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Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill Review

If you want to lose weight or exercise, using treadmill is one of the easiest ways. However, owning a treadmill in the house is expensive. Many people can not afford to do so. Some may have limited budget. The others may not have enough space in their places. But there is a way to get an inexpensive treadmill. You can get a manual treadmill which is a lot more affordable. This is an article on a review on Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill.

Although owning a manual treadmill may not be sexy to many people, it can perform a basic function if you want. It may not have so many features as the motorized treadmill may but it does its job. Since this is a manual treadmill, it works by your power. The machine will move after you have started walking or jogging. The treadmill can be folded and kept in place if you want.

The basic features of the machine include:

  • The machine has a heavy-duty weighted flywheel. The belt has the dimension of 41 inches by 13 inches.
  • It has single-button display which allows you to track speed, distance, time, and calories. You will be able to achieve maximum jogging speed via self-powered workout.
  • It can be folded and locked in upright position for storage.
  • There is 1-year frame warranty for the treadmill.
  • It is easy to maintain. There are almost no extra maintenance costs.

Reasons why you should consider owning this Phoenix 98510.

– Obviously, this treadmill is very affordable. It is a lot less expensive than the electronic or motorized treadmill.

– The machine does not require much space either to place or to store.

– You get similar results from the exercise as you would get from the motorized machine. However, you will have to understand how it works and how use it properly.

– The treadmill is lightweight. The machine weighs only 50 lbs.

Reasons why you might consider not buying this treadmill:

– Since you have to hold on to the bar to keep balance, you will not be able to move your hands freely while you are using it.

– You may not be able to walk in slow pace. If you walk too slowly, the unit will stop.

– The incline setting is fixed. This limits your flexibility.

– Since the shock absorption system of the treadmill may not be that good, the impact on the knee may cause pain to some users.

In conclusion, this would be a good treadmill if you have the budget in the range. But if you are a serious runner who expects a lot from your workout, this machine may not be for you.

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How Cardio Exercise Helps You To Lose Weight

Some sort of cardio exercise is a must if you want to lose weight. These activities involves running, jumping, even dancing. In other words, any exercise that gets your heart pumping.

Many people take aerobics classes to get some cardio fitness in. Aerobics involve usually exercising to music in a coordinated fashion, almost like dancing. Aerobics became popular in the 1980s and was developed to make working out more fun.

In addition to aerobics, you can also do other exercises such as bike riding, running, or stair climbing. Most of the health clubs today have a vast array of fitness equipment such as mechanical stair climbers, bicycles, rowing machines, and treadmills.

Cardio exercise burns calories and also gives your metabolism a bit of a boost. This is the reason why people are advised not to exercise before bed. While some forms of exercise, such as yoga and toning exercises are okay to do before going to sleep and may even enhance sleep, cardio is best done in the morning, before you go to work or start your day.

Any physical activities that increase your heart rate will most likely cause you to sweat when you really start working out. When doing any cardio exercise, you should make sure that you keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

If you combine a great fitness routine with a low calorie diet is the most effective way to lose weight. Although low impact exercises can tone your muscles and eliminate fat, cardio exercise will burn calories. However, you should try to incorporate both types of exercises – both cardio exercise and toning exercises, into your routine. Some personal trainers feel that doing cardio every other day and low impact training or toning on the other days is a good way to both lose calories and tone your muscles.

You should start slow when beginning any exercise routine and check with your physician prior to beginning to make sure that it is safe for your heart. If you feel short of breath or dizzy when performing any cardio exercise, stop immediately. This can sometimes happen if you start off too fast. If you continue with the exercise program, you will gradually build yourself up to the point where you can do more each time. Never continue to exercise through pain or discomfort, especially if you get dizzy. You do not need to have a fancy gym membership to incorporate cardio exercise into your life, although gyms do have a variety of equipment that makes this exercise easier on you.

