Get Fit While Having Fun With a Fitness Trampoline

Of all the time I've spent in the gym, I could never call what I was doing fun. I enjoyed setting new milestones, I somewhat enjoyed learning to use new machinery that my gym purchased. I even somewhat enjoyed meeting new people, even though gym buddies are hard to come by. As I said though, I could never class any of this as fun.

Whilst browsing the internet, I was attracted to a fitness blog. There were many articles regarding how to get a perfect six pack this, how to lose 5 stone in 5 days that. One article that did catch my eye though was a “Get fit whilst having fun” article. It described the benefits of using a small indoor trampoline as a means to get a good cardiovascular workout, and even tone up or keep your legs, thighs and bum in shape. It claimed that 10 mins on the trampoline, even just doing a normal jump, is the equivalent of walking 1 mile at a brisk pace. I of course was skeptical but I was looking for a way to have fun whilst keeping fit so I thought I'd give it a try.

I picked up a small trampoline from an online retailer and it arrived a few days later. Being a small fitness trampoline, it was pretty cheap, around £ 30. I set it up in my spare room, in front of the TV with the music channel on. I had searched some basic aerobic exercises to perform on this trampoline before it arrived so I knew what to do and where to begin. Within 30 minutes of starting, even though I was rotating exercises, I was knackered. My legs were sore and I was dripping with sweat. Now I am a reliably fit person, I go to the gym 3 times a week and spend a few hours there each visit. The majority of my workout is cardio work, on cross trainers, treadmills, rowing machines, exercise bikes etc. I know there is a burn in period while performing new exercises but I was shocked at how well the trampoline worked. It was also pretty fun, bouncing up and down in front of the TV. The rotation in exercises kept it reliably fresh and I got a very good workout. My heart rate was at 170, which is around 80% for me, which is pretty impressive.

I whole heartedly recommend picking up a small trampoline if you are a fitness fanatic or even if you just want to ease into exercise if you are just starting out. It's something you can do in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and it is the most fun form of exercise I have experienced.

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How to Get the Most Killer Body in 3 Months Or Less!

I am a very healthy person. I have working out and eating right for a really long time. The feelings I get from knowing that I am at the top of my game is something unmatched by anything else I've ever felt. Not only do I feel great, but my significant others love to be around me and share time with me, because I'm a nicer person as a result of my improve self-esteem.

For years now, I have had the most killer body. People constantly come up to me in the gym asking me how I achieve such a tight, toned physique. I have really gotten my advice down to a science. Here are the 5 tips that you must apply in order to get my results.

  • Know your body. This is such a simple, obvious concept, but how many people really know the details and specifics of their own body? Do you know your size? How about you body fat percentage? Do you know that the optimal number of grams of protein, carbohydrates, calories, and amino acids should be getting on a daily basis? You've to know the science of your body.
  • Know your goals. What shape do you want to be in? What kind of nutritional consumption is it going to require? How many different kinds of workouts are you going to have to put into use to achieve this?
  • Know your happiness. You see a lot that goes into getting the body you've always dreamed of is knowing when to be happy. It's so important to be happy first. Otherwise, what makes you think you'll be a joyful person when it's done if you can not be on now. You've got to already be happy with yourself, while at the same time committed to changing.

That is exactly what I tell people when they ask me for tips in the gym. Take it or leave it. The interesting thing is, when you know your body, know your workouts, and know your personality, it's absolutely achievable to be far along the way towards your desired body within 3 months or less. I know for a fact!

Like I said, I am a super healthy person. I enjoy working out now. It's fun for me! I promise you the feelings you get enhanced and increased vitality and strength is going to make you a happier, more pleasant person all the way around!

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Using Boxing Style Training For Fitness

Boxing training for fitness includes practicing punching drills and combinations, either on a partner wearing punch mitts, or one of the various styles of punch bags. Then these get blended together with the aerobic, anaerobic and plyometric exercises involved in a typical boxers training session, to give you an excellent all round workout.

