Everyone knows that exercise helps you burn calories and that burning calories results in losing weight. To see best results you should do some form of cardio exercise three to fives times per week. Many people have a hard time fitting a workout into their schedules. Even if they do they may not be consistent in working out because of boredom. If you can refer to this then sometimes the Zumba DVD set is a good choice for you.

A workout class on DVD is convenient and Zumba Fitness is all-inclusive. You can make your own class schedule and you do not even have to leave home. There are six different classes in the set including a breakdown of all the steps. You also get a pair of toning sticks which are similar to 1-lb weights. The set includes cardio, ab and toning workouts.

Exercising to a fitness DVD will save you money. Most live classes will cost you $ 5 to $ 10 each time you attend a class. Since the Zumba DVD set has a variety of classes it should keep you interested enough to exercise a few times each week. You can also factor in the savings in gas or bus fare to attending a live class.

Zumba Fitness is effective. The testimonials in the infomercial may sound fake but I know some of these people personally and they have really lost the weight just by doing zumba. You can burn up to 1000 calories per hour if you push it and most people will burn between 500 to 800 calories.

The best way to lose weight is to find a workout routine that you will do consistently. If you like to dance and need something convenient, fun and effective then the Zumba DVD set may work for you.