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Dancing: A Way to Get Fit

Numerous people turn away from physical exercise simply because it is unappealing. They simply do not like it. You might discover yourself in this position. You would like to exercise but swimming or walking just do not light your fire. So what can you do?

How about dancing for physical exercise? Zumba classes are very popular as an enjoyable way of working out. With Zumba the Latin music is invigorating and just tenders to make you want to get up and dance. You will find various levels of Zumba with classes geared towards the newbie, seniors as well as for kids. As your level improves you are able to move up to the next level.

Another enjoyable way of dancing for physical exercise is Belly dancing. This really is a lot tougher than you may envision, although it is really an enjoyable activity.

Dancing for physical exercise is really a fantastic calorie burner. It's extremely feasible to burn 360 calories or much more by attending a 1 hour dance class.

Ballroom dancing is really a massive calorie burner, burning as much as 374 calories a session. These numbers are primarily based on a 150 pound individual.

The nicest factor about utilizing dance as your preferred physical exercise technique is the fact that you do not have to leave home. There are limitless DVDs and videos to select from – everything from dance to kick boxing and much more.

Dancing for physical exercise is definitely an inexpensive technique of working out. You do not need special gear or equipment. You can begin by just playing your favorite tunes and start dancing. If you have little children what fun to involve them also and make dancing a family affair.

Hip Hop dancing is another popular dance craze exactly where you are able to take a class or use a DVD at house.

When just starting out with dancing as physical exercise, as with any other form of physical exercise, you want to proceed slowly as to avoid injury. Begin off gradually and keep in mind to warm up prior to and stretch following your session. If you are just getting back into exercise, or have little to no experience doing too much of a good thing could result in a strain or injury that could sideline you before you even begin. Be careful.

Treat yourself to a brand new dance DVD and have some fun. You could even use a few of the popular Wii games together with your family members for a fun workout. What a great way to bring the family together for health, fitness, togetherness and fun.

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Do You Stretch Before Walking or Going For a Jog?

You can stretch before or after walking but whatever you choose to do, you definitely do not want to feel any pain doing it. The old adage “no pain no gain” is not exactly a safe philosophy. It's okay to feel muscle soreness after exercising but if you feel any pain from stretching or exercising, you should stop and seek medical attention.

Pain is there to tell you something is wrong, not to encourage you to keep going. Muscle soreness can mean you are getting somewhere. Stretching may help prevent the severity of muscle soreness. The following are a few quick stretching techniques that you can use immediately before and after walking or jogging:

Tip: Hold a stretch for a few seconds then let go and do another. Do not stretch to the point of pain. Stretch only to the point where you feel the stretch, hold for a few seconds and then let go.

Here are a few simple stretching exercises you can do prior to walking:

  • Quadriceps Stretch – use a chair or counter top if you need help balancing yourself. While standing, lift you left leg behind you. Grab your ankle or the top of your foot with your left arm. While bending your leg at the knee, pull your foot up with your left hand until you can feel the stretch. Hold for a few seconds and release. Repeat using the right leg with the right arm.
  • Hip Stretch – While standing, place your left foot about 2.5- to 3- feet in front of you. Bring your right knee to the ground and balance your body. Lean forward and move your body weight to your front leg. Hold this position for a few seconds and then repeat for the right leg. While doing this, both your front leg should be at a 90 degree angle.
  • Lower Back Stretch – Lay flat on the ground with your feet together. Keep your right leg on the ground and bring up your left knee. Get a hold of your left knee with both hands and bring it as close to your chest a possible. Hold for a few seconds and then switch and repeat with right leg.
  • Calf Stretch – Stand up straight with your feet together and arms at your side. Raise both feet and balance on your results. Go as high as you can, hold for a few seconds and release then come back down.

Walking, jogging and running are the best ways to burn fat. It does not cost a cent and you can do it anywhere, anytime. Calories are stored and are transformed into energy during exercise. Energy then leaves the body through heat. Cardiovascular exercises are the most efficient way to burn fat – especially followed after a simple strength training program.

