Secret Recovery Tip Used By Top Endurance Athletes

Interested in enhancing recovery from training or injuries? I am sure you have heard of Epsom salt baths to ease pain and treat inflammation, but have heard of transdermal magnesium chloride mineral, also known as topical magnesium oil?

Muscle injuries, stiffness and tightness can be helped by nutritional support with topical magnesium oil because contraction and relaxation of muscle are dependent on adequate cellular levels of magnesium. Simply spray and rub the oil into a sore Achilles, Hamstring, or calf to decrease swelling. Soaking the feet in a magnesium chloride footbath is the single best thing-apart from stretching-that you can do to protect yourself from or recover from hamstring and other injuries.

I recommend rubbing the oil into an injured muscle a few times a day. For recovery, I recommend applying and the end of your training session.

A common complaint in a lot of runners and cyclist is muscle stiffness and tightness (mostly in the calf). Many times transdermal magnesium chloride mineral is the missing link when deep tissue therapy, electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound has failed to offer relief.

I even had transdermal magnesium chloride in my Special Needs Bags during my last Ironman Triathlon.

I also suggest trying to increase the amount of magnesium in your diet.This is because it has been reported that a stunning 19% of adults-one in five-consumes less than half of the US RDA for magnesium.

According to USDA food charts the five foods with the highest magnesium per typical serving are:

Boiled spinach
Bran breakfast cereal

Foods with highest magnesium per milligram, regardless of typical intake, are:

Bran breakfast cereal
Pumpkin seeds

Factors can impair your ability to get magnesium from the foods you eat, including:

Lowered magnesium availability in foods due to industrial farming practices

Dietary habits leading to low magnesium uptake, such as consumption of sodas and carbonated beverages

Excess stress or illness, which lowers the ability of the body to utilize magnesium
Mineral imbalances, such as excess calcium, which blocks cellular magnesium activity

Metabolic differences in individuals, such as excess magnesium excretion by the kidneys, sometimes resulting in magnesium losses and deficiency.

So, if you are interested in reducing muscle tightness and also increasing recovery time, increase the magnesium in your diet and rub some magnesium oil on those tired muscles after your training session.

Until next time, happy training!

Dr. Banas is a Sports Chiropractor, Triathlon Coach and seven time Ironman Triathlon finisher

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Are the P90x Exercises Ideal for You?

Have you been searching for the right exercise program for yourself? Or are you tired of the one you are currently on? Is it not producing the results you were hoping for? If so, you may want to consider looking into the P90x program.

The P90x Workouts Defined

The P90x exercises were designed by personal trainer to the stars, Tony Horton. He teamed up with Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler, nutritionist Carrie Wyatt, creative director Ned Farr, Beachbody fitness advisor Steve Edwards; and workout video director Mason Bendewald. Together, they produced the p90x workouts. Their goal is to give the user improved physical health in 90 days. This is achieved through a scrupulous and thorough training program that comes with a nutrition and diet plan.

The program comes in a set of 12 DVDs. It contains the following:

  1. P90x Exercises: The P90x workouts combines cardio, strength training, yoga, stretching, and plyometrics.
  2. Trainer: These routines are taught by Tony Horton himself together with his fitness team. They carefully guide you through the right way of doing the P90x exercises. They also give you tips on how to adjust from basic moves to the more intense levels.
  3. Nutrition Guide: The program comes with a dietary plan to compliment the P90x workout routine.

But just like any other program, p90x requires a certain level of commitment to get the results you are hiring for. You may want to ponder on the following before purchasing:

  1. Be prepared for a long term fitness plan. The p90x program needs your discipline for a period of 90 days. You must be determined and patient enough to get through the program. There are no shortcuts.
  2. Are your arms and chest ready? If you are not used to having your chest, shoulders and arms worked out, then be ready for that. P90x workouts involved a lot of strength training for these specific parts. But not to worry, each routine includes effective warm up exercises as well as guidance in executing the moves.
  3. You have to be willing to adjust your diet plan . The P90x program contains a healthy eating scheme made up of three phases or parts. It will definitely alter your daily food consumption and will take a little getting used to.
  4. You have to be open to all kinds of exercises. Some people think that certain exercises are not meant for them. P90x involves yoga and cardio. It is helpful to keep an open mind and try these routines.

So, what effects can you expect from the p90x workouts?

Since it is a complete body workout, all your muscles will be toned and sculpted, and you will achieve a slim physique. You can now say goodbye to your baby fats and the unsightly bulges you have had problems with since forever. The p90x exercises, if followed religiously can give you the perfect beach body abs you've always dreamed of, the well-toned arms and legs you desire, and a lasting feeling of physical well- being.

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The 4 Components of Fitness That Really Matter

Fitness is something that many people find difficult to comprehend, with all the information readily available to them, as with the general fitness enthusiast being uneducated it is no wonder why many begin to lose motivation, and become ever more frustrated when they find getting to their ideal fitness goals impossible.

