Kettlebell swing cardio classes are proving very popular, with instructors and participants alike.

For a personal trainer the class is a dream, some decent music, one kettlebell per person and a 20 minute disciplined session in which keeping people in the fat burning zone is the key. This is not too much to ask from a personal trainer.

For the participant no change in workstations or equipment, the main thing required is to keep the rate high and the strength of their grip. The rest will take care of itself as long as instructions are followed by the personal trainer.

To perform the Kettlebell swing an athlete is required to stand with legs slightly wider than shoulder width. Place the Kettlebell on the floor directly below your legs. Take hold of the Kettlebell with both hands and driving down and back with the hips swing the weight between your legs about one foot behind your heel, you are then required to drive the kettlebell upwards using the thrust of your hips. It is important that you keep your abdominal wall tight at all times through the move to avoid injury and use only momentum to drive the weight upwards and back down between your legs.

To ensure you are performing the Kettlebell swing correctly, ensure you are not using the arm muscles to lift the weight, think of the arms as a pendulum. Also ensuring that at the top portion of the movement that the bottom of the kettlebell is facing away from the athlete and not at the floor. If the very bottom of the weight is facing away from the athlete this is because the kettlebell is moving through momentum and be driven correctly through the hip muscles and not lifted by the arms.

For the Kettlebell swing cardio exercise routine, each athlete is required to perform one set of 30 repetitions, ensuring you are using a weight that is first of all light enough to complete 20 sets but also sufficient to be challenging come the mid-point of the routine. Start your set of 30 Kettlebell swings on the minute mark and when complete, rest until the next minute begins.

If done correctly your first few sets should enable you to have about 40 seconds rest and by the middle few sets your resting period should be down to 30 seconds. If you have chosen a weight heavy enough your last few sets, usually sets 16 – 20 will only allow you to have between 10 and 20 second rests.

The increasing activity levels of this routine elevate your heart and breathing rate to a level which will be uncomfortable and yet very achievable. The natural high you will feel after this session is quite amazing due to the release of endorphins (similar to eating over 1kg of chocolate but without that sickening feeling) and the body will reward you with a massive uplift of Human Growth Hormone levels in the bloodstream for the following 24 hours allowing improved muscle repair, immune system and even increased drive and motivation.

A kettlebell swing cardio session can be a fantastic session to perform alone or within a group and is one that can be performed at home with just one Kettlebell. Simple, effective and rewarding, give it a try!