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Increase Cardio Conditioning Without Machines or Equipment

One of the most important physical attributes for athletes is aerobic conditioning. However, oftentimes athletes feel that they have to engage in the typical, long slow distance running or the dreaded treadmill to develop this elusive attribute of fitness and or conditioning. Please be advised that there are numerous other ways of developing this elusive type of conditioning.

The whole body can be used to develop or increase any kind of conditioning the athlete so desires. This can be done without running or using the fancy machines seen in gyms and fitness centers. Enter the whole body. Enter the treacherous, but effective exercise known as the Burpee. This awesome exercise is used by many athletes in combative sports such as boxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling, karate, kickboxing, and others too numerous to name here. It looks like an advanced version of the squat thrust. The following describes this exercise:

(1.) From a comfortable shoulder-width stance, drop down into the squat position while placing the palms on the floor just to the front and outside of the feet.

(2.) Kick the feet back vigorously, landing in a horizontal push-up position and execute the push-up.

(3.) Once back in the “up” position of the push-up, bringing the feet back to the initial (position 1), in the beginning of this exercise.

(4.) From previous position (position 3), explode upwards toward the ceiling into the air with the hands toward the ceiling or down by your sides. This sequence completes one repetition of this full-body exercise.

The Burpee is an exercise that requires a small bit of coordination, but can certainly be improved with repeated practice. It has the ability to create a tremendous training effect due to using the whole body. Whole-body exercises have a tendency to raise the metabolism and create a fat-burning effect, too. It's often avoided like the plague due to the intense aerobic effect it has on the athlete. There are so many ways to apply it. It may be executed for a number of repetitions at the end of a weight training, wrestling, kickboxing, or general calisthentics session.

The burpee is an exercise that's used to increase aerobic and or anaerobic conditioning. It all depends on how the athlete and trainers use it. It may be executed using time as a factor, repetitions and sets, or Tabata Protocol. No matter how one uses it, effective and visible results will be obtained.

It's important to understand the usage and or methods of this wonderful conditioning exercise. The following is a basic layout of some ideas. Please be sure to warm up thoroughly prior to this, or any other exercises.

The repetition-only method: You may introduce yourself to this exercise by executing one set of five repetitions until your condition improvements. Strive to work up to at least ten repetitions. Once you've done this for two or three weeks, working every alternate day (M, W, F or T, T, S), it's time to add another set or two. Your aerobic condition will improve tremendously.

The time method: Once you've developed a nice degree of fitness, you may strive to execute this exercise, non-stop, for up to a minute or more. This is a nice way of getting away from a boring rep and set routine.

The Tabata Protocol method: This is one of the most grueling conditioning methods known to man. Tabata Protocol involves an all-out intensity of 20 seconds of work followed immediately by 10 seconds of rest. This is done or attempted for eight grueling rounds for a total of only 4 minutes. Believe me, it's the longest 4 minutes you've ever had in any exercise. These are just some examples and ways of experiencing this awesome butt-busting exercise.

If you're ready to step into the pain zone and increase your aerobic conditioning; I give you the notorious Burpee. This will definitely be worthy in the improvement of your athletic condition. Now, let's get it !!!

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Sight Jogging in Dublin

Jogging is one of the most popular forms of physical activity, because of the health benefits it provides such as bone strengthening, improved cardiovascular fitness and important body fat loss, but also because of the ease with which people manage to keep up with this routine unlike with other aerobic exercises. While jogging, one can sightsee, become closer to the nature and rediscover the beauty of their city and this serves as a great motivation. If you want to keep fit and stay healthy for a long time, there is nothing better than combining wonderful sightseeing experiences from Dublin with your regular training. Of course, if you led a sedentary life and you accumulated a lot of body fat, it is better to start by working with a reliable personal trainer in Dublin. He can customize a more efficient working-out routine and develop a diet tailored to your needs, helping you achieve your goal faster. Jogging is perfect for people who wish to keep fit, but it is not the best solution for people with overweight issues, who should combine running with other fitness exercises. Sight jogging in Dublin is especially great, because you have the opportunity to choose from a great variety of routes, the ones that fit your needs and taste better. Following are three running routes ideas for people living in this wonderful city.

