuing quest to grow as an athlete, I've changed my mind as it refers to conditioning. At one time I would have advocated a pretty strict regimen of a couple of bodyweight exercises and set and rep schemes as the ultimate in conditioning. But I think that I've grown past that. Now I wish to and believe in and embrace a style of conditioning rather than a specific type of conditioning as the best.

You will find it definitely said in my other interviews and literature that endurance training bought to have a muscular and aerobic component. Without the combination they are incomplete. Endurance training should also follow what I call a natural interval, which means that everything the body does functions on a work-rest cycle. So in understanding and taking advantage of these things, we come to what I term, “Alternative conditioning.” That means anything that's out of the normal or run of the mill aerobic endurance training. Many modalities fit this bill. Bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, Indian clubs, sledgehammer and mace swinging, cable exercises, sprinting, hill running, intervals on cardio machines, heavy bag work, jump roping, light odd implementation or barbell and dumbbell conditioning, etc.

Now if a man uses any one of these training styles or any combination of them, but works hard, drives his hart rate high and maintains it as well as working his muscular endurance is their any reason to believe that any one of these tools will create a better athlete or man? I do not think so. In fact I think to create the best athlete you should use all of these implemented or any at your disposal that qualify under the condition standards.


Because in doing this you can gain all the advantages of doing this type of conditioning and avoid the pitfalls. All condition falls under the same movements of the body that strength does. Pushing, pulling, squatting, etc. work for the leg, back, upper body muscles. But conditioning by its nature requires higher repetitions and volumes of work to create the aerobic and muscular response. By using the natural interval you get the best of both worlds while creating the least conflict with you maximum strength. By using a significant variety of conditioning implements you work the body from many angles, creating better balance, less likelihood of muscular weakness or imbalance and overuse injuries. You also stay creative and interested in your training with constantly new stimulus and challenges. Yet you are consistent by following the conditioning standard set out above. You simply rotate the implements you practice it with. Unless you are training for a specific feat within one of the conditioning styles (GS competition, running or cycling competition, ultra high repetition bodyweight conditioning or club feats), you'll get just as much in your condition without the staleness created by limited work . And you do not over-groove the body in any particular movement forcing it to over adapt and take away from your other goals.

Most of the movements within the alternative conditioning styles are simple enough that you can learn them well enough for practical use without the intense learning curve and technical practice necessary for heavy lifting. You can constantly challenge yourself with new feats in each style so that your condition constantly increases. You can concentrate on a particular condition style until you achieve your goal there an simply move on to another style or you can liberal m ix the styles using your heart rate and sports performance as your measuring stick or you can split them down the middle by using a dedicated workout to a particular style alternating with a variety of workouts. Plus as a strongman I want to be as good at as many feats as possible. I want to be up for whatever challenge. This style of training gives me more thorough preparation. I think it will for you too.

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