Tips For Girls About Jogging

Keeping and maintaining good body health is very important. Physical activities such as walking, swimming and jogging could keep the body physically and mentally healthy.

Jogging is famous to many teenagers. For some teenager, they found themselves very attractive when doing this activity. For others, this is a form of warm up before doing some sports. And maybe, they just enjoy jogging because of their jogging partner. There are many reasons why teenager wants to engage in this physical activity.

As an observation, most of the teenagers have weight problems because they can not control their desire for foods or eating habits especially for food that are sweet and salty. Teenagers, specifically girls, want to appear good at all times. They want to emphasize their body structure and maintain their sexy body, which makes them very attractive to the eyes of many people especially to the boys.

Most of teenagers got depressed and frustrated because they do not get the type of body figure they want. For a problem like this, getting into shape and losing weight for teenagers needs much more effort and time. Rather than skipping meals, engaging to some physical activities such as jogging is the best way to keep them healthy, stronger and sexy. This will also make their bone stronger and help their cardiovascular active.

There is some information that girls should observe while jogging. Girls must be aware of the environment or the area where she jog. She should be accompanied by her friends, brothers or sisters, parents, neighbors or even pet dogs. Listening to music can make your jogging more enjoyable. You can bring you MP3 player with you but make sure that the volume is not too high. Too much volume can cause problem to your ears and it makes you more prone to danger especially if you are jogging along the road. And lastly, it is very essential to jog at the opposite side of the road.

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The Best Cardio Muscle Tone Workout Method Ever!

OK, so there are a million and one different workout routines all over the world that promise fantastic results for this, that's and the other. I'm going to blow all of those out of the water and let you in on the big workout secret ever. I'm going to tell you the one way that you can get super fit and super toned very quickly.

I am an ex Royal Air Force service man and I can tell you now that I have been subject to some extreme methods of physical and mental training. My method is based upon 10 years experience in fitness training methods and it is the only one that ever produced super fast and fantastic results. So here goes.

Here is my method broken down.

We are going to use circuit methodology. That is different different exercises in one workout session that each work a different part of the body. Here is my suggested method for men who want to bulk up and get toned quick.

You're going to visit the gym and each session will begin with a warm up exercise. Jogging or rowing are best for this and the aim is to get as many muscles as possible in warm condition, ready for the blitz workout your going to put them through. The warm up is very short, either 5 minutes at a decent pace on the treadmill or 3 minutes rowing. Take it easy and feel your muscles loosening as you do this. Once your warm here is what was going to do. Pick 5 – 6 different exercises. My favorite 5 are, dips, pull-ups, bench press, boxing, and running.

Now, this whole approach involves repeating these exercises in circuit to your maximum resistance in short, sharp bursts. So for example. I start of with bench press. I place the weight to the greatest weight that I can perform 6 repetitions with. Just 6! No more, no less, six. I press that weight 6 times and have a rest of about one minute before pressing another six. Sound easy enough? Six reps at a good weight, in two sets and that's it. Then I move onto dips. I perform 10 dips, in 2 sets. Then I move onto the treadmill. I jump on the treadmill and light jog for 55 seconds. When I get to 55 seconds I crank the speed up to sprinting pace and I spring all out for 1 minute, until 2 minutes shoes on the timer. Then after 1 minutes rest I move onto pull ups. I perform 10 pull ups in two sets. So 20 all together. Then I take a minutes rest and put my gloves on for a 2 minute round boxing the bags.

So the whole method involves short bursts of activity, that really push the body, with small periods of rest in between. What you are doing here is conditioning the body to withstand high levels of weight and stress. Instead of jogging on the treadmill for 20 minutes at an easy pace, your pushing your cardio and training your body to develop strength by sprinting at a fast pace for a short amount of time, then your moving onto your next exercise. Same with the weight exercises, like bench press and dips etc. These are heavily weighted exercises that will train your muscles to develop high resistance power. This is the quickest way to bulk up and get toned. Believe me and do it yourself to see the results.

People think that if they go to the gym and do an exercise which I can handle over and over again that your fitness will improve. It wont! Your strength and fitness only improves when you teach your body to cope with excess weight or stress, and only running as fast as you can and lifting the heaviest weight you can will do this. Do not believe me? Try it for one week and you will feel the strength you gain.