City routes
If you are a history passionate and you enjoy looking up and finding yourself surrounded by old and impressive buildings while you jog, there are plenty locations in Dublin that can quench this thirst. Monuments, cultural and historical heritages are hidden all over the city and jogging is a great and fun way of rediscovering them. You will see even the most famous sights such as the impressive St. Louis. Patrick's Cathedral located at the junction of Patrick Street and Upper Kevin Street, the Trinity College and the Dublin Castle with whole new eyes, if you spend your running break admiring and taking in their beauty. People are especially alert during the short pauses they take from their jogging and often see things from a different perspective than usual. If you visit the city highlights early in the morning, before the city awakens, you will certainly be impressed with its quiet beauty.

Waterside tours
If you enjoy the feeling of a breeze when you run and wish to admire the blue of the water while jogging, you can run parallel to the Clontarf Road, Marino to Howth, or run along the Bull Island from Causeway. You will keep fit and learn exciting new things about important water landmarks in Dublin. The jogging routes by the River Liffey are especially popular amongst sight joggers, because they offer them the opportunity to visit famous tourist attractions on the way as well.

Park tours
When it comes to fitness training in Dublin, jogging in the Phoenix Park, the largest urban park in the whole Europe and dating from the 17th century, is the best alternative. You will finally get away from the city and enjoy some peaceful moments to clear your head while working out your muscles. The 707 hectares of the park will give you the opportunity to forget that you are in the middle of a busy and noisy city, not to mention that you also have the chance of admiring people playing Gaelic football and hurling.

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Top 10 Reasons To Run

This is my list of why I run and I hope this list will inspire you to either run – or embark on starting to run. Please note though, that the real list is about 50 reasons long so in an effort to honor brevity due to our collective ADD in today's society I will keep it short. Thanks Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook! Yes, all of which I do use, so I am a guilty participant of our societal problem! Hey, if you can not beat em ', join em'!

The above is a great transition into the very first reason I run so without further ado, foreplay, chatter – here's the list:

I run because running, unlike almost any other activity, clears my head. In fact, I find that every time I get the desire to “clear my head” it is usually followed by a sudden urge to go for a run! It's funny though as it's almost an oxymoron – the clearer my head gets the more things I find running through it … hmmm … which leads right into reason number two.

If you are a creative spirit or want to encourage more of your creative side, trust me there is nothing like a good dose of oxygen being sucked into your lungs on a nice solid run coupled with the release of endorphins rushing through your body to get those creative juices flowing. Seriously, I wrote this blog in my head on today's morning run. Literally, half of all my business ideas, blog ideas and workout videos, etc. have been created while my feet were burning tread (wearing shoes) or my toes were crushing sand (barefoot run). In my humble opinion freeing up creative juices leads right into reason number three.

For me – running is a “moving meditation”. I have always been the type of runner who enjoyed running alone – and at one time I had a partner who made me feel bad about wanting to run solo. I realize now, that I just simply cherish that “me time”. Running has always been my therapy time – time to reflect, connect, inspire, rejuvenate, etc. Be warned, reason number four is not so spiritual.

Simply put, running is one of the best ways to stay lean and mean! Yes, I know, “but Rebecca – running's so hard on the joints”, “running breaks my body down”, “my knees gave out long ago, I can not run”. Not so fast, even if your body type or joint issues etc. prevent you from running on land, there are many other ways to skin this “cat”. Check out my blog title “Get In the Water” to learn about Aqua Jogging if you have access to a pool or hit the beach and run in the soft sand. If those options do not work for you, you can get a lot of the same benefits from so many other cool workouts these days – there really is no excuse. I have been lucky that for the past 20 years I have been able to maintain my love affair with running. Which leads right smack into reason number five.