Remember too that every single boxer out there will have started from ground level and steadily improved their fitness to where they are today, so anyone and everyone can quickly work their way up to a good level of fitness: whatever your size, age or sex. Complete a boxing style training session three times a week, and i guarantee that you'll be fitter than you've ever been before, within three months,

These boxing training classes improve your speed and resilience, plus flexibility and the reflexes of the muscles are also greatly enhanced. The physical benefits you will get from boxing style training are just one of the many gains that you will receive though. You will learn about self defense mechanism skills, which can also be very useful if you find yourself in an unpleasing situation sometimes. Learning the proper execution of the punch combinations, the boxers place and footwork, proper defense, etc, will also make you feel so much more confident.

So – Some of the advantages of this style of training, include

Increases mental agility – Sports behavioral studies have shown that the training techniques adopted by boxers using punch bags and sparring, lead to superior decision making skills

Improves hand-eye coordination – Unlike asymmetrical sports such as tennis and golf, your body improves evenly on both sides using boxing style training, helping to reduce postural misalignment problems

Increases stamina – It is estimated that boxing is 70% -80% anaerobic (high-intensity) and 20% -30% aerobic. So the training increases stamina in the heart and lungs

Strengthens muscles – Boxing training also improves muscle strength required for everyday activities, as well as the 'fast twitch' muscle fibers required for shorter, more explosive movements

Release your aggression – Boxing training is a great way to do that, making you feel calm as all the aggression is very channeled and controlled. Even though there is no physical contact, it enables you to feel in control of your body and more confident about protecting yourself if you are required to.

Increase your discipline – Many people do not fully appreciate that boxing training is all about discipline, and it's a great way to increase that in other areas of your life, too, such as drinking and eating.

Focus energy and concentration – Training stimulates your mind and boosts your self belief. So it's also great for children, as it also helps build self esteem and respect in young people who may be bullied or lack physical confidence

Oh and do not worry about getting whacked in “boxing style training” either. These are strictly non-contact circuit training sessions which you can easily do alone at home, although training in a group helps to reinvent camaraderie as you urge each other on.

If you do plan to give boxing style workouts a go, then this course of Free Boxing Lessons will get you off to a real good start.

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Aerobic Exercises

Whether you have a medical condition or you are just simply lazy, if you have gained a lot of weight you have to think of your health and be fit immediately. No one's too fat, or too thin, too old or too young the best time to be healthy is always today.

Here are some aerobic exercises you can do to get back in shape.

1. The easiest and simplest form of exercise a person can do is walking. A minimum of 30 minutes of brisk walking or strolling at least 3 times a week, (of course the more the better) will help you stay healthy. No need for fancy equipment, just a comfortable walking shoe.

2. Get into the groove and dance. Dancing is another form of aerobic exercise. No matter how simple the routine is, dancing uses major muscle groups and it helps promote proper blood circulation. You can join some dance classes or hire a professional dance instructor to make sure you are on your best form. So, let's go cha-cha and boogie.

3. If you find that the beat does not get along with your feet and long walks hurt your joints, and then let's give swimming a shot. A few laps a day will do an excellent job to your heart without the pain. Swimming is a zero-pain aerobics with a good impact for your health.

4. Now let's be earth friendly and save some gas while trying to be fit. Let's go biking! Try biking every now and then to burn some calories and strengthen those leg muscles. Just do not forget to put sunscreen and helmet if you will be going too far.

5. Scrap the elevator and love the stairs. If you are living on the 2nd or 3rd floor of a condo or an apartment, try using the stairs as part of your exercise routine. It will help you climb to a new and healthier you.

6. Do Tai-Chi or Yoga. These aerobics exercises have different techniques which combine movements and breathing to improve balance, blood circulation and posture in a more peaceful way. Listening to calming background music and lighting a scented candle or incense will add a little tranquility.

These are only a few effective aerobic exercises that can help you achieve a healthy body. Well, discipline will always be the key.

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Does Running Reduce Belly Fat?

If you're trying to lose some belly fat you may be looking for workouts to help you do that. Running is one of the most common workouts in the world. Is this a good choice to make? Does running reduce belly fat quickly and effectively?

