Since Zumba is becoming more and more popular, many people start thinking about shoes and clothing that would compliment Zumba fitness workouts while also helping get the most from the training and avoid injuries. I would say that the most important part of Zumba outfit is the shoes. Zumba is highly intensive training which requires intensive legwork, and the more comfortable and suitable for such kind of activity your shoes are, the better.

I have been practicing Zumba for 2 years and tried many Zumba shoes – Z, Ryka, Bloch … you name it … All in all I like Nike the best. Their shoes are just more comfortable, as for me.

My first pair of Nike Zumba shoes were Musique III. That was a great shoe – it looked gorgeous (like suede), and felt very comfy. Nike Musique have sliding pads on the sole as well as cushioned heel, so it makes great shock absorption. Recently Nike released an updated version, Nike Musique IV which are even more comfortable, as they combine synthetic leather with mesh. That makes them not only highly breathable, but also makes the foot fit perfectly and cushions it.

The second Nike choice I would make is Nike Shox. These are very lightweight and comfortable, however I do not like how they look. The heel looks too fancy for me. But if you do not pay attention to the look (or like the way they look), they would be a great choice for your workout – they are very comfortable, cushion the feet and absorb the shock from jumping and other Zumba moves.

For those who would like to combine training and dancing sneakers all in one try Nike Zoom Sister. Although generally it's not recommended to wear training sneakers for Zumba class, these do not have excessive traction, so they do not interfere with sliding movements. These shoes combine multiple technologies from Nike – Flywire for light weight support, and Nike + to help track your progress. Nike Zoom Sister will suit any fitness activity, as they allow move front, back or side-to-side while keeping your feet stable in whatever position.

I would not say that other brands are much worse, but Nike is much popular and trustworthy, as for me. Nike Zumba shoes also do not cost very expensive comparing to other brands. You can buy them at Zappos or for as low as $ 60 (compare to $ 80 Ryka or $ 70 Capezio). All in all, my choice for Zumba is Nike. What's yours?