Also this form of exercise is fun. You get a kick out of knowing that your pushing yourself and it sure beats running on a treadmill for 20 minutes. The variety keeps you motivated.

For women, you can use this same technique but without the excessive weights. Just up the intensity of your workouts in short bursts then move onto the next exercise. Again its all about applying stress to your muscles and cardio / lungs. They will grow and get stronger in rapid time.

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Cardiovascular Fitness Benefits

The benefits of cardiovascular exercise can be experienced by the individuals suffering from any diseases as well as is beneficial to improve existing health.

Cardiovascular fitness encourages the loss of fats from the body. It is also useful in decreasing the level of appetite in many individuals. Even though if does not suppress appetite, regular practice of cardiovascular exercise burns ample of calories. It is reported that regular work out will make 3,000- 5,000 calories daily. Proper cardiovascular training and sensible diet will encourage to reduce excess fats from the body. The emaciated system can be toned up by weight-bearing activities such as jogging and fast walking. This helps in lowering down the risk for developing osteoporosis. It also slows down the progress of the diseases that gives additional stress to muscles and tissues.

Aerobic exercise is usually recommended to diabetic individuals who have very well controlled blood sugar level. Aerobics training spikes up the sensitivity of the cells towards insulin, so diabetic people who regularly exercise need low amount of insulin. This can effectively control the level of sugar in the blood stream. Researches have also provided that apart from medicated drugs and insulin, diabetes can also be controlled with regular exercise and healthy diet. You need to strictly follow your diet plan designed by your doctors. Eat healthy food at fixed time with prescribed quantity. The most important thing is diabetic diet chart is to maintain prescribed quantity and time

Cardiovascular fitness is very much essential to the individuals who have recently suffered from cardiovascular disorders. It is very necessary for the individuals who are at risk for coronary artery ailments. The three main reasons that contribute for provoking artery disorders are excessive smoking, hypertension high blood pressure, and high blood cholesterol. These three factors can be reduced with the help of cardiovascular disease. Thus, stick to your cardiovascular fitness plan and follow it strictly.

People with high blood pressure problem are overweight. Obesity and overweight are the rising concern for government bodies. Scientists have come up with many solutions to curb down the problem of overweight and obesity. Thus, in order to control high blood pressure, it is essential to maintain normal body weight. Regular practice of aerobic exercise will help to reduce additional scheduled fats and regulate the level of blood pressure. Many people have found that aerobics also helps to quit smoking. Apart from these regular practice of cardiovascular exercise encourages the level of high density lipoprotein – HDL – also called as good cholesterol.

Even people suffering from arthritis should practice cardiovascular exercise. It will keep their bones and muscles strong and healthy. Such individuals should maintain their body weight. Apart from these, cardiovascular fitness plan helps to relieve you from anxiety, depression, and tension. It also helps to remove all toxic products from the body. Thus, keep you away from several infections.

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Quick Workouts For Holidays Or Traveling

For some reason I always end up doing some kind of workout on the holidays. Either my schedule always dictates that it happens that way, or I really feel like training or I do not know … maybe I feel like it puts me ahead of the competition. So when you jump out and do your workout, think about doing a short, quick one. There are lots of quick ways to destroy yourself and still have plenty of time for the really important things in life.

Since I was away last week and busy most every day, I made time to workout five of the seven days I was gone. Never more than about 20 minutes. In fact I'm finding, and I think many of you will find that if you limit most of your workouts to 20 to 40 minutes your recovery will skyrocket. I have come to the point where I generally, purposely plan to do at least a short workout every day.


Because it makes me feel so much better, and function so much better to get the physical exertion going. Because the body is made to be used. Because I want to be able to display my strength, be it endurance or power, on an almost daily basis. Because there's a ton of things you can do for exercise and have fun and build serious ability and not get bored. This plays right into some of my theories in my books. One of consistent variety. Pick something that you always use as your strength building exercise. Work that on a regular basis and from there regularly add small doses of types of exercise to keep things fresh.

Last week I had with me 175lb dumbbell and a 40kg kettlebell. Five out of the seven days I worked up to a single in the one arm press with that 175lb dumbbell. Three of those five days I did a quick 100 to 150 rep kettlebell conditioning workout. Did not take me more than about 20 minutes to do the whole thing on any given day. In fact the pressing, many times I did, as I was walking around doing other things. Such as cleaning, getting ready for the day, etc.