I run because I can! There was a time some over 20 years ago when I could not run because at that time I was very busy being self destructive in an addiction that had hold of me for many years. And then not to sound too cliche here but it's true, running really was the thing that saved my life – oh yah, that and my good sense to knock it off if I did in fact want to make an impact on this world in this lifetime ! Leading me into reason number six.

Do I really need to say any more here? Thousands of studies have been done to prove that a daily dose of just 30 minutes of exercise improves heart health. But specifically, running can lower cholesterol, reduce your heart rate rate, improve lung capacity and help you live a longer life!

There's nothing like a good, challenging run to keep one humble. I consider myself to be a pretty “fit” person but on any given day I can head out for a run feeling on top of the world and within minutes I am reminded of how fitness really is not a destination as it is more of a journey. No matter how fit I feel I am – running quickly puts things back in perspective – whether it's when I simply pick up my pace and feel winded as I strive to keep at it, or when I add a few hill repeats which instantly remind me where my “running legs” are truly at or a long endurance run in the soft sand where I realize how every surface taxes my body differently. Speaking of difference – reason number eight.

You never have to see the same things twice if you do not want to – running affords you the ability of so much variety whether it's variations of locations, surfaces, workout type etc. I never understand why people would say, “running is so boring” because when you really explore all the possibilities – it is anything BUT boring. Perfect segway to reason number nine.

Running is not boring – especially when powered by your favorite mashup! There is nothing like a great mashup or great playlist to motivate and inspire a fantastic run. Two of my favorite all time running songs – Toto's Hold The Line or Roundabout by Yes.

Reason number 10 is a combo reason – see how I said the list was really longer than ten. Seriously, though – other than running shoes and an outfit – running is easily accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere and it's free. There is no heavy equipment needed, no reservations needed, no gym membership required, it's just you and a pair of shoes getting your fit on!

Now get out there and Hit the Road – Jack!

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Which Cardio Machine Is Best? – Treadmill, Elliptical, Bike or Stairs?

When looking to burn fat and melt away the calories, the most efficient method is cardiovascular exercise. There are many options for cardio machines, each with its benefits and drawbacks, but the most cost efficient way is to buy used gym equipment. The key to choosing the right machine is to use a machine that you find most enjoyable and that you are most comfortable with. You should not be wasting your workout, and the more fun you have, the harder you will work and the more benefits you will see. With that being said, knowing the basic functions and features of each cardio machine can help you further reach your fitness goals.


Pros – The treadmill is the leader in burning calories among cardio machines. It is also simple to use and does not require adjustments from person to person, so there is no fear of using the machine incorrectly. Many treadmills also have an incline or decline option for lower or higher difficulty. Treadmills help train the natural running motion, so it is an effective cardio machine for everyday life. It is also far more difficult to cheat and slack off on a treadmill.

Cons – The downside of the treadmill is that there is more impact on the joints than with other cardio machines. If you have not worked out in a while, it would have been better to ease in to the other cardio machines to avoid soreness and too much stress on the joints.


Pros – Elliptical machines are also found in every gym and are extremely popular due to less impact on the joints. Many gym users also comment on the fun factor when using an elliptical, as quality elliptical machines create a smooth and flowing motion. Many elliptical machines also utilize arm motions which would be beneficial for a full body workout.

Cons – The elliptical does not burn as many calories as the treadmill. Also, if you are training for a sport that involves running or just running in general, it would generally be more beneficial to repeat the exact running form in order to gain muscle memory. Unfortunately, due to the comfort of the machine, it is also easier to just ease along without much intensity. Luckily, to combat this, many elliptical machines have resistance settings to further increase difficulty.