The truth is many believe there is over 11 different components of fitness, however only 4 are really the ones that need to be discussed, learnt, and acted on in order to get to that fitness level you wish for.

Like anything to do with your health it is vitally important to consult your doctor, or have a fitness test at your local gym to find what level you currently are, and what you should not participate in, and how long it will take you realistically to reach your goals, using the components in a fitness program, coupled with the correct techniques, equipment and nutrition.

Strength Training- This is the ultimate activity that most people especially Women tend to ignore as they automatically think of body builders or similar athletes, which tend to put them off.

However this component is extremely important in toning the problem area of ​​muscles which will allow fat to be burnt, and tighten the muscular frame to be defined, and with the introduction of resistant bands it has made this area a lot more favorable among women.

Flexibility & Stretching- Correct and proper stretching allows you to prevent the body from injuries and over time and provides the muscles to become supple, which can also help with recovery after a hard session or an active period.

Stretching should be introduced before and after into routines for at least 7 minutes, to get the heart rate to a high workout level which has shown to be the ideal time by sport fitness coaches, although you must hold each stretch for a longer period of time on a cool down to lengthen muscle fiber and tissue.

Speed, Agility & Balance- A must, and is gained from constant repetition of circuits and exercises, a very important factor to the body as it allows it to continuously improve over time.

Cardiovascular Endurance- This has to be the most important part of the 4 components, why? …

Because this is working on the powerhouse and engine of the body being the heart. As we all know the hearts duty is to pump blood around the body where needed, even increasing the respiratory system will allow your heart to pump blood that is rich in oxygen to prevent muscle fatigue.

Without a poor level of endurance exercises such as jogging, cycling, aerobics and swimming can become painful and difficult to complete or take part in at first as your body will burnout much faster thus reducing your length of training.

Introducing all the above components to your fitness plans is extremely important, as cardio workouts will allow the burning of calories, weight training increases the definition of the bodies natural shape and curves. While Flexibility, speed, balance and agility will assist in strengthening joints, and muscle ligaments while enhancing the core to adapt to different movements without the lack of performance required.

These fundamentals will provide the everyday habit and lifestyle change you will need over time that will provide you to go further in reaching your ideal fitness and health goals in the future.

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Get Started With High Intensity Interval Training

Adding some high intensity interval training routines to you exercise regimen is an excellent way to boost your cardiovascular performance and improve your endurance. There are also many other side benefits to interval training, such as burning fat, but we will get into that in a bit. We will also go over some typical interval training examples.

High intensity interval training, or 'HIIT', is not nearly as complicated as it sounds. The basic premise is to perform a series of exercises where you alternate between periods of high intensity and low intensity. So what are some interval training examples? Well, ideally, you want to perform some kind of activity where you can easily increase the intensity of your workout and then slow it down. A good example of this would be doing a full out sprint, followed by a slow jog and repeating this a set number of times. Of course, running is not the only form of HIIT that you can do. It can be applied to almost any form any exercise, from swimming to cycling to elliptical machines.

They key to the training is the interval, an interval being a cycle of exercises that you repeat a fixed amount of times. But what is the best way to structure the exercises? For HIIT, you want to perform an activity that can get your heart rate up somewhere between 75-85% of your max heart rate, followed by a period of low intensity activity, and you want to repeat this cycle anywhere from 4 to 12 times (depending on your current level of fitness), that complete cycle is considered the 'interval'. (Calculate your max heart rate by subtracting your age from 220.)

How long should these cycles last? Well that again depends on your current fitness level. If you are just starting out, try doing 10 seconds of intense work, followed by 20 seconds of rest. This would be known as the work / rest ratio and in this example it is ((10 seconds divided by 20 seconds). You can vary this ratio anyway you like, while the higher the number the harder the workout will be. You may like to do 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest (ratio of 1). The key thing is to just repeat this for set amount of cycles.

Lets assume for a second that you do not have a way of monitoring your exact heart rate. That is, you do not have a heart rate monitor or are not using a machine that tells you your heart rate. Luckily, that's really not an issue. Although not as precise, you can simply exert yourself to what you feel is about 80% of your maximum effort. For example, you probably know what it feels like to sprint as fast as you possibly can, so then simply sprint at about 80% of that maximum effort. This may take you a little practice, but with a little trial and error you can get a good feel for hitting the proper peak of your interval.

This is actually our preferred way of doing our high intensity interval training routines. It makes it a lot less complicated and a bit easier because you are not constantly calculating and monitoring a number.

It simply boils down to this: perform the given activity with everything you've got and follow it with a rest period. It is important to remember when you are on the resting part to make sure you are still doing an activity. In other words, do not just stop and sit down. You want to keep the heart pumping. So if you are swimming, just swim really slowly, or if you are jogging, just jog at a slow pace.

Depending on how you choose to structure your interval, you can see it really will not take very long to complete (roughly 10-25 mins depending on your method), but since you are working your body so hard, you'll get a lot of benefit in just a short period of time. In fact, studies show that you can drastically improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance in just a few short weeks by incorporating high intensity interval training routines.

