Straight Single Sessions of Cardio Might Not Be the Best Way After All

Awesome, we now have proof that shorter bouts of cardio are best for fat burning, as per the Journal of Clinical and Physiological Functioning Imaging!

How often do you do or do you see others doing endless cardio sessions on the bike, stepper or treadmill, day after day, week after week, maybe even month after month, if they stick around long enough, with little to no change in the way they look? Come on now, we see it all the time, in gym after gym all around the world. Something is obviously not working right?

Well good news, there may in fact be a solution to those cardio blues so many, maybe even you, have been facing for years. It might be time to split that cardio session up! And no, before you get all crazy about your lack of time, I'm not suggesting a morning and night type of split. This is something far more suitable for almost anyone!

Previous research out of the University of Tokyo had shown that splitting your cardio session in two, with as little as a 20 minute break in between, actually burned more fat than a single session with no break. The scientists performing that study had subjects either cycle for 60 minutes straight, or cycle for 30 minutes, rest for 20 minutes and then complete their workout with another 30 minute cycle session. The group with the split session actually burned more fat up completion of their training.

Now, even better yet, this new study by the JCPFI, shows that even shorter bouts of cardiovascular exercise, as little as 10 minutes in fact, has a greater impact on fat oxidation, not only during exercise, but more importantly, post-exercise as well. In addition to the fat burning benefit, the study shown lower lactate levels during the shorter exercise bouts, meaning less fatigue! Who could ask for better news?

This is pretty exciting news, especially for someone like myself that dreads the long, boring cardio session!

So, how do you implement this for the best results? How about something simple like a 10-15 minute moderate cardio session to start your workout, followed by some ab, arm or calf work (small muscle groups only), before finishing your workout off with a 10-15 minute high intensity interval cardio session ? Or how about starting your morning off with 10 minutes of jumping rope and another 10 minutes of cardio in the afternoon or following your resistance training session if you are working out?

As you can see, there really are countless options for implementation! The key is simply putting it to work within your lifestyle and schedule. No matter what that looks like, it's very likely you can find the time it takes to ramp up your fat burning with these new finds!

Another real beauty to this research, you can use these short bouts with almost any form of cardiovascular exercise! If you are just beginning your training regiment however, I would strongly suggest you start out with shorter, less intents forms of cardio!