Walking is really the best exercise you can do for your body. Almost every doctor on earth will testify to that assumption. Walking helps all of your insides, and your skin to feel better, look better and work better. Walking for one hour a day will pay you benefits that will last a lifetime. And that lifetime will be a lot longer because you walked.

So you have set out to change your diet and get into an exercise program and you settled upon walking. But what kind of walking is good for you.

There are three basic ways to walk.

  • Everyday walking. This is the basic. You can start out walking trying to walk three miles an hour or a mile in twenty minutes. Take the car and measure the distance from your starting point to the halfway point. Do not kid yourself. If you want to walk a few blocks and return, go halfway with the car. If you walk in a circle go so many blocks ahead, make a right and two more rights and you are home. It is important to get the distance right so that you can then work on your speed. Set a goal for your time. A good healthy pace is four miles an hour or a mile in fifteen minutes.
  • Speed ​​walking or power walking. This is for those who want to really get into condition. It is amazing just how fast speed walkers walk. Speed ​​walkers train for hours so unless you are really into this type of walking, stick with every day walking.
  • Heavy hands. This is a term used from a book I read once. The idea is to carry a couple of weights, one each hand, and swing your arms up high over your head while you walk. I did this for awhile. We lived alongside of a nice creek in the countryside. I simply used a couple of rocks weighing about two pounds each. I worked my way up so that I could lift them over my head and then have them click together behind by back each step as I walked swiftly. It takes a couple of weeks to get the muscles in shape to do the full routine. The problem is that the weight comes off so fast it may scare the people who know you. I walked swiftly up and down the hills for about two miles each day doing this. My wife saw me lose so much weight she asked me to stop. I did not need to lose weight anyway so I stopped. It sure strengthened the arms though. I skied cross country faster than ever after that.

So there you have it. You can find a Heavy Hands book on line.