The kettlebell, I used three routines, working through the reps as fast as I possibly could. These are not meant to be all out prepare you for a marathon workouts, just quick conditioners. The first one I did ten reps right and left of swings, presses, cleans, front squats and windmills. Then did 25 reps each of good mornings and squat pulls. (I also on this workout, switched the order. Normally I did my first pressing, then the kettlebell workout.

The second kettlebell workout I did 100 two-hand swings, followed by 50 squat pulls. That'll get you breathing boy! The third workout I enjoyed the two-hand swings so much I did another 100 of them and finished off by bending about 10 60-penny nails. Something you might want to just keep a couple of these workouts in your repertoire. They're great quick conditioning. You also will see what I mean here by consistent variety. I did three different kettlebell workouts, but I always did my heavy pressing work. There are lots of other quickies I've done over the years. I'll share some more with you along.

If you just think, you can get anything in weightlifting done. Every workout does not have to be four hours long and 400 sets. Getting a quick one done is certainly better than doing nothing. If you try them you'll see they can be some of the most fun workouts you ever do.

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The Kettlebell Circuit For Achieving a Super Hard Body!

One of the best kettlebell circuits can involve a series of kettlebell lifts coupled with some body weight exercises for slightly less intermittent bouts of intensity. For this particular article I am including a tremendous 3 lift circuit that is coupled with a body weight drill for super hard body results. Check out this sick cardio workout.

Kettlebell Circuits For A Super Hard Body!

  • Kettlebell Swings / Jumping Jacks
  • Kettlebell Clean and Jerks / Burpees
  • Kettlebell Snatches / Jump Rope

If you are wanting a workout that will dial up the cardio factor in your kettlebell workouts then this circuit is a great place to start. If you observe the exercises that I have laid out in the circuit you will notice that I am coupling kettlebell lifts that are primarily pulling oriented in nature, except for the clean and jerks which involve both pull and push oriented movement. The body weight exercises are also of a more endurance related structure with the burpee being of a more intense push orientation to offset the kettlebell pulling lifts.

The reason I structured the circuit so that the kettlebell lifts are primarily causing the greatest exertion is because I wanted to include body weight drills that could offer a bit of recovery, at least as much as expected with the endurance exercises listed. This particular structured circuit is to be executed by you going immediately from one exercise to the next without rest. The kettlebell lifts and body weight drills included here are also meant to flow and transition rather smoothly from one to the next for maximal cardiovascular benefit. This is the whole point of a circuit. Some of the best circuits you can engage in are kettlebell circuits. You can determine your own rep count here based on your ability, but I prefer executing at least 3 rounds of anything if possible. I just happened to be partial to 3's.

If you are wanting to step up your kettlebell workouts then you have got to give this little hard body circuit a try. Take the time to learn more by accessing more of my articles on the subject for free. You can do a lot with your own body resistance and a kettlebell as you have noticed. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart my friend. Please give it a try and watch your cardiovascular fitness explode to the next level!

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Healthy Bones For Healthy Life

Having healthy bones is crucial for our life since the bones are the construction of our body. Once they get ruined, the only thing you can do was say goodbye to normal life! It is possible because everything will not work well when the bones get weak.

Getting old is not about the number of your age, but it is actually about the quality of your body. The term “quality” mentioned here is not related to your outer side, such as handsome or beautiful. No matter how amazing your “outer” side is, you will realize that this is meaningless if you get sick easily. Besides consuming healthy foods, doing exercises are also perfect to keep your body healthy and strengthen your bones.

There are several effects of weak bones someone could experience, one of them is osteoporosis. Nowadays, osteoporosis becomes one thing that people should be aware. The risk of getting osteoporosis is getting higher, so anyone will probably experience it even at young age. Preventing osteoporosis can be done since you are so young; one of them is by doing exercises regularly.

Exercises help in strengthening bones, increasing muscle strength, balance, and coordination. There are several activities you can choose and combine, such as jogging, tennis, hiking, dancing, weight-training, and even climbing stairs. You better ask your doctor first to get advises about the suitable exercises for you, especially if you have health problems. Instead of giving benefits, some activities will be dangerous for those experiencing diabetes, heart trouble, obesity, and high blood pressure.

For the best results, exercising for 30 minutes a day will be good. If you are first timer, you may feel discomfort during the first days, but you will no longer feel it once you become more familiar with the activities. When you feel pain on your chest or somewhere, ask your doctor before the next session.