Also, with interval training it is important to make sure you warm up as well as cool down. So do a light warm up for 5-7 minutes. This will get the blood flowing and muscles warmed up. Then, after performing your interval, cool down for at least another 5 minutes, with a walk or some other form of very light exercise.

High Intensity Interval Training Routines

So then, lets layout a few routines you could try out for yourself. We'll provide 2 different types of interval training examples: one for running and one using an elliptical. You can really adapt these to any exercises your prefer, the important thing is to focus on the timing while exercising the appropriate amount of effort.


Start with 5-7 minutes of moderate paced walking
Run almost as fast as you can for 10 seconds
Walk for 20 seconds
Repeat steps 2 and 3 six to eight times
Walk for 5 minutes


Use the elliptical on a low setting for 7 minutes
Crank it up to high (whatever setting is high enough for you to be well out of breath after 30 seconds) and do that for 30 seconds
Do the low setting for 30 – 45 seconds
Repeat steps 2 and 3 for to 10 times (depending on your ability)
Cool down using the low setting for 5-10 minutes

That's really all there is. Just follow these guidelines and adapt a routine that works for you. Interval training is taxing on your body, so try to limit it to no more than a couple times a week. Its also a good practice to use different work / rest periods each time as well. For example, some days try the high intensity for 1 full minute, followed up by 2 minutes of rest, but then repeat just 3 to 4 times.

As we mentioned before, there are a number of other benefits of high intensity interval training besides improving cardio function and endurance. They include increased lactate threshold. This is your body's ability to handle lactic acid buildup. The higher the threshold, the less you tend to experience muscle 'soreness'. Also, because you are performing high intensity activities, you are maximizing fat burning.

There is also an effect known as the afterburn effect, referred to as EPOC, or excess-post oxygen consumption. What this means is that your body experiences increased metabolism and burns more calories post exercise for up to 24 hours after your interval training. This does not happen with normal exercising alone, such as simply going for a run or swim.

Finally, there is an anabolic effect to HIIT. Studies show that it can actually aid in helping your body build muscle. This is why you often see a lot more muscle mass in sprinters as opposed to long distance runners, who are generally skinny by comparison.

There you have it. There are a lot of benefits to performing high intensity interval training. It is an extremely effective (and fun) way of getting in shape. Perhaps best of all, you really do not need any exercise equipment to be able to do HIIT. You can just put on a pair of running shoes and go outside and get started right away!

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Aerobic Weight Exercise – Combining the Greatest From Both Worlds

We have all heard of the benefits of cardio training and the great things it can do to burn calories, help your heart and generally keep you healthier and more viguous. We also know the benefits of weight training to build lean muscle for greater metabolism and losing weight. Most of what we have read revolves around is cardio or weight training better. This article is about combining the best of both worlds in an interval cardio training program that will yield the best from both, plus fight the boredom that will come on with too much routine.

The Mayo Clinic talks of interval training as a way to burn more calories while spending less time at the gym. It used to be what only high-level athletes did in their training sessions, but is now coming into vogue for the average exerciser. Interval training is merely alternating bursts of intense energy interspersed with periods of lighter activity. Cardio weight training will further throw weight training into the mix.

The advantages of this is to increase the number of calories you will burn, improve your aerobic capacity, build lean muscle as well as preventing you from losing interest. All this and you do not need any special or additional equipment. The interval of reduced activity should not be long, perhaps 30 seconds, as you do not want to sacrifice the aerobic advantage you've gained when you allow your heart rate to drop too long. When you bring weights into the workout, they should be smaller and the repetitions higher so as not to exhaust the muscles prematurely.

One aspect of this training that appeals to people is it can be customized by anyone to fit their individual needs. As long as both cardio and strength training are involved, whatever exercise routines you like can be incorporated into your agenda. The important thing is to raise your heart rate from the first exercise, do not take too long between segments, and keep cardiovascular activity prioral through.

This is a suggested 20 minute circuit that will give you an idea of ​​what you could do. Start with one minute of push-ups or bench-presses with light weights. Next you will do squats for one minute, followed by pull-ups for one minute. Three minutes on either a stationary bike or treadmill is your next stop, then one minute performing the military press. You will end the first half of the segment with stationary bike or jogging for three minutes.

The second half of the segment begins with triceps and leg extensions, and you will do each for one minute. Next you will do leg curls for one minute, and finish with two minutes of sit-ups and two minutes of crunches. The last-minute will be your stretching and cooling time.

If you're looking for ways to raise metabolism, this is the exercise agenda for you. This is only a recommended workout, and if you are just getting started it would be perfectly fine to ease into it on a more gradual basis. Also, you should feel free to substitute any other exercises that you choose that accomplishes the same thing. The important thing is to get out and do it, and as you go you will tweak it to the point that it will fit what works best for you.