The answer is yes and no.

In essence, running is a cardio workout and, if you put effort into it and do it intensively, you do burn calories and fat with it. You also burn belly fat as part of a more general fat burning process. You also lose fat from your arms, legs, back, chest, and so on. You get my meaning, I believe.

Running helps to lose belly fat but it does not just target the fat on your abs. This is not how it works at all. Your body burns fat from all over when you're doing cardio, you can not choose which body part will lose fat. It would have been nice to be able to do this but it's simply not the case.

What does happen is that if you workout intensively, in this case run, you will burn lots of calories and fat from your entire body and your abs as well.

Running is an effective way to burn fat since it is a workout that uses practically every muscle group in your body and can become very intensive. The more intensive your workout is the more calories and fat you burn so it's quite easy to get lean with running.

However, you will need to follow a healthy diet plan and to do strength exercises as well to get the very best results.

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Aerobic-Cardio Safety Tips

Hello World. Many of you are taking aerobics classes in your gym or are performing calisthenics to fill your fitness appetite. One of the best quotes I've picked up along the way is “Do everything in moderation, including moderation.” That means exactly what it says. In the gym we tend to do the same aerobic exercises,

the same resistance workouts, tend to do them for the same number of repetitions, the same speed, on the same days and at the same weight etc. This will no doubt create a pattern overload and will diminish the effectiveness of training.

They are a few tips to keep in mind while aerobic training.

1. Wear proper fitting shoes and tie them loose in the toe box so your toes can spread during movements, and tightly around the arch to diminish the likelihood of losing your natural foot arch. They are exercises to perform to reduce the pain from shin splints and heel spurs. If you experience these symptoms of foot and lower leg pain you can also look into inserts to absorb some shock.

2. The Golden Rule is to never eat a heavy meal before an aerobic workout because doing so will promote stomach cramps and nothing stops aerobics more than stomach cramps. If you're running a marathon or a short distance run, the night before you should probably load up on carbohydrates because they are an excellent source of energy. Fat is stored and used as energy too when carbs are not available but it is a secondary source of energy supply.

3. Try not to take any medication or use any artificial stimulants or depressants like diet pills or coffee or alcohol because of the negative effects on your lung and respiratory systems and heart.

These are a few safety tips to follow to help you avoid any common problems while exercising aerobically!

The Archinator

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Heart Rate Monitor – A Must Have For Your New Workout Routine

If you purchase nothing else to support your new exercise regime, be sure to invest in a reliable heart rate monitor. We're not talking about the top-of-the-line model with all of the bells and whistles; a basic model will work just fine.

How a Heart Monitor Works
A traditional unit has two parts: a chest strap and a wrist watch. The strap fits comfortably around your chest and registers your heart beats, sending this information (wirelessly) to a display on the watch. The watch will show your heart rate, exercise time, and average rate. You will be able to set the monitor to alert you when your rate goes below or above your desired range.

This simple device can act as your personal training by helping you:

Accuracyly Measure your Heart Rate
As you work out, it is critical to gradually increase your heart rate, maintain it at a steady and appropriate level, and decrease it slowly. The best way to make sure your heart is beating as it should during exercise is to view it on the watch display. The only other way to get this information is to manually take your pulse which can be difficult to get right; especially for beginners.

Moderate Exercise Intensity
It is important to not over-do it when you first begin exercising. A monitor will let you know if your training is too strenuous for your fitness level. On the flip side, it will also tell you if you are not training hard enough.

Get Motivated and Track your Progress
Having goals is one of the best ways to stay motivated with an exercise routine. The monitor will allow you to set straightforward goals such as maintaining a defined rate for a set amount of time. You will be able to judge your improvement over time by recording your heart rate data after each workout (some more advanced monitors will let you download this information to your computer). Your successes will motivate you to work harder and you will know when you need to reset your goals.

