“If you're not thin, you're not cool” this message has been programmed in our minds with constant bombardment of media messages and people telling us that thin is in and fat is out. The problem is most people have very busy schedules and simply would not consider running to the gym after work. Very quickly, however, this unhealthy lifestyle directed to a couple of extra chins and a spare tire or two. Another reason that many people do not exercise is that they are shy and is afraid to be noticed inside a gym.

Courses in physical education or experience leading an aerobics class will give you a head start. Of course there are a few ways you can get started. You can rent a room to be converted into an aerobics studio or your garage to renovate. Always make your students feel comfortable. Many are first timers and it certainly helps if you understand their fears. Privacy is a must. You could conduct different classes for different levels of people. for beginners, senior citizens, and children.

If you have no budget for renting space and you do not have a garage, then you may want to consider making a home-based classes; conducting on the homes of students. What you need to do is advertise your services. Motivate students to form a small group of maybe five. Then select one of their houses as your site. The charging fee for these students is less than the normal rate. The essence of this is that students will work in the privacy of their homes and they will probably be more at ease when they're with people they know. You may need to change your aerobic applications according to the individuals' house space. It is a great way in meeting people, keeping fit and having fun while making money!