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Fasting Cardio Training – Does It Work

If you have been training for a while it is probable that you have heard of the concept of doing your cardio workout first thing in the morning before having anything to eat. By following this method you are ensured to burn more fat than you would when you train after eating.

This method of training was introduced in 1999 by sports training expert Bill Phillips, who indicated that working out on an empty stomach helps in burning more fat. This has made a lot of people rush to the treadmill before having a single bite.

Phillips supported his idea by a well known biological fact that after fasting for extended number of hours the circulation of sugar in the blood will be very low which leads to an extreme low level of glycogen (stored as carbohydrates). With the absence of glycogen the body does not have any source for energy and that starts using fat for fuel.

In addition to that, the low levels of insulin, due to fast, promotes the generation of fatty acids that will also be used as fuel to do the exercise.

This strategy was very popular in those days; after all who does not want to burn more fat and get leaner with the same amount of work?

Unfortunately the bad news is that this method does not work for the following reasons:

1. It does not give a deep thought about metabolism and how it works. The body's metabolism establishes a kind of equilibrium when burning fat and other substances in the body. When you burn more fat during exercise you will burn more carbohydrates after, and vice versa. So who cares if fat burning is maximized during exercise if this will be switched over after the workout.

This is a shortsightedness of this program. When someone wants to gauge the metabolismism he should measure the long term effect, ie in days and not hour to hour.

2. Another thought about the breakdown of fatty acids. It is true that the breaking of fatty acids will be more when you do your cardio on an empty stomach but the rate of this breakdown is more than what you consume while working out. This leaves a number of fatty acids floating around in the blood system that will not be utilized in your workout.

These floating fatty acids will form again in the form of triglycerides which will again be deposited in the body leading again to the same results where you started, more fat cells.

3. The benefits of fast cardiovascular training will have effect only on low intensity training and after training for extended time. Experiments were made where subjects were trained for 50% of their maximum heart rates, which correspond to the intensity of regular walking. These subjects did not burn more fat than those who trained after eating. The results started to shift in the favor of the fasting team only after 90 minutes of training leaving us wondering who will be able to train with no food for a couple of hours.

4. Fasting cardiovascular training does not take into consideration the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), or what is publicly known as the after burn. This EPOC represents the calories that are burnt after finishing the workout. Studies have shown that this after burn is promoted further if a person eats before training. These calories burnt to produce energy come from fat.

5. Studies have shown that high intensity interval training (HIIT) does wonder in terms of calories burnt from fat. This high intensity is impossible to achieve when you are fasting. The body needs a good supply of glycogen to provide it with the energy needed to perform these HIIT.

6. Training when you do not have a good level of glycogen is catabolic in nature. Meaning you will be burning more of your muscle tissues. When you train on an empty stomach you tend to lose 10% of your total calories from protein, this is double what you would lose when you train after having a pre workout meal.

As a conclusion, doing your cardio exercises on an empty stomach does not have any advantages; in fact it may have negative effects especially for those who want to build muscles. This form of training will end up in making you lose muscle and decrease your fat loss.

I bet that you have a question in your mind now and that is 'what should I eat?' This will vary depending on the duration of the exercise and its intensity as well as when you did have your last meal, additionally there is the genetic factor.

As a rule of thumb, to provide your body with amply supply of energy and to prevent any muscle shrinkage you need to consume gr gram of carbohydrates and 1/8 gram of protein for every pound of your body weight. So, if your weight is 200 pounds you should consume 50 grams of carbohydrates and 25 grams of protein.

Training on an empty stomach is an old theory that has been challenged by many physical training specialists, since this theory was out to the public many studies had been made to contradict it. Having a nutritional pre workout meal that is rich in carbohydrates and proteins is essential for your fat loss and muscle building efforts.

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Simple Weight Loss Solutions Without Going Into Any Programs

Weight loss solutions are commonly mistaken now as those diet programs, diet pills, and exercise programs that are advertised everywhere. Now, most people think that there is no other way to lose weight than to get one of the three paid programs. There are still other solutions where people do not have to spend so much, and they can do them on their own. The following are examples of things that can help achieve fat reduction. They may have slower results, but it will not break the budget.

1. Drink Plenty of Water – one of the best solutions that most people are not aware of. Most people think that drinking lots of water is only for proper hydration of the body. It can also induce weight loss because drinking lots of water can make a person feel full, therefore they will not over eat and gain more weight.

2. Vegetables Snacks – most people get fat because they eat too much junk food between meals. Junk foods like potato chips contain too many calories and that makes people obese. One of the best solutions is substituting those junk food snacks with vegetable snacks, like vegetable salads. This will greatly help in the battle against fat. Vegetables will offer more nourishment than junk food, and will never make anyone fat no matter how many vegetables they eat. However, it is advised to use only non-fat dressings on the vegetable salad.

3. Eat slowly – Ever wondered why it is said that French people are rarely fat? They eat their food slower. It takes some time for the brain to recognize that there is already food inside the stomach. By eating slowly, the signal from the stomach will be able to reach the brain that there is already food in the stomach. The brain now can stop sending signals of hunger. This is one of the fat burning solutions that all people, regardless of weight, should practice.

