As a fitness and strength professional I can tell you that kettlebell lifts are a tremendous way for you to achieve both the benefits of strength training while getting one hellacious cardio workout at the same time. The beauty of this type of cardio strength training is that that is time efficient, results producing, and it works for everyone! If I have your attention then continue reading.

Butt Kicking Cardio Strength Training!

You see kettlebell lifts are very effective for helping you with your cardio because there are many strength endurance related lifts that you can implement for many reps at a time. Some of the basic basic lifts such as swings, jerks, snatches, and cleans can be done for many reps and can be structured in many different ways. Kettlebell training allows you to format the lifts so that you can easily implement supersets, intervals, and circuits with little pause or interruption within the scope of your workouts. This is hugely valuable in your cardiovascular training because it keeps your exertion level elevated for the duration of each executed set.

The other important trait is strength. You see kettlebells have been utilized for centuries by some of the world's greatest strongmen. A kettlebell will help you to forge the body of a Greek God while giving you the strength to back it up. Real muscle is built through the exertion of executing multi-joint lifts with a high level of intensity. By training your body in this way you involve more than one joint which involves more than one muscle group at a time to execute certain physical tasks. This is where kettlebell lifting comes into play. Kettlebell lifts will give you a bone crushing handshake, strong joints, and total core strength to pull off almost any physical task that is put before you. With kettlebell lifts you get the ultimate butt kicking cardio strength training combination!

If you have not already started to implement the art of kettlebell lifting into your cardio and strength training workouts then you are only holding yourself back. In order to get the results you want the most you have got to train for them. I will even help you further by asking you to access more of my articles on the subject for free. Take the time to learn so you can get to where you want to go. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!