I am talking about getting your body to work the best way for you, instead of the other way around.

All you need to do is start short intestinal training and keep changing up your routines consistency to provide maximum shock value to system. Shocking your body is the key to unparallel gains and transformation. As soon as the body adapts is when progress starts to slow.

1. Condition your body to always be in an excited, awake state.

Interval training, compound exercises and plyometric training are some of the best ways to really chock your system and put your body in a state for quick effective change.

2. Something that works really excellent is setting a big list of training exercises and randomly selecting them spontaneously as you go through your workout routine. Nothing will shock the body more and get the muscles firing than an instant set of squats or 30 seconds of sprinting, deadlifts, etc.

It helps to do this technique with a workout partner, so you can surprise each other with the next exercise.

3. Try to do a completely different routine each workout session. Adding new varieties, and different exercises each routine will always keep the body guessing which is exactly what you want for the most gains. For example, if you do interval training on the treadmill one day for 30 minutes, go and do 15 minutes of rowing and 15 minutes of stairmaster at varying times the next time.

Remember keep your body in a constant state of uncertainty. This is an amazing principle for quick strong results. I challenge you to try this idea for at least 2 weeks ..