4. Do Cardio Workouts – the best weight reduction exercises are cardio exercises. Compared to other kinds of exercises, cardio exercises burn the most calories. There are many forms of cardio exercises which can be done without spending too much, like running or biking. For just an hour a day, that will greatly burn down calories inside the body.

5. Avoid using oil – most oils even how healthy they claim they are contain calories. It would greatly help any weight loss solutions if the foods that are going to be eaten do not contain any kind of oil. This means that the most recommended foods are those steamed, boiled, or broiled.

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Proper Aerobic Training Will Take in These Five Aspects

In order to be effective, cardio training does not require a lot of time, but requires that you remain consistent with it. Most experts maintain that a half hour to forty-five minutes a day three or four times a week is ample. Obviously the more you are able to do without getting exhausted the more benefit you will gain. With a proper plan that you stay disciplined with, anyone should be able to commit that much time. Remember, this is a time commitment to provide you with a longer and healthier life.

1. When is the best time to start? Obviously, the time to start is now. You have to have a well thought-out game plan, but that does not mean you have to wait until it is fully formed. Start today to eat healthy, and if you have not joined a health club or bought your training gear yet, go out now and power-walk or ride a bike.

2. Vary your fitness routines. Keep your body guessing as to what you are going to throw at it next. It will get bored if you keep doing the same stuff every day, so look to use multiple exercises to work out the same muscle groups. Also, as you can take on more as your strength and endurance increase, intensify your workouts. Do not make them longer, make them more intense.

3. The right time of day to exercise. If you exercise prior to bedtime you may have trouble sleeping. The National Sleep Foundation has recommended not exercising at least two to three hours before bedtime. That high level of energy that you have built up will stay with you that long. If you also are doing weight training the same day, do that prior to your cardio work.

4. Eating habits. If you are doing cardio training to lose weight that certainly does not mean you should not eat. Fat burning cardio workouts only work if you fuel the body with proper diet, and training on an empty stomach will cut all your hard work. What kind of foods should you be eating and when. Your optimum nutrition should come both prior to your workout as well as after.

5. Make your cardio exercises fun and interesting. How about doing your exercising outdoors? This way you can easily interact with nature and breathe fresh air. You can also simply enjoy going around the neighborhood as you get your system healthier by the minute. It is possible to make some friends among the people who also do their exercises.

When you are getting into a cardio program, there are some things that you have to be very disciplined with, such as what and when you eat and the time of day you set your training for. But there are other aspects when you should be creative and let your mind run wild. This involves the methods of exercise you use, how and where you accomplish the job, and the way you reward yourself for a job well done. If you make it fun, being consistent over the long run will be easy.

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9 Things You Have To Know About Walking As Exercise

You know walking as exercise is good, but just could not squeeze it in your schedule?

Or you may have started a routine but got tired halfway?

You might be missing a lot!

There are lots of health benefits that one can get in walking for exercise. This is known to be a cure for ailments, makes stronger muscle and improves metabolism.
It is said that to get the best results; you must have a walking routine for a minimum of 40 minutes per day for 5 times a week.

There are many things you should understand about this type of exercise. Below are some examples …

9 Things You Have To Know About Walking As Exercise:

• Brisk Walking Burn Calories – you can burn excess calories by doing this exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, depending on the speed and weight of the person. For example, if a regular 125 lb person walks for 30 minutes with the speed of 3.5 mph a day, that person burns 108 calories. And if a 200 lb person does the same routine with the same speed and duration, he will lose 172 calories.

• Control Blood Pressure – University studies showed that walking is effective in decreasing the peak of blood pressure. A person who does their routine 3 days in a week helps their systolic blood pressure to decrease by 5 points.

• Memory Improvement – one benefit of this type of exercise in improving memory. Many research found out that as people grew older a part of the brain called “hippocampus” starts shrinking, which causes forgetfulness and memory loss. Walking helps in improving the memory by increasing the volume of hippocampus.

• Reduce Hip and Limb Fracture – it is a weight-bearing exercise that helps in increasing the density of the bones especially in the hips and lower back. As you grow older, this exercise will reduce the risk of hip and limb fraction.

• Decrease Depression – walking for exercise alerts chemical release in the brain linked to feeling happy, and calming it by raising the body temperature. This exercise will serve as a distraction, boost social interaction, and become a therapeutic form of relaxation.

• Control Type 2 Diabetes – it is said that physical activities are necessary in controlling type 2 diabetes. Walking routine plus a diet therapy is useful for patients with diabetes, since it decrees absolute hemoglobin value, improves insulin sensitivity and glycemic control.

• Good for Immune System – according to studies, this type of exercise helps in our body's immune system by fighting off viral illnesses like flu and colds. It is said that a moderate-paced routine between 30-40 minutes a day will increase the levels of immunity boosters present in the body.

