As the school health education lessons define it, you have to be physically fit and psycho-socially sound in order to be a healthy person. If you really pose the question “Am I healthy?” to your heart, what would be the answer? Alas, most people today are caught up in the busy and competitive lifestyle and are on their way to corruption of health. The good news is that some regular exercise, combined with a healthier diet and meditation or Yoga that relaxes the mind, you can easily swim upstream and become the owner of perfect health and happiness.

Among physical health issues, heart ailments occupy a prominent place. Often these are the result of a multitude of reasons, including smoking, hypertension and genetics in some rare occasions. However the largest and most infamous culprit is cholesterol, which blocks the blood vessels nourishing the heart muscles leading to heart failure, strokes and malfunctioning of various other body organs. While fast food is the main suspect in the crime, lack of exercises also plays a great role in intensifying the situation. In fact, even a small exercise for half an hour each day will burn down much of this dangerous cholesterol, giving the heart the liberty to serve you gracefully over your whole lifetime.

Today there are numerous forms of cardio exercises. Basically, during any activity that strains our body, the heart has to work harder to pump more blood to the parts of the body that need more oxygen. Now you may be able to guess why extra oxygen is needed; to produce more energy by burning more 'food', of which cholesterol is one form. Therefore, the ultimate result is the elimination of excess cholesterol from your body which inevitably saves you from a whole world of trouble, as was explained previously.

Running and cycling are two of the most famous, classic exercising techniques in modern society. Although both of them need quite a lot of space, the benefits are intense. Unless you are already suffering from some heart ailment, training the heart by such exercises is said to be much beneficial for its proper functioning. Apart from burning excess fat and adding a slim and stylish look to your body, they also help in the development of your body muscles and bones. What's more, researchers have shown that such exercises can effectively slow down or even reverse aging. Frankly, who does not like to remain young as long as possible?

Running is known to keep your mind happy and free of troubles, probably because of improved breathing and blood circulation. Further studies have revealed an increase of the number of newborn neurons in the brain, which shows improvement of memory, learning capabilities and intelligence as a whole.

Cycling also shares most of these benefits, while improving stability and endurance. Even though there are numerous types of indoor exercises, ranging from martial arts to Zumba and other dance workouts, activities like running and cycling still dominate the field as the most affordable and convenient forms of exercise.

So, it is time to make your choice regarding the best means of exercise that will keep you happy, vigilant, young and handsome through your whole life.