Hey. This article is going to be about my way of going about cardiovascular exercise – the method I have personally come up with laately, that makes it a whole lot more fun, exciting in many new ways and a lot easier to endure. So here goes …

What you do is consciously take control of your focus – that is absolutely inevitable; if you do not do that you can not use this method.

After you control, place your focus on what your feet are doing. Be very aware of what is happening in your feet – how does the ground feel against your shoe / foot – running barefoot, I have heard, is awesome – what was the exact angle of the leg as you took that specific step? – are you doing everything you can to stabilize yourself, as to avoid feet- and knee problems?

Why are these questions important to ask yourself? If you do not – and you are stuck in your head, thinking about how much a hassle cardio is … what will your results be? I am not only talking about results in time – I am talking about your enjoyment … Let us forget time for a moment, and think about the environment you run in – and imagination, for a bit, that you run in the most amazing Swiss alps …. Would it be possible to forget you are, do you think, in terms of enjoying the experience ..? Does running in the alps equal completely enjoyment ..? It could, but it is not inevitable – you will not appreciate the experience if you are in your head, “hating cardio”.

Do you see what I mean here ..? It is time to get out of your head and think long-term (as opposed to think things like “okay, I have to work hard now ..”, and doing that over and over). Breathing the right way – and, especially, taking the time to learn how to run properly in terms of listening to the feedback that your feet are constantly providing you with, and taking action based on that feedback – will actually pay off in the long run .

It will make the experience infinitely more exciting – and that goes for if you run in a warehouse – as you can find small challenges, like “I will try to run as fast as I can with as little pain as possible felt in my feet “or similar things; and if you run the same route over and over, and learn it by heart, you can learn to take the corners the right way.

It would be cool if you guys – first of all, were attracted by this idea, but also – tried this out for yourself and experienced, and told me about your results!