• Increase Stamina – durability and air intake in the lungs are improved when you do this type of exercise routine. And it will make your heart stronger, power up your energy level, give your leg more strength and have an active lifestyle.

• Minimize Risk of Heart Attack – brisk walking can reduce the risk of heart diseases. Studies show that walking 1.5 miles a day cut the risk of having the disease in half compared to those who do not.

It is always best to consult your doctor first to make sure you are capable of doing any routine exercise, and to ensure it is the right one for you. Walking as exercise does not require any expensive equipment to get it done; all you need are proper pair of shoes and comfortable socks and clothing – and the determination to make your life better!

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Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table Item Evaluation

Looking for a all-natural and noninvasive way of curing back discomfort? Then Body Champ IT8070 inversion therapy table is what you need to buy. This gadget completely solves back issues that physicians and therapists have endorsed the item.

The Physique Champ IT8070 Inversion therapy table features

As you may nicely know that inversion therapy will have you hanging upside down traction. That's why you need to use a really secure table to prevent making further damage. What makes the Physique Champ IT8070 inversion therapy stands out from its competitors are the high quality functions that this item provides. It has a deluxe, dual-pin adjustment system and a height range of 4'7 “to 6'8”. Furthermore, the lower spring-loaded pull pin makes for simple ankle shifts for better balance. Safety straps provide durable support at an inverted angle and maintain you from falling off. Another incredible feature from the Body Champ IT8070 inversion therapy is that it's capable of supporting a weight as heavy as 250lbs yet is compact sufficient when folded and can be stored easily anywhere. The top of the line safety lock holds the equipment secure from unfolding by itself.

Comfy assistance

Naturally every user would wish to be comfy utilizing any equipment and it's a great thing that the Body Champ IT8070 inversion therapy offers both therapy and comfort. The ankles are snugly supported with four foam ankle rollers plus the table itself has a high density foam cushion for overall assistance. Its U-shaped handrails offer additional security and a firm hold through those moments whenever you need to locate your balance.

Relaxing the back muscles

Inversion therapy aims to balance the pull of gravity on the physique, particularly the tension the back goes via. Inversion therapy lengthens and balances the force on the spinal which will result in the relief of pressure on the muscles and nerves on the spinal cord. This inverted position completely relaxes your back muscles and bones. As you go upside down on your body Champ IT8070 inversion therapy the body weight will produce a pull on the spine stretching it a little longer. Once stretched, the space between the vertebrae increases which will reduce pressure and also the space in between disks increases as well. With pressure off on the nerve roots and discs, this will definitely ease away back pain.

Flushes out toxins

Each strenuous activity, incorrect posture, and carrying heavy weights all the time are just a couple of from the factors why individuals get back pains. The swinging motion whilst hanging inverted on the Body Champ IT8070 inversion therapy creates movement within the fluid inside the vertebral disc. Because the fluid moves, toxins are being pushed out while drawing in fresh fluids. The increased blood flow into the discs also helps unwind the back muscles. The table will also help improve posture. Hanging upside down realigns the spine and therefore is absolutely helpful for people with scoliosis and lordosis.

Benefits towards the cardiovascular system

The heart and blood vessels will completely be benefited using the Body Champ IT8070 inversion therapy table. Because the heart pumps blood about the physique, inversion tends to make the heart pump much more blood to the brain. More oxygen within the brain historically results in a sharper mind and physique. Meanwhile, the lymphatic method is responsible for eliminating toxins from our body. Neverheless, unlike the heart, the lymphatic method does not have any pumping action. Rather it totally depends on the squeezing action of the lymph vessels. Inversion assists within the fluid exchange in between vessels by increasing the fluid exchange and helps in speedy recovery.

Must be assembled

Naturally, just like any other mechanism The Body Champ IT8070 inversion therapy table must be assembled. Consequently, make certain to adhere to the directions. For as long as you read and follow instructions cautiously, the Physique Champ IT8070 inversion therapy table is easy enough to assemble. As soon as assembled and ready to use, it's really simple enough to go in to the up side down position. You only need to put your arms up slowly and the table will also move slowly along. However, you have to discover how to balance nicely or else you may have some difficulty getting back into position or make the essential angle adjustments.

Physique Champ IT8070 inversion therapy – Efficient and cheap

Overall despite, the Physique Champ IT8070 inversion therapy table is enjoying amazing product reviews from actual customers simply because it's extremely easy to use and absolutely efficient in alleviating chronic back problems, in the most inexpensive cost. This really is a mixture that each user is searching for.

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Cardiovascular Alternatives

The main phrase people repeat when I suggest cardio for fat loss is, “I hate doing cardio.” Most people do not enjoy it, that's one of the reasons so many people are overweight in this day. People think of cardio as running or jogging, but that's not the only way to get your heart rate up. There are lots of alternatives to doing cardio that I think most people overlook.

