1. MAGIC OF MUSIC – If you do not have a Personal Trainer to train with, then you may like to invest in an iPod or cheap MP3 player.

You'll be surprised how quickly your sessions go when you've plugged into your favorite tunes.

Sometimes when I get back from a 10km run, it feels like I can barely remember the actual run I've enjoyed the music so much.

2. GET CONFIDENT AND POSITIVE – If you go out for a run and think “I hate this”, then you can definitely count on that run being a long 30mins. Instead, focus on how it's helping you control weight by improving your immune function and ability to handle day-to-day stress.


It is totally normal to alter the intensity sometimes so the body has time to further recover.

You'll reduce boredom if you vary your workout.

Try different exercises or a different order and your body with benefit as well from doing something it's not used to. Incorporate intervals eg whichever cardio exercise you choose, try 90-100% for 30 sec then back off for 20-30% for 30 sec and so on for a few minutes.

Then when you get fitter, increase your workout time and decrease your rest time.

4. PLAN IT – Have the program or session loosely set out in your mind way before you start. Say if I'm going for a run in the early morning, then just before I go to sleep, I visualize the run, where I'm going, how's it going to feel, how long or what time I'll aim for.

The same applies for your diet. Know roughly what you are eating the next day and most important have the right food there ready to eat.

5. LIVE FOR THE FEELING – Do not forget the most important and rewarding part at the end of an aerobic workout.

The instant release of endorphins. (The natural feel good drug your body releases when rich oxygenated blood circulates the body.) If you are spiritual like myself, then notice how close you are to your higher self and meditate to get yourself through it.

Trust me, everyone loves to think better and what a difference in the world if we all were just that little more positive and happier with ourselves and each other.