Elliptical cross training equipment can be a foundation for aerobic fitness which can provide many fitness and health benefits, help you lose weight, reduce cardiac risk, and improve your quality of life. Every modern commercial gym has multiple elliptical cross machines in them because of their popularity.

Better Than Bikes or Treadmills

They are far better than treadmills or stationary bikes. They are low impact, and provide both upper and lower body conditioning. It works multiple groups of muscles at the same time with resistance and aerobic benefits. It is at least five times as effective in muscle development compared to walking or jogging. Multiple studies have confirmed that adding resistance training to your aerobic routine will supercharge your caloric burning ability.

Elliptical trainers have pedals that move both forward and backward in conjunction with handlebars. The combination of these exercises and movements creates a total workout that has benefits on multiple levels.

Low Impact

One of the contributing factors that have caused elliptical cross trainers to become so popular is that they are a low impact type of equipment. They give your joints a break, pun unintended! Being less stressful on your back, hips and knees it is a great piece of equipment for both young and old.

Although not the cheapest piece of equipment for your gym, they can easily take the place of several pieces of equipment including treadmills, stationary bikes, and simple upper body resistance machines. When you consider all of these factors the elliptical cross trainer actually is an economic choice for the well equipped gym.