We have all become conscious of the need for health and fitness and as a result there are more and more videos teaching us various forms of exercise routines, from the old fashioned aerobics to Yoga to dance and now kickboxing. We offer, for your review and trial, two of the kickboxing DVDs that have been named as part of the best in the kickboxing video realm.

Kelly Coffey- Meyer has a kickboxing video entitled “30 Minutes to Fitness Kickboxing” which has two very energetic workouts all in one DVD. This kickboxing video has no complicated routines to learn, just a powerful combination of routines. To give you proper form and to make sure it is effective the routines are drill paced.

Kelly Coffey-Meyer can get the most of thirty minutes and give you all of the right moves in a way that makes hard work seem easy to do. The movements in this video are effective and the effects come from the moves, however, the fun is from the energy and time efficiency coming from the twenty five years Kelly spent teaching.

Kelly incorporates some of her favorite kickboxing moves such as a punch mix, a kick mix and a punch and kick mix. She also offers a bonus piece for the core and abdominals that include stand up and floor exercises. Without a doubt this will be your favorite kickboxing DVD. Although it is optional the use of weighted gloves is suggested. This video is for all levels of exercisers from beginner to advanced. (60 min).

David Carradine, of Kung Fu TV fame, presents a fitness program based on the natural, graceful and simple movements of the Shaolin Five Animals. David Carradine's Shaolin Cardio Kickboxing Workout DVD features a complete fitness program that is natural, simple and graceful based on the Shaolin Five Animals.

The Shaolin monks of Northern China are legends in their time because of their boxing ability and physical prowess. Often studied and accredited, the monks became experts in developing the body, health, movement and fighting by watching the animals in nature as they use their grace and power. They learned that total physical fitness including stretching, breathing, exercise, awareness, sensitivity and balance and coordination. All of this is incorporated in this Shaolin cardio kickboxing workout video and is made available to all of us interested in keeping our hearts as well as our bodies and minds strong and healthy. (40 min)