One thing you should know is exercises are not enough to prevent bone loss, especially if it is caused by your lifestyle. You need to be discipline because your lifestyle influences your whole life. The consumption of tobacco and alcohol unduly should be controlled because they only give you fun, but not health benefits.

On the other hand, you will need to consume calcium and vitamin D supplements to get the best results. The supplements are available broadly in drugstores, but you can ask your doctors to recommend some. Supplements that also contain magnesium will also be good. You just need to check out the allowed intake of the supplements. Your life quality totally depends on you!

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Exercises to Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is one of the worst risks of bone loss anyone should be aware of. It is closely related to lifestyle, in which people should do regular exercises to have maximum bone density and strength.

In your 30s, calcium in your bones will be taken to be delivered to other body parts to play other functions. Bone loss will happen after that time, but anyone can prevent this with exercises before their age reach 30. When someone has been diagnosed with osteoporosis, exercises are even much more crucial. Exercising help prevent falls because it improves coordination and balance, and also maintains muscle strength. Further, it helps maintain bone density years from now.

To strengthen bones, weight- or load-bearing exercise is highly recommended. You can choose some activities you like, such as step aerobics, weight-lifting, stair-climbing, hiking, dancing, or something simple like jogging. By doing these activities, you will let your muscles work against gravity. You only need 30 minutes in a day, and then you can take benefits from healthy body. However, osteoporosis sufferer should have a talk with doctor to get some advice about safe exercises.

Before starting the exercises, you will need to check with a health care provider to get some guides and device. You better combine several activities to get the best benefits, such as doing jogging and step aerobics this week and trying the others on the next week. As you get more familiar with the exercises, you can increase weights or resistance to improve the strength.

You may need support from your lovely persons to always be discipline. In this case, you can ask your family or your friends to accompany you during the exercises and even do the activities together. Being healthy is a matter of choice, in which you can choose wisely between stairs and elevator, park your car further, or tend to walk to supermarkets rather than driving car. You will not feel the advantages directly, but all people will get amazed on how fit your body is when you get old.

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Be Done With Your Normal Cardio Routine

Fitness professionals and medical doctors are always prescribing low to moderate intensity aerobic training or cardio to people who want to prevent heart disease and also lose weight. The usual recommendations go something like “perform 30-60 minutes of steady cardio 3-5 times per week and keep your heart rate at a 135-155 beats per min”. Recent scientific data suggests this is incorrect. So before you line yourself up with the masses I hope you read this article

First thing we must realize is that our bodies are designed for physical activity in bursts of exertion then they are designed to be followed by recovery. If you look at nature you will see that most animals are like this. They have sudden bursts of energy, then they rest. Also consider the sprinter vs. the long distance runner. Sprinters tend to have a very strong looking physique, while long distance runners look more like a twig blowing in the wind. Which would you rather meet? If the answer is sprinters than keep reading.

When thinking about the heart, a steady state of physical endurance actually trains the heart at only one stress range. On the other hand, doing a interval type routine actually trains the heart at a number of levels. It also trains the heart to recover much more quickly, and helps to keep your blood pressure steady in stressful situations.

The main part of interval training that makes it far superior to steady training is the recovery period that is in between the bursts of heavy training. This period of recovery is hugely important to your body, it is actually the aid to recovery from the exercise stimulus.

Most sports, competitive or not are monitored of interval type activities. They are the type of sports that have high activity followed by recovery. This is an important concept when thinking about interval training. You are actually training your body to respond better in real life situations. You should quit your steady pace training and start a form of interval training today

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Best Intense Cardio Workouts For You!

High intensity cardio workouts are the best cardio workouts in terms of your health. If you are going to engage in cardio workouts then your workouts have to go beyond the act of just jogging or cycling. Now, I'm not saying jogging and cycling are bad, but I am saying that cardio strength training should be an integral part of your cardio training whether or not you jog or cycle!

Best Intense Cardio Workouts!

The best intension cardio workouts have to include interval and cardio strength training combinations. In other words, you can not just expect your cardio exercises to completely be “aerobic” in nature. Aerobic means with oxygen, but remember that cardio can be anaerobic too. This is where the intensity factor comes into play with the cardiovascular condition side of your workouts. Keep reading if I have your attention.

