Water aerobic exercises, also known in other terms as water fitness, water exercise, water jogging or water aerobics, offer a low-impact and low-risk way of getting into shape that are effective for people who are dealing with joint problems or arthritis. Even those who have stayed sedentary for a long time will benefit from these workouts because they can be of great help in the process of slowly building a fitness routine.

Water workouts are also known for improving balance, strength, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility without training the muscles and joints. By using water as resistance and allowing athletes to engage in exercises that are normally performed on land, they can provide the benefits of aerobic workouts while decreasing the risk of injuries at the same time. You do not have to be a swimmer to participate in water aerobics, as many of the exercises are done in shallow water.

While no single exercise is perfect for everyone, water aerobics comes close by conforming to individual needs, abilities and restrictions. A study in the March 2002 issue of Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise came out declaring the pluses of workouts in water. Water aerobics is an excellent addition to any weight loss program since it will ensure an aerobic workout and burn calories without undo stress or strain on the joints. This can help with motivation to continue exercising.

Water aerobic exercises are available in different forms. While most forms can be performed without specialized equipment, others require the use of flippers, flotation devices, water weights, and aquatic shoes. Although aqua aerobics adds less pressure on your muscles and joints, it can still help you burn as many calories as you would when performing land aerobics. In fact, you can burn up to 300-500 calories per session of kicking, jumping, running, or squatting in water.

Aqua aerobics is not only ideal for injured people and the elderly; pregnant women and overweight individuals will also benefit from its low-impact yet high-resistance nature. Water aerobic exercises are also perfect for those who are suffering from back pain, arthritis, and other joint or muscle problems. The water can partially support your weight and slow down your movement so you can easily perform a wider range of movements without hurting yourself. This form of aerobic exercise is also an amazing stress buster because it will relax your body after a long and tiring day of work.

If you would like to have a fun alternative to land exercise then water aerobics might be your choice for fitness and weight loss.