Bike riding is a very good way to get a cardiovascular workout. It may be more soothing depending on the time of year, but most people I know like riding bikes. You could go for a long bike ride, if getting your cardio done all at once is the best way for you. What I like to do is ride my bike to the places I'm already going for the day. That way you get your workout in, and you get to where you need to go all at the same time. If you're not advanced at riding a bike, I suggest sticking to low traffic areas that you are failure with. That way you do not come across heavy traffic or hills you can not handle. After a few weeks of riding, you should be good enough to wonder a little more.

Extreme sports are all great for a cardiovascular workout. These are sports such as skateboarding, rollerblading, snowboarding and much more. If you have never done any of these, it may take some time to learn. You do not have to do anything to extreme and get yourself injured, simply riding is good enough. I like to go spend an hour a day at the skate park; it's fun for me and I get a workout.

Hitting a punching bag will keep your heart rate up forever. I recommend this as a cardio workout, because it's a great workout, and everyone likes punching stuff. A punching bag is a great investment, and they are something affordable for most.

Working in retail is one way to stay lean. I have been working retail for years now, and the amount of cardiovascular I get at work would not be possible for me to do on a treadmill. Those of us that work on the floor at Costco are at a sweating pace for five to eight hours out of the day, with only three breaks. It makes exercising after hard hard, but you may not have to. I still go to the gym and workout with weights, but if you're only concerned with losing body fat, there would be no need for the gym.

With all the ways out there to get your cardiovascular workout, you should not have any excuse. The ways I discussed in this article are only a few good ways. Do some research of your own and find a workout you love.

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Cardio and Weight Loss

Cardio is a great ally in the difficult task of weight loss. If someone wants to lose weight, he or she probably has a weight which is above the recommended healthy level. And being overweight is not healthy at all. Being overweight can cause many problems and one of those problems is heart related problems.

Similarly, being under the recommended healthy weight is not good for you. If you stay in any of these dangerous weight zones for too long, many problems may occur. This is because we have to maintain our weight between the normal values ​​as well as practicing physical exercises to keep our bodies functioning and healthy.

Excessive body weight can cause heart problems. Like a car needs its engine, we need our heart. With this in mind, we therefore need to protect our heart and avoid unhealthy habits that may affect our health. Additionally, physical exercise will maintain our health as well as our heart.

We can even find some of the best cardio for weight loss in order to reduce our weight in a healthy way on the internet and by practicing cardio exercises we will be helping our heart and our body.

There are some of the best cardio exercises for losing weight:

Swimming: swimming is a very good cardio exercise in order to lose weight and to keep you healthy. Swimming allows you to exercise your entire body and it is an excellent way to lose weight. Swimming is among the best cardio for weight loss. Additionally, this type of physical exercise does not cause any injury related bones or joints, because you will be exercising in the water with reduced resistance.

Running: You do not need any kind of special equipment for this exercise, however you will need a good pair of trainers in order to prevent any kind of damage to your bones or joints. Also, you will need comfortable clothes so you can move without any problem. Running will help you losing weight by burning calories, though of course you can not run only five or ten minutes – you will have to run around half an hour each time. A good tip is to listen to music or run with someone else as this will help you keep motivated to run further even if you are tired.

Cycling: By cycling at least thirty minutes a day you will improve your endurance and lose weight. Cycling is a very simple activity and an effective exercise to lose weight. Additionally, you can practice this exercise by going to work or school by bicycle. You just have to be creative and find the best way to incorporate your best cardio for weight loss exercises in your day to day activities.

These are only three of the best cardio for weight loss exercises that you can undertake in order to be healthier, to lose weight and to improve your physical skills such as endurance and strength.

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Advanced Aerobics Program

Devoting time for aerobics is a great way of staying fit. Exercises that come under aerobics include yoga, rowing, stair climbing, walking, jogging, dancing, skipping, running et cetera. Aerobics is a great way of staying fit and having fun, at the same time.

Have you ever asked yourself, which is the best aerobics program? If you have not guessed it, the answer is walking / brisk walking. Walking is one exercise which is easy to do and has great health benefits. Walking is also considered as the best aerobic program for losing weight. Walking has a big advantage, anyone and everyone knows how to do it. It's seldom that someone goes wrong with their walking technique.

With your walking routine, add other aerobic programs like cycling, swimming or jogging. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear. Consultant with a Trainer, he will help you choose the appropriate gear before you start your aerobics workout. Once you're done with your gear, it's time to consult your physician and assess your fitness level. You are considered eligible for advanced aerobics if, you can walk 10 min without exertion. The doctor will give you a treadmill test to assess your basal heart rate and your lung capacity. After making sure you're fit to start an advanced aerobics, it is time now to create one.

Schedule your advanced aerobics for the morning.

  • Start with 16 min of brisk walking. Follow this with 10 min of jogging, and then take rest for a minute.
  • Start walking again for another 15 minutes. Follow it with 10 minutes of skipping.
  • After resting for a couple of minutes, it is time to start jogging. Jog for half an hour without taking a break.
  • Drink plenty of fluids during this one-hour session.