Anaerobic conditioning means that you basically perform a high exercise form of exercise which causes an oxygen deficiency that is not made up until the actual bout of the exercise is slowed down or stopped. For instance, if you perform a series of kettlebell swings, sprints, or a series of burpee calisthenics you will not be able to sustain the high level of exertion and intensity as long, but the benefit comes in the intervals of work when the bout is performed. This is where you get used to combining the elements of both strength and cardio into the equation and this allows you to structure your workouts in order to manage your bouts of work to rest intervals.

This more intense interval or cardio strength training combination is where you stand to burn off a ton more calories and speed up the overall progress of your fitness and overall conditioning. These types of cardio workout exercises are much more impactful in terms of you getting into shape than by engaging in some low impact lower intensity bouts of exercise. The fastest way for you to get into shape is to learn how to challenge your body, but within proper measures of course.

If you have not started to implement cardio strength and interval type drills into your intestine cardio training then you have not fulfilled your workouts. Take the time to learn more by accessing more of my articles on the subject for free. There is no substitute for effective training and this is effective my friend. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!

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Have Fun and Enjoy Health Benefits With Your Own Swim Spa

How would you like to extend your summer fun and be able to play or swim laps in your own pool or luxuriate in the relaxing warmth of your own heated spa? Why not both? With a swim spa, you can enjoy a nice warm dip or exercise to your heart's content because it combines the two! The hot tub portion is pretty much just like any other typical hot tub spa; it's great for steaming on a chilly fall evening or a cool spring afternoon – pretty much anytime of the year, really!

The swimming part of a swim spa is what makes it quite different than a hot tub alone, however. Internal turbines power the part in which you can swim; these generate a current that you swim against – as you would swim against a tide in the ocean – giving you optimum exercise every time you go for a swim.

Although venturing off for a swim in a lake or ocean can be great on an occasional afternoon, there is always the bother of the sand involved. Swimming pools are a great option, but may be too large for the area in your lawn. You may enjoy a peaceful evening in a hot tub, but fear you may not use it enough to justify the expense. A swim spa can combine all the wonderful, healthy properties of swimming that a lake, ocean, or pool can as well as those of a spa in which you can relieve yourself of the stresses of your day.

Swim spas are covered by a thick insulated cover and are lined with an insulation of polyurethane, therefore the cost of running the unit is much less than that of a regular pool and, of course, even lower than the cost of operating both a pool and a hot tub.

You can place your swim spa at ground level on a concrete surface as you will a normal spa hot tub, but you can also place the units fully or partially in ground. Swim spas are also available with elegant LED mood lighting that is adjustable; a digital panel will also allow you to control the jet speeds.

Just think – any time you like, in the privacy and comfort of your own home, without the expense of a large heated pool, you can enjoy the health benefits of swimming and the benefits of soaking in hot, bubbly water all year long.

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Get Toned Abs

One of the best ways to get toned abs is to do cardio workouts. Cardio can burn more fat, but not all equal cardio is done and the way you do your workout has a large effect on the types of results you can expect. To put it bluntly, many people waste hours doing cardio and get results very little. If you follow the tricks in this article, you will do much better.

Here are three tricks cardio workout to lose belly fat

1. A high intensity cardio workouts – Most people judge their workouts for as long as they are, believing that if they stay on the treadmill for ages results will come, However, it far is from the truth. Measuring the truth of every workout is the intensity of it, meaning that more effort is better than just the length of exercise on your body.

The more intense the workout, the more fat that it will help to burn, regardless of the length. You can literally shave minutes off your workouts and get a great workout.

2. Do your cardio after weight training – A good workout has its purpose. Weight training comes first, cardio later. It may not seem important, but it is. It helps to avoid damage, keep you weight training workouts better, and helps you to lose more fat from your stomach.

3. Do interval cardio workouts – Interval workouts mean that you constantly change the pace of the workout. For two minutes you will be hard, then you get an easy 2-3 minutes. You then increase the pace again, slow it again, and repeat this again. This works out your cardiovascular system over a range of exercise intensities and provides a more versatile and effective workout for your body. It will also help you burn more flab.

Follow these tips for effective cardio workouts burn fat.

