There have been new developments and studies that create some controversies through the health, diet, and exercise world. Studies have concluded that if you do exercises in what is called your “fat burning zone” you could significantly decrease the amount of fat that your body would naturally burn through the entire day. Recent studies as shown in the Journal of Applied Physiology had those interested to complete an hour of cycling at a little more than half of their aerobic capacity. Studies showed that the balance of fat over a 24 hour period had seriously shown more positively on the day that they completed the exercises as compared to the days in which they did not.

There are lots of fitness trainers who will tell you that aerobic exercises can actually make you fatter than not exercising at all. Theories conclude that your body reacts to exercise based on its fuel type. For instance when doing high intensity exercises such as sprinting or lifting weights a person's fuel is primarily going to be carbohydrates. The body will react to this exercise that relationships on carbs which then makes it simpler for your body to increase your insulin sensitivity by replacing the carbs as well as increasing the ability to store carbohydrates.

When you complete low intensity aerobic exercises such as taking a walk or even washing your dishes your primary fuel of choice is fat. This is where most trainers and fitness experts believe that using fat as the primary fuel while working out can actually signal your body to increase its ability to store fat, and there are studies that can back this such as the one found in the Journal of Applied Physiology. While your body may feel much weaker and smaller after having completed a resistance workout, it is actually doing the opposite. This means that your body is prepping for the next time that it becomes stressed.

There has been a lot of research conducted in publications such as the International Journal of Sports Nutrition which will show that when athletes complete resistance training it will begin to shift their body to beginning burning more fat for up to one day after the workout has been completed which is far different from aerobics. This would go to show that resistance training is ideal. Your body fat naturally becomes regulated by a hormone known as insulin which means that the intestinal exercises that rely on carbs such as resistance training can help you burn fat the entire day with ease. Resistance training can reduce your insulin levels and help to improve your metabolism for carbohydrates.

Before attempting any type of workout plan you should always talk with a medical professional first. You want to be given the clean bill of health so that you do not run the risk of worsening your health. You should also be sure to ask questions about aerobic exercises and how they might benefit or hinder your health in the long run. With any luck, your doctor will put you on a path that will have you looking and feeling great every single day.