How to Interpret the Numbers
The changing number on the display shows your current heart rate, ie the number of times your heart will beat in one minute's time. A beat is technically a contracting of the lower ventricles of the heart. You'll want to learn what these numbers mean to you. To find your maximum heart rate take 220 and subtract your age. Your target zone is between 50% and 80% of this number. For example, if you are 36 years old, your maximum heart rate would be 184 (220-34). Your heart rate range will be between 92 (50%) and 147 (80%) as you are working out. As your fitness improves your heart will slow down while doing the same amount of exercise. This will encourage you to work harder to maintain the same rate.

Before you splurge for the latest and greatest running shoe or fashionable workout wear, pick up a heart rate monitor and start using it from day one of your new exercise routine.

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3 Great Cardio Strength Training Drills For Optimal Fitness!

If you are looking for a way to drastically improve your level of fitness then you have got to engage both your muscular and cardiovascular systems to make it happen. You see contrary to common belief cardio and strength can work hand in hand with exercise. This is why it is possible to achieve both a superior strength and cardiovascular workout at the same time, as long as, you know what type of training is most effective in helping you to accomplish this goal. This is why I have included 3 fabulous exercises here below in order to help you achieve a tremendous cardio strength training workout!

1. Kettlebell Swings: Kettlebell swings are terrific for helping you to acquire a very high level of both cardiovascular and muscular fitness. You see the beauty of this exercise is that it is performed by engaging a movement which involves swinging a kettlebell from between your legs up to at least chest height. This exercise is very effective and works many muscles throughout your body in order to pull it off. By initiating the swinging of the bell you effectively work the muscles of your posterior chain which consist of your glutes, hips, hamstrings, back, and shoulders. This exercise also does wonders for your heart and if you do not believe me then feel free to swing a moderately heavy bell for a bout of about 20 to 30 reps!

2. The Squat Thrust Calisthenic: This is a calisthenic exercise which means that it is a total body exercise that is performed in a rhythmic and systematic manner in order to promote both cardiovascular fitness and total muscular strength. This particular drill requires you to start out standing with your feet at shoulder width and crouching to place your hands on the ground in front of you. The next step involves you kicking your feet back behind you in order to extend your body into an upright push up position. Finally, it is finished by you kicking your feet back up underneath you in order to stand back up. You can intensify the drill further by going into a vertical jump upon standing. This is one butt kicking cardio strength drill my friend.

3. Squat Jumps: The squat jump is an exercise that does not require any additional resistance other than your own body weight. However, the drill can be intensified by you holding dumbells, kettlebells, or by wearing a weighted vest. The squat jump is a plyometric drill which means it involves a continuous intestinal effort of short burst muscular contraction which initiates the stretch shortening response (SSR) of your muscles and connective tissues. This is great for helping you to develop cardiovascular fitness, strength, and also improve your joint integrity. The squat jump is executed by you standing with your feet at shoulder width and squatting down by bending at your hips. As you descend at the squat you will want to swing your arms back as you squat down and then immediately swing your arms forward at the same time as you explosively extend at your hips, knees, and ankles. You should extend your body with enough force to elevate yourself up off of the ground. From here make sure to land and repeat the same process for every following repetition. Every rep should be done in continuous success.

If you have not already started to implement these 3 mentioned cardio strength training drills into your workouts for optimum fitness then you are missing out. Take the time to learn more by accessing more of my articles on the subject for free. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!

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Step Aerobics – Make Your Aerobic Exercise Fun and Exciting

Maybe you hate running and jogging, but you know that you need to get some exercise. Well, step aerobics may be just the thing for you. It is fast pace, you only need a step, and there are all kinds of workouts that you can do.

In order to begin step aerobics in your home, you simply need a great pair of shoes, your step platform, comfy clothes for working out, and some great music. Of course, before you start doing step aerobics, several things should be taken into consideration.

You need to consider how long it has since since you have done any exercising. If you have not exercised in a long time, do not start out with a hard routine. Start out with simple exercises so your body gets used to things. Then you can go on and increase the intensity later on.

Before starting out with your step aerobics each day, make sure that you take the time to warm up properly. Doing a routine of stretches will get your muscles ready. This way you do not injure yourself while you are doing the step aerobics.

