How would you like to extend your summer fun and be able to play or swim laps in your own pool or luxuriate in the relaxing warmth of your own heated spa? Why not both? With a swim spa, you can enjoy a nice warm dip or exercise to your heart's content because it combines the two! The hot tub portion is pretty much just like any other typical hot tub spa; it's great for steaming on a chilly fall evening or a cool spring afternoon – pretty much anytime of the year, really!

The swimming part of a swim spa is what makes it quite different than a hot tub alone, however. Internal turbines power the part in which you can swim; these generate a current that you swim against – as you would swim against a tide in the ocean – giving you optimum exercise every time you go for a swim.

Although venturing off for a swim in a lake or ocean can be great on an occasional afternoon, there is always the bother of the sand involved. Swimming pools are a great option, but may be too large for the area in your lawn. You may enjoy a peaceful evening in a hot tub, but fear you may not use it enough to justify the expense. A swim spa can combine all the wonderful, healthy properties of swimming that a lake, ocean, or pool can as well as those of a spa in which you can relieve yourself of the stresses of your day.

Swim spas are covered by a thick insulated cover and are lined with an insulation of polyurethane, therefore the cost of running the unit is much less than that of a regular pool and, of course, even lower than the cost of operating both a pool and a hot tub.

You can place your swim spa at ground level on a concrete surface as you will a normal spa hot tub, but you can also place the units fully or partially in ground. Swim spas are also available with elegant LED mood lighting that is adjustable; a digital panel will also allow you to control the jet speeds.

Just think – any time you like, in the privacy and comfort of your own home, without the expense of a large heated pool, you can enjoy the health benefits of swimming and the benefits of soaking in hot, bubbly water all year long.