Stair steppers were considered the state-of-the-art aerobic fitness machines, but in recent years they've been overshadowed by elliptical machines, in addition to cardio kickboxing classes and Pilates. Even when you do not see the rows and rows of stair stepper machines that once dominated the middle of the gym floor, a stair stepper will still be an excellent source of cardiovascular fitness.

Do not forget to talk to your physician before you begin any workout or weight loss program and to stop if you experience pain. Be sure you stretch before and as soon as you finish your workout to keep up flexibility and prohibit injury.

Stair Stepper Categories

There are essentially two varieties of stair machines. Most steppers have two pedals that move in an easy up and down motion since you step, simulating the action of climbing stairs. Using some machines one pedal moves up as soon as the other is pushed down. However, machines which supply independent action provide more intensity, increasing cardiovascular benefits and weight loss. The other type of stair stepper, called a stepmill, is configured similar to an escalator, with stairs that move down because you simulate climbing upwards. This sort of machine combines the benefits of walking upon a treadmill in the increased muscle toning results of acting against gravity.

Benefits to Stair Stepper Exercise

Both of these sorts of steppers work the glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. Exercising these large muscle groups maximizes calorie consumption and fat utilization. This type of equipment provides weight-bearing exercise, and that is thought to boost density of bone and lower bone loss in addition to providing aerobic benefits. On account of this muscle toning effect, stair steppers also make great cross-training machines. Either kind of stair machine offers a low impact workout that minimizes joint and bone strain, especially good if you are coping with an injury. However, improper technique can put strain on the knees, so caution bought to be used in the event that you have knee problems.

Proper form is necessary if you resolve to use stair climber to refrain from injury and maximizeize effectiveness. Holding the handles too tightly or leaning exceedingly forward through out your stride will significantly reduce the fat burning advantages and benefits of your routine. Here's the best way to use this type of exercise machine:

• Make sure that you hold the handles lightly, if you need to help them. If you think that you need to hold tightly to keep up your stride, reduce your speed to a softer pace.

• Stand with the hips slightly forward, rather than just keeping your back perfectly vertical. This slight incline may help prevent injury and strain to the knees and back.

• Keep your stride even and long, as an alternative to taking short quick steps, to avoid overworking your calves.

• Keep an entitlement foot up the pedal to ensure the main target stays on your thighs rather than just your calves.