It may be a good idea to talk to your doctor before you get started with step aerobics. Make sure you are healthy enough for this type of exercise. Also, if you have knee injuries, this may not be for you. Get your doctors permission before trying this out if you do have problems with your knees.

For those who are new to step aerobics, it is definitely a great idea to take a class. This way you can learn all the basics about this type of exercise. A professional can help you learn to perform this exercise the right way so you do not end up with injuries.

After you know the basics, it is perfectly fine to carry on your step aerobics at home. There are videos that you can purchase with routines that guide you through these exercises at home. If you need added motivation, get friends or family members to work out with you. Find the best heart monitor for you and figure out your target heart rate so you can maximize your workout.

There may be times when you get really tired while you are doing your step aerobics workout. If this happens, taking a break is a great idea. You can simply march in place and cool down a bit, and then get back to the exercises.

Once you are done with your workout, make sure that you take some time to cool down. You need to stretch again to give muscles a chance to cool off. Expect to be a bit sore, but if you have any extreme pain, make sure you get checked out before you do your next route of step aerobics.

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Running on an Empty Stomach – Should You Do It?

One of the common pieces of advice I hear around gyms is that it's not wise to eat for a few hours before you do cardio like running. This is due to a few reasons and theories which I'll cover in this article in which I'll try to see whether running on empty stomach is a good idea or a lousy one.

Here are some of the reasons why people claim that running on an empty stomach is the right thing to do:

1. Running when you're full is just hard and can make you sick – This is actually true and I can testify to that from personal experience. If you've had a big lunch 30 minutes ago, please do not go running. You may feel nausea. It can ruin your workout.

2. If you train on an empty stomach, your body will not have a readily available source of energy to tap into. It will have to go to your fat stores in order to get the energy it needs to complete your workout. It will not have a choice. This, according to people, is a way to force your body to burn more fat than it would have done otherwise. This sounds good in theory, but does it work?

Appropriately not. Research has not shown any difference in the type of calorie being burned when working out on an empty stomach or after a small meal (I stress small). You will not be burning more fat just because you have not ate for a few hours. In fact, it may be the opposite.

In addition, have you ever tried working out after you've not eaten for hours? Unless you've actually overeaten before you went on this short fast, your body will indeed find it hard to find the energy to workout. It will be tired. You will not be able to do the kind of workout that you could have done had you ateen. You will not be able to stand the same intensity level. This will make your workout less effective and will results in fewer calories being burned.

Now, one way in which you can do a good workout on an empty stomach is by and large overeating sometime before. Some programs do that. However, this is not something I can discuss in this short article.

The main point is that runnning on an empty stomach is a bad idea. So is running on a full one. Eat a small snack more than 30 minutes before your workout for best results.

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What’s Important to Know About Indoor Cycling

This is a very general concept that you can do at home, as well. Similar to spinning, it only differs from this one in that you do not need a professional trainer for indoor cycling. All you need is a stationary bike and a bit of room to put it in. After that, you can start indoor cycling and get into shape.

Indoor cycling can also be done at your local gym, as described in another article, in the form of spinning. This is probably what you should be doing at the beginning because it is easier to workout in a larger group. All you need to do is focus and follow the instructor's orders. In any case, you can simply workout there and it would still be called indoor cycling.

Indoor cycling is a very popular activity which started way back in the 60's, when the first stationary bikes were invented. People were looking for an easy way to stay in shape and to make sure that they are not wasting too much time on driving to the gym and back. So, the obvious choice was to invest a couple of hundred dollars in a stationary bike that could be used for as long as you'd like and by any member of the household. In a couple of weeks of pedaling you could lose significant amounts of weight and fat, so it really worked back then as it does today.

Today, indoor cycling is a regular activity that people undertake if they want to lose some weight or just to replace a long drive to the gym with something they can do at home, without spending any money and without wasting any time. The idea is that you need to choose between cycling at home or at the gym, with a professional instructor. If you are a beginner and you really need to lose weight it would probably be a great idea to go do some spinning first, for at least a couple of weeks. After that you can probably start indoor cycling at home because it will feel pretty natural and pretty easy to do.