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You and Your Whole Family Can Enjoy the Benefits of a Swim Spa

Would you enjoy being able to extend the fun of summer by being able to swim laps, do water aerobics, or simply relax in your own pool set to the perfect temperature and relax at the end of a hard day in the warmth of your own hot tub? You can delight in the fun, healthy benefits of both with a swim spa. With your own swim spa, you can enjoy a soothing, warm dip or exercise as much as you like because it combines the benefits of a swimming pool and a traditional hot tub. So, whether it's a cool spring evening, a chilly fall afternoon, or a nice, warm summer day, you can enjoy your swim spa anytime of the year!

The portion in which you can swim laps is what makes a swim spa quite different from a hot tub alone. In this part of your swim spa, internal turbines create a current you can swim against, just as you would if you swam in the ocean tide; This gives you the optimal exercise of swimming as a form of strength training in a small, efficient area.

Although going for a swim in a nearby lake or distant ocean can be a fabulous way to “get away from it all” you will always encounter the terribly watersome sand of the beach associated with natural bodies of water. Swimming pools make a great sand-less alternative, but laps in a public pool are not always possible, and, of course, not private, and installing and maintaining your own pool may be too expensive, not to mention the fact that you can 't take it with you if you move or you may simply not have the space to accommodate one.

This is where a swim spa can be the perfect solution; it takes up little space, is much less expensive than a pool, can provide the privacy you want, and is convenient, making exercise more likely. And, the heated element will ensure that you can swim year-round.

A swim spa is covered by an insulated cover and lined with polyurethane insulation, making the cost of running your unit much less expensive than a large pool would. It would, of course, be much lower than the cost of operating both a hot tub and a pool. Swim spas can be placed at ground level, making them portable should you move, or you can choose to put your unit fully or partially in the ground. Once installed, you can enjoy the benefits of soaking in your steamy hot tub, or the advantages of exercising regularly any time you like!

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Home Gym Systems – Is it Worth Your Buck?

People today are busier than ever; juggling their work and career with their family life. Between meeting deadlines and taking care of their families, many people find it hard to squeeze in time to go to the gym for a few hours just to work out. With no time to spare to do errands and to go to the gym, many people opt to buy their own home gym systems.

Home gym systems are an advantage to those who want to get a good work out without the hassles of going to the gym. It allows the user to do their work out in the privacy and comfort of their own home, so allowing them to spend more time with their families. The user of a home gym system gets a decent overall body workout in a reliably small area in their home.

There are a few things to consider when buying a good system for your home. First you have to think about what you want to achieve for your home gym. Do your research; think about what kind of exercise that suits you. If you hate running then it would be wise to avoid buying treadmills.

Consider the space available in your house; see if you have enough room to place a system. Although there are new models out there that take up little space as they are compact and very versatile, still it is a good idea to consider the space needed for your equipment. Also, it is advisable to use a room with good lighting and ventilation or exhaust to get rid of the smell of body sweat.

Another thing to consider is the allotted budget when buying the equipment. Again, doing research could help you find the most affordable equipment in the market today. Look for the quality of that particular system and check to see if it is worth spending a couple hundred bucks. For those on a tighter budget, they can try to buy a second hand home gym system that is less expensive and more practical than buying a brand new gym system.

Ask yourself, which is better for you: buying a home gym or going to the local gym? If you think about it, you'll spend more money for gym membership which you have to pay every month to use their equipment. Buying your own would cost less in the long run, and it would last long depending on the quality of the gym system you bought. Also, there are people who do not like going to public gyms because it may be too crowded for them and some even dislike the idea of ​​people staring or looking at them as they do their work out.

The benefits of having your own gym at your own home are endless. It can save precious time and money wasted on going to the gym. Just take into consideration the points given above to help you find the best home gym equipment for you.

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Cardio Burn Factor – Intense Cardio Without Running From 1 Exercise!

If you want to get an intestinal cardio workout without having to run a single stride length then you have to incorporate the total body calisthenic of squat thrust into the equation. So what is a squisthenic and what is a squat thrust? Well, to answer both of these questions I will give you a single answer. A calisthenic is a total body exercise performed in a rhythmic systematic way with your own body weight in order to achieve both muscular and cardiovascular strength. A squat thrust is an example of a calisthenic.

Cardio Without Running!

If you are going to perform cardio exercises without running and are really serious about gaining superior muscular and cardiovascular fitness then you have got to engage in the squat thrust calisthenic. This is a sure way for you to increase your perceived level of endeavor in order to get the results you want to see the most. So how is a squat thrust done? Well, to begin you will only need your own body weight and a good flat training surface in order to pull it off.

