Today, I'm going to tell you a top 2 ways to get more out of your treadmill work then just mere visual entertainment. The good thing is you can add them in RIGHT NOW and start seeing results quickly if you are willing to go that extra mile. Ya know, it's kinda funny that I said that because because on treadmill you are not really GOING anywhere, oh well moving on.

# 1: Take That Hill!

From my military days I remember running through different types of terrains for morning PT. Whether it was a dense forest, tall grassy fields, ice-covered roads, and my personal favorite … deserts, we ran through it all to keep shape. I believe the one of the best methods, that worked for me anyways, is getting on a treadmill and doing the “HILL” cardio program.

This is easier than it sounds (well when getting started with it anyways), all you have to do is set the treadmill on the HILLS setting and go at it. Now what I recommend after a week or two is gradually increase the speed at which you are running up the hills, and also the incline. What this does is forces you to work harder by not only increasing your heart rate, but also bringing some muscle fatigue to your legs due to the incline of the treadmill.

# 2: Run, Walk, Run, Sweat!

This method has to do with adding in a few short bursts of sprinting into the mix. Now, I must first stress that you have to be careful not to over do the sprinting part for safety reasons. The sprinting requires you to push but not to the point of almost falling off the treadmill because you could not keep pace. Not only could that be potentially serious injury-wise, you do not want to look like a fool trying to impress that blonde running next to you by falling straight on your face. Not smooth at all.

Now this type of session only takes about 20 minutes in the beginning, which will end up being plenty when you give it a try. Let's break it down:

First, you are going to set the speed of the treadmill to a pace that you can walk at with some light jogging, nothing too strenuous but enough to get your heart rate up a bit. You still want to be able to hold a conversation with that same cute guy or girl next to you on the treadmill while running. Continue to do this for the first 5 minutes.

Now as the first 5 minutes comes to a close start increasing the speed to a very high pace to where you would be running VERY close to top speed. You are going to do this for a time of 15 seconds, trust me when I say this is that if you are running fast enough, you will feel it.

After the 15 seconds is up you are going to stop for 60 seconds to catch your breath.

* Pay very close attention to the following instructions on how to exactly get off of the treadmill during your rest period safely.

In order to get off without causing injury to yourself you have to first grab hold of the handles on the treadmill's side while you are getting close to the end of your sprint, like 1-2 seconds from finishing. After you have a firm grass of the handles, swiftly kick your feet out to each side of the treadmill's edge to clear the belt. After a firm landing, you should be safe to take your rest break and get ready for the next interval.

You are going to repeat this 15 seconds on 60 seconds off interval 8 times which will equate to 10 minutes of the interval training. After the last 60 second rest, cut the speed in half and finish out the last 5 minutes with a good challenging jog. This workout will not only allow for more total fat calories burned during the workout (which works better for FAT LOSS), you will look like a total bad-ass to the other people around.

Well there you have it folks … 2 awesome fat burning ways to get even more out of the treadmill. Now try one of these programs for at least 6 weeks to see the best results. Of course ensure that your nutrition is tight, and soon your body will be tight too.

This is Lou signing off and I'll be back soon with another earth-shattering article … Later.