Yes of course, you can maximize running for extreme weight loss and fast results. This can be done by just implementing some of the simplest strategies that you may have already considered but did not implement yet in your running training. Without further ado, here are some of the forgotten strategies for maximum weight loss running:

1- The proper warm-up

We live in an age where time became a rare commodity. Most of us are rushing through our lives at the speed of light, but still we feel we are not fulfilling our deepest desires and destiny. On the other side, rushing through your running session is a big mistake.

The right pre-run approach is to start with a decent warm-up; This warm-up ensures the delivery of oxygen into your blood, prepares the body for the exercise and moves you gradually into the workout. As a result, before you break into your normal running pace, you should start with doing some brisk walking while taking deep breaths and preparing your lungs for the activity ahead.

You can also do some ballistic stretching routines and loosen up your muscles and joints; but do not go too far because you may pull a muscle and get injured before you have even started the workout.

2. Do not shy away from walking

Many runners believe that stopping for a walk while they run can compromise their efforts; of course this is true to some extent but sometimes you may need these walking segments for recovery and regaining your breath back. The main idea is to keep moving and breathing deeply even if you feel exhausted.

Running puts massive pressure on the cardiovascular system and body. And without these walking recovery boots, you may not be able to keep running for a long time; some runners may even experience burn out, extreme fatigue and increase the likelihood of injury when they fail to manage their workout properly.

As a result, do not let your ego get in the way of your success. Know your limit and when you are pushing too far on yourself. Even elite runners switch to walking when they feel they can not keep up, so why do not you?

3. Running with a partner

Many people consider running to be a solo activity; but you can make your running training more enjoyable and challenging by working out with a partner. This running partner should share with you the same vision and similar goals as you.

Of course, you can run with a more experienced runner if you really want to push yourself. Just be realistic with your expectation, disappointment requires adequate planning.