I do not visit the gym as often as I'd like, but every time I do find myself there, I end up doing cardio exercises for at least a half an hour.

There are so many benefits to doing cardio exercises that it's easy to see why I'm a big proponent of them. In addition to the weight loss that can result from cardio, it also helps strengthen your cardiovascular system so that your heart is stronger and your overall health is improved. I find myself having more energy, thinking more clearly, sleeping better, and being in a better mood when I'm doing cardio regularly.

Looking back at those benefits, I'm wondering why I do not head to the gym and do some cardio every day!

Still, many people do not feel totally informed about cardio exercises. One of the more common questions involves elliptical machines and treadmills: which has more advantages to the user and provides a better workout?

We can determine the answer to this question by looking at the benefits of each machine and comparing them each other.

First, let's examine the elliptical machine. It provides a few important advantages over the treadmill.

When using an elliptical machine, you're not experiencing a high-impact workout since you're not running on a hard surface; using an elliptical is quite similar to walking on air. There's very little stress on your legs, knees, and ankles, which is important for keeping these important for keeping those body parts in great working order.

The other benefit of elliptical machines is that they allow the user to set a steeper incline, making the workout more challenging.

The treadmill does have a clear advantage in that it provides a more accurate simulation of actually running outside. Many people prefer treadmills for this reason, and it's an important one to consider when deciding between the machines.

Treadmills are also better for those of us who have to make our time in the gym count. Assuming you run the same distance and burn the same amount of calories on both a treadmill and an elliptical, your workout will be finished sooner on the treadmill since it requires more energy. So, if you're looking for the quicker option, you'll want to stick with the treadmill.