Place routines like cycling, swimming, or any other substitute activities for the evening and add a few minutes or laps each consecutive day and challenge your body's limits.

Have you ever felt that you have hit rock bottom, your body has stopped improving and the exercises are not beneficial anymore? This is called as the plateau. So, what should an individual do once they hit this plateau phase?

Reaching the plateau phase is an indication to revise your aerobics program. It is time to diversify, if your aerobics had cycling for your evening schedule, changes it to swimming. You should also shuffle your programs in the morning session. Do not let your body adapt to your work schedule, because it is this adaptation that brings about plateau phase.

If you ever get a chance to go through the health checkup files of any trained athletes, you'd be surprised to learn that their basal heart rate is 50 bpm and their lung capacity is twice that of a normal individual. During strenuous exercise their heart rate can climb up to 180+ beats / minute without showing any signs of palpitation. Your aerobics program should be aimed at achieving goals similar to these. Find a good aerobics partner who can help you and motivate you along the way. Consider your daily aerobics program as a means of having fun with friends. Train regularly and have fun along the way.

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The Many Benefits of Mini Trampoline Exercises

Mini Trampoline Exercises

Rebound exercise, also generally known as rebounding, is a form of low-impact exercise on a mini trampoline called a rebounder. This type of exercise is advocated by numerous health and fitness professionals because has both physical and mental as well as many other benefits. It is an easy way to exercise which can be done by practice anyone, irrespective of age, level of fitness, or physical ailments. A few good examples of mini trampoline exercises include things like running in place, jumping rope, and jumping jacks, as well as many others.

It works each and every group of muscles in order to sculpt and strengthen the whole body. Rebounder exercises are significantly less dangerous than most other exercises, because the cushion of the rebounder soaks up the majority of the impact. It really is fantastic for those who have joint and back issues. The advantages of rebounding routines on a mini trampoline are well known for aid in weight loss, strength training without building bulk, and so much more.

Mini trampoline exercises are quickly becoming the best option for all types of individuals because of the rebounder's power to strengthen and sculpt the body. Virtually every single group of muscles is pushes through the workout, especially the core muscles. Including small weights or jumping rope while on the mini trampoline intensifies the training even more.

Rebounder workouts also improve the metabolism, helping an individual lose even more weight. They are reasonably priced and transportable, which makes them a perfect piece of home fitness equipment. Including rebounding exercise is an easy way to create a complete weight loss program.

The key benefits of rebounding exercise is not only limited to the physical, it also actively works to improve the overall performance of the brain and relieve tension. It also has a wonderful meditation type effect. It helps balance the mind and body by stabilizing the central nervous system, anyone who rebounds, on a regular basis, is much more protected from the tensions and pressures caused by our modern day lifestyle.

Rebounder exercises offer a hassle-free type of whole body training. First-timers to experienced athletes to the elderly can use them to improve the cardiovascular system and physical endurance. Training on the trampoline can also help protect against coronary disease, while reducing cholesterol levels, as well as lower blood pressure levels.

Doing rebounder exercises is one of the best and most efficient forms of exercise.

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Turbo Jam Kickboxing!

Dance moves have been a part of workout videos for quite some time now, but in the last 10 years video workouts have taken a new drift. New kick boxing and martial arts style moves have been introduced into video workouts with the purpose of making cardio workouts like Turbo Jam more challenging and fun.

Turbo Jam is an excellent way to include kickboxing as a part of your workout. Chalene Johnson, the creator of Turbo Jam, provides you with an instructional workout called “Learn” where you will learn her “Elite eleven moves.” Chalene Johnson eases you into learning these kickboxing moves at a steady pace, it is important that these moves feel natural to you so you can make the best out of every workout. If you are still a bit shaky with the moves, Turbo Jam's video “Burn” (a workout designed for beginners with little experience) will help you improve your moves. Kickboxing will improve your workout by making it more fun and twice as efficient. It will also improve your overall strength and make you more flexible.

Step up the challenge

Once you can master your kicks and punches to perfection you can move on to the more challenging workouts. These are called “Cardio Party 1,2 & 3” and their purpose is to tune up and stimulate every muscle in your body. Turbo Jam is among the best workout videos ever launched out to public, it is a tough and fun combination of kickboxing and dancing that will make you love your workouts!

If you are feeling confident with stepping it up to an intestinal workout, Turbo Jam also includes a “Bootcamp” video that will push you past your limit. This workout includes a combination of Body Combat, crunches and kickboxing all perfectly choreographed into an exciting dance. It is the ultimate Cardio challenge, a workout anyone would like to work their way up to.

Learn real kickboxing moves with Turbo Jam

In many occasions kickboxing workout videos are criticized for saying they use original kickboxing moves, when in reality they do not. Turbo Jam does stick to original kickboxing moves to further challenge people into doing something out of their comfort zone. It is an exciting way to learn some real kickboxing moves.

Turbo Jam is an excellent set of kickboxing videos to add to your collection, from the charming instructor (Chalene Johnson) to the fun moves you learn.

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