Today, you can find stationary bikes on sales for as little as 50 bucks, and they do the job. You do not need sophisticated devices, all you need are some pedals and a magnetic wheel for friction. You get a lot for the money, like and adjustable seat and notches for the level of friction, to make pedaling harder or easier, depending on what you actually need. In any case, the idea is that you need nothing more in order to maintain your health and your nice shape.

Indoor cycling provides with more health per dollar space than anything else on this planet, so please try it from time to time. I have seen that it makes a world of difference and it really is interesting to pedal in your living room while watching a nice movie or chatting with your family. I tried it and it works miracles.

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What is Spinning? – How Indoor Cycling Can Help You Lose Weight Fast

Spinning is a great way to stay in shape and it is also a great way to meet new people. I am sure that you will need about this, so please, stick with us to the end of this article and learn all there is to know about spinning.

Spinning is a class at your local gym where several dozen stationary bikes are setup in the same room and people that want to attend this type of class. So, you can imagine that it is what you usually do after your training program, but you have a professional trainer in front of you and you also have a lot of other people to help you from a morale point of view. It will certainly be much easier to pedal for a full hour with a gym full of people than try doing it alone.

Spinning is a cardio program that helps you lose weight by burning fat. It is the easiest way to do a workout if you want to lose some weight. Spinning is also pretty cheap and it is actually working if you do it regularly. Of course, you can imagine that the professional trainer holding the class is actually there for a purpose. You have to follow the instruction because spinning is not only about pedaling like mad, you also need to do it according to the music played, to pedal constantly after the beats. Other trainers may actually do the exercises using other things, but generally, you will have to follow a certain rhythm.

Spinning around the world has just started to be recognized for what it really is and people are starting to enjoy it. It started in the United States and now you can find a lot of gyms that have spinning classes. You can join them for a fee and you can enjoy the actual effectiveness of the program. I have a friend that just finished a month long spinning program and he feels and looks great. If I remember correctly, he actually lost 35 pounds in one month without any kind of diet. Of course, he ate properly and did not go to McDonalds, but he basically ate normally with minor adjustments.

You can probably see that spinning is really great and you can not seem to understand why nobody thought about it earlier. It is cheap and very easy to do and because it also provides with noticeable results. I think that all these benefits make it a great way to spend your time at the gym if you want to lose weight and stay in shape easier. In an hour for a couple of times each you can actually do a lot more for yourself than you did spending 2 hours each day at the same gym lifting weights. Basically, this is the best thing that you can do if you want to lose weight, so please make sure that you look for a spinning program in one of your local gyms.

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Hellacious Intervals – A Killer Workout Routine With Kettlebells and a Field!

Forget about a killer shoulder, leg, chest, or back workout. How about a killer total body workout? If you are wanting to get some real results from your workouts by turning your metabolism into a rocket engine then you have got to engage in the following hellacious kettlebell interval I have included below. Read on if I have your attention.

High Intensity Interval Workout!

One way to engage your metabolism in order to speed up and burn a ton of calories is to execute intervals of gassers between sets of kettlebell strength endurance lifts. In order to do this you will need a couple of things. First, you will have to have the availability of a football field or some long flat area that is at least a 100 yards in length along with a couple of kettlebells of moderate intensity. To simplify this particular version of the workout make the kettlebells the same weighted resistance.

Prepare this hellacious interval by placing the bells at each end of the 100 yard field. Start at one end of the field by executing a kettlebell strength endurance lift of your choice (snatches, swings, jerks, etc ..). Set the rep count at a somewhat challenging range. In other words, get your exertion level up without running yourself too big of an oxygen deficiency that you can not perform the gasser sprints after you complete the lift. So begin by performing the lift and as soon as you are finished simply drop the kettlebell to sprint the full 100 yard distance to the second kettlebell. Allow yourself sufficient recovery time before executing another lift of your choice with the second bell to return back to the first bell.