Start out by standing with your feet at about shoulder width distance apart in length. From here simply begin this cardio burn by executing 3 different steps. The first step is done by you crouching down in order to place your hands on the ground in front of you. Step 2 is executed by kicking your feet back behind your body extending yourself into an upright push up position. Finally, step 3 is executed by you kicking your feet back up underneath your body in order for you to stand up to complete the drill. All 3 steps institute a single repetition. After only performing 10 to 15 of these in a continuous fashion will you understand the meaning of true “cardio” without running.

If you were looking for a way to get a hard hitting cardiovascular condition workout in without having to run then you just found it. Cardio without a treadmill or an elliptical trainer is good cardio, especially when you are knocking down squat thrusts my friend. Take the time to learn about this and other great intestinal workouts by accessing the rest of my articles on the subject for free. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart my friend! Give it a try and see what happens.

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Should You Do Cardio Exercise Before or After Strength Training?

A question that I am often asked and one that I have seen countless times on message boards across the Internet is whether a person should do cardiovascular exercise before or after a resistance training workout? Before going any further, I want to clearly state that it is my position that everyone should engage in a cardiovascular exercise of their choice for 5 to 10 minutes prior to any workout, be it a cardiovascular, resistance or flexibility workout. This is vitally important for several reasons as a proper, light-intensity cardiovascular exercise will warm up the muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons that will be used more intensely in the following workout routine. Warming up with cardio also increases the core temperature slowly, increases circulation, slightly elevates the heart rate and helps to prepare the heart for an increased work, it helps increase lung functioning and helps you to mentally focus in on the upcoming workout routine. The most important advantage to warming up with light intensity cardio is the substantial decrease in risk of injury. If the body is not properly warm up, you are much more likely to experience an injury to a muscle, joint, ligament or tendon.

Now back to the question of whether you should do cardiovascular exercise prior to or after a resistance workout? There is no single best answer here and instead, you should evaluate your individual fitness goals. If you goal is to increase endurance, stamina or overall cardiovascular health, then I suggest doing your cardio workout prior to weight and resistance training. By doing the cardio workout first (after your 5 to 10 minute warm up of course), you are able to engage in a more intensive cardio session, which may possibly include some intervals in which you really push up to your lactic acid threshold or VO2 max level. It is much less likely that you would be able to achieve high intensity cardiovascular work after you have engaged in a weight training session. So, in short if your goal is to increase cardiovascular fitness levels, you should perform cardio workouts prior to resistance training.

On the other hand, if your goal is fat and weight loss, a current mode of thinking in the fitness community is by doing a cardiovascular workout after a resistance workout, you increase the rate of fat metabolism (fat burn as it is often referred to as. The theory is that by engaging in an intestinal resistance workout, you will deplete the glycogen stores in the muscles during this exercise. Once the glycogen stores are depleted, the body begins to utilize fats in the body for fuel. Endurance athletes have long know this, yet typically in order for this to occur in endurance training, an athlete has to continue run for approximately 90 minutes to fully depleted the muscles of glycogen. Therefore, I remain somewhat skeptical that many average people working out are pushing them to the point of glycogen depletion during their resistance workout, particularly workouts of less than an hour in duration. For more advanced trainers, I do believe that it is possible and therefore can be an effective means of decreasing body fat perhaps for these individuals.

I tend to look at it like this, if you are engaging in a cardiovascular and resistance workout on the same day back-to-back, one or the other will be of a lesser intensity level naturally. Again, evaluate your personal fitness goals before deciding whether to do your cardio workouts before or after resistance training. If you are trying to build muscle, you want to have as much muscle strength as you can available for your resistance workouts, therefore doing cardio before weight training would be counterproductive to your muscle building goals. If you are looking to gain endurance or heart health, place your focus on the cardio workouts and do them first. Remember, regardless of which you end up doing first, it is more important to properly warm up with a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes of cardio (even if it is only a brisk walk on the treadmill) in order to prepare the body for the workouts ahead, to get your head in the right space in order to bang out a productive workout, and most importantly to decrease the risk of injury. This debate will not mean a thing if you get injured 5 minutes into a workout and are sidelined for the next 8 weeks rebuilding an injury!

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