For instance, Africans generally are lean, muscular, enjoy great health and fitness and do it without trying to be that way. It is part of their nature . The same goes for the French. These are people who are generally lean, energetic and live a very long healthy life. They must be doing certain things in their life, or not doing things that give them these qualities without any conscious effort on their part.

That brings me to the things we are doing here that make us overweight, unhealthy and live a sub-optimum level of health. A lot of it is mainly our diet. If you were to compare the average North American diet to our friends over in Africa, you would see that things are strikingly different. They for one things, do not typically eat any unprocessed foods.

Mainly they eat vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs. It has been studied many times that refined sugars, high sodium, high glycemic carbohydrates, processed foods, transaturated and saturated fats cause obesity, diabetes, low-energy, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammation. To avoid from these is the first key to living a life with great health benefits.

Health and physical activity build off of each other. The more healthy you are, the more active and vice versa. So it is important to know that you need to put your body in the best state for health, so you can enjoy more physical activity and you will build up positive momentum, feeling and looking better everyday.

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