You can execute as many rounds of this as you want within the structure of your workout. You can choose to keep changing your kettlebell lifts before each gasser if you wish or choose to keep the same lift. The beauty of this workout is that you can structure it anyway you wish depending on what you feel like accomplishing. If you have not already started to implement this or another hellacious interval into your workout routine then you are really missing out on some killer hard body results. Feel free to access more of my articles on the subject for free. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart my friend! Give it a try.

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Burpee Cardio – 1 Amazing Cardio Conditioning Drill For Most Anyone!

If you are looking for a cardio strength training drill that will accelerate the progress of your fitness and performance then you have got to incorporate the burpee calisthenic. The burpee is a calisthenic which is a whole body exercise that is designed to be performed in a rhythmic and systematic manner in order to promote muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, mobility, and total body control. This exercise can be manipulated and varied in many ways, but essentially the goal is the same.

Burpee Cardio Conditioning!

Lets look at why this particular exercise is so valuable. If you are looking for the excuse of not having a gym to workout as to not get into shape then you no longer have that luxury if you look at the burpee calisthenic. This exercise can be performed by most anyone and will produce tremendous whole body results within the scope of your strength and fitness program. Here are 3 reasons why this drill is so effective:

  1. The burpee can be done almost anywhere and at anytime.
  2. No equipment is necessary.
  3. Its tremendous cardio without running!

In order to execute the burpee you must first start out standing with your feet shoulder width apart in length and crouch down to place your hands on the ground. This is the first step of the drill. The second step involves you having to extend your body into an upright push up position by kicking your legs behind you in one smooth quick motion. The third phase of the drill involves you performing a push up and you can end the drill with the fifth phase of kicking your feet back up underneath your body after the push up in order to stand back up. Now the drill can also be varied by not performing the push up or adding a vertical jump at the end upon standing up.

The burpee calisthenic is a wonderful whole body exercise that will take your training to the next level. After only executing 10 to 15 of these in a row will you understand what burpee cardio is all about. Take the time to read and learn more on this and other great cardio fitness training drills by accessing more of my articles on the subject for free. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart my friend! Give it a try and watch your condition explode.

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How to Get a Good Workout From the Punching Bag

When it comes to cardio, literally all that I use is the heavy punching bag. I have found that this is the best way for me to workout (cardio wise), and it is by far the most fun. However, this is only possible if you actually push yourself (rather than slacking). So how do you do this effectively, without hurting yourself? Well, it comes from following a few basic principles and techniques basically.

For starters, you want to constantly be moving, and keep swinging away at the bag. This will keep your heart rate up, and your breathing heavy. This is ideal for cardio strengthening (along with burning fat, if that is your goal). However, do not hit the bag so vigorously that you find yourself literally out of breath, as this will make it pretty much impossible to keep going. You see, with cardio, you want to be able to work out for at least 20-30 minutes or more. But this is only possible if you can continue to breath at a steady rate, without getting yourself winded.

Also, always use the proper caution so that you do not injure yourself. Believe it or not, you can certainly hurt yourself fairly easily just by sitting a punching bag (which I learned the hard way, so trust me on that). As long as you follow a few guidelines you will be fine. For starters, do not punch hard at the bag until you get good at judging you distances; This is a VERY easy way to hurt your elbow and even your wrist, so be careful until you get used to it. Secondly, be sure to wear at least “bag gloves”, as this will keep your knuckles from getting torn up. You would be amazed at how fast you can tear the skin right off of your knuckles by sitting a punching bag bare handed.

Another important piece to the puzzle is to punch the bag using the proper technique. This will basically make or break your workout. For example, you will want to twist your whole upper body when you swing your right hand at the bag (assuming that you are right handed, which means that this will apply to your LEFT hand if you are left handed). This will work FAR more muscles than simply just swinging by using your arms & shoulders only. And on top of that, this is the PROPER way to punch.

Again, just use common sense and proper technique, and do not get carried away. If you start off trying to destroyly destroy the punching bag, BEFORE you have gotten your discrepancies down, then you are very likely to hurt your wrist and or elbow. And this will not help your work out any. Instead, just ease into it gradually, and always try to keep a steady pace. If you do this, you will find that it really IS one of the best work outs you could ever do (and one of the more fun ones, too).

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