Here is something which is going to alter the way you think about cardio. There are 5 easy workouts which enable you to reduce tummy fat which we can have a glimpse of old-fashioned ways.

As per the old school of cardio one needs longer time to burn fat. Neverheless there are people who have spent an hour or even more than that per workout and still not lost fat. In fact, it is unknown why it does not work, but some late research found that women doing one hour low power cardio did not lose tummy fat even after 10 weeks. Here proved that slow cardio is not the best way to burn fat. Actually, researchers say high-intensity cardio enables you to burn fat but you need to really work hard and hence it is still not the best though it burns fat.

An improved way is to employ interval training. This is the third way to reduce fat. In a study compared to the above two methods interval training workouts enabled people to lose considering amount of tummy fat. In interval training you do the usual warm up and then swap between hard and easy exercises and then cool down. This procedure takes only twenty minutes.

An example of interval cardio is, do a 5 minute warm up and then exercise rigorously for one minute then slow down the next minute and then cool down. Repeat this cycle for almost 5-6 times

Fourth method is the Tabata cardio. Once the interval workout started gaining recognition trainers started researching for other shortcuts. The Japanese did something called the “Tabata Protocol”, and felt it gives better results than the interval method. In this you do a warm-up, then 20 seconds of rigorous workout followed by 10 seconds of recuperation. Do again for 8 times.

Fifth method is called the bodyweight circuit cardio. Similar to intervals and Tabata workouts, this is not actually “cardio”, yet, these are improved workouts to burn fat. In this you start with a fast and simple exercise, like Jumping Jacks. Then, swap between 3 lower and upper bodyweight workouts, like pushups, squats, lunges, chin ups, whole body exercises like mountain climbers. At last, end with a total body workout like jumping or running in place.

Of the above mentioned cardio exercises the first two are conventional, long, and least efficient. The other workouts are the paramount ways to reduce tummy fat.