Pros – Stationary bikes (whether they are upright bikes or recumbent bikes) offer a complete cardio workout with the least impact on the joints. Fitness bikes are also great for people who are training for bike events because they can get used to the motion of pedaling. Many bikes are also equipped with televisions, which would allow for goers to catch up on their shows while still getting a quality workout.

Cons – To make best use of the stationary bike, users must adjust it to maximize the workout and avoid injury. Many people sit too low on the bike, which causes too much pressure on the knee. Your legs should be able to go through the full range of motions when pedaling on the bike.

Stepmills and Stairsteppers

Pros – Walking up stairs is a great way to work out your calf muscles, upper thighs and the behind. It can also burn a good amount of calories, similar to running up an incline treadmill. The most beneficial stair steppers have belts that consistently rotate the steps.

Cons – Due to the constant standing motion, users with back issues may not want to use the stepmills or stairsteppers. Also if users clutch the railings of the stair climbers, there will only be minimum benefits. This machine also leads users to be more prone to accidents due to the climbing nature of it.


The main factor that you should be looking for when choosing a cardio machine is enjoyableness. If working out becomes a chore, then you're less likely to exert yourself and will not work out as long. Even if another cardio machine has a higher calories burned per hour ratio, if you do not enjoy the machine, you will not exert enough effort to burn those calories anyway. Each machine has its pros and cons, so the best technique is to try them all out and find out what you enjoy!

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Kickboxing Training – Get in Shape Fast!

Kickboxing training is a very effective method of training for building endurance and strength and properly done will get you in top shape fast. This program uses equipment such as heavy bags, speed bags and other devices that are familiar to anyone who has observed a boxer training on television, and involves the trainee doing a series of punches and kicks much like karate usually in three-minute rounds with a minute rest in-between.

There are many other variations but this is the most common form.

The heavy bag builds strength and power in your muscles while the various speed bags increase your reflexes and speed. Substantial calories are burned during this training as it can be pretty rigorous when performed by an advanced trainee. Begin slowly by doing two rounds of two minutes each with two minutes rest in between. This will allow an introductory level of effort before the more intense training to follow.

Use the heavy bag for the first round and switch to the speed bag for round two. After 2-3 weeks of this, increase your training to intermediate level by doing three rounds of three minutes. Round one should be with a heavy bag, for round two use the speed bag, while round three is done with the reflex bag. Do this workout for three weeks before advancing to the advanced level which is done as follows:

Speed ​​bag- 3 minutes – Use a rapid, light, circular punching motion to build speed and co-ordination.

One minute rest

Heavy bag- 3 minutes – Alternate punching and kicking blows while increasing your power by striking the bag in different areas and heights.

One minute rest

Floor free-standing reflex bag- 3 minutes – This tool is available at most sporting goods retailers and is an excellent addition to any home boxing gym. Strike this bag with different style punches using both a speed and power approach.

Rope jumping or running in-place- 3 minutes – Repeat this sequence as condition permits.

As you see, rest periods stay at one minute and training rounds time out at three minutes. This is based on traditional boxing training, which mimics actual fighting times during a match. To make this training more interesting, pretend that you are in an actual professional bout and dance around punching and jabbing while dodging and weaving to avoid your imaginary opponent's blows.

This type of training lends itself to HIIT Training but that is a subject for a future article.

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Staying Fit When on the Road

Keeping fit when on the road can be a struggle, even in the best of times. Whether you're going for work or pleasure, it can be easy to forget about your own health with 'easy walks' in a department store being the only form of exercise you do, if you call that exercise.

With the modern industrialized world becoming more and more immobile due to hoards of people working information jobs in offices, this promotes obesity and its related diseases down the track. This can even be worse when traveling overseas on business trips, when the last thing you want to think about is how many push ups you're doing, or what you're dead lift max was last time. Here, it's imperative to maintain a schedule to keep fit when traveling in order to prevent that middle section from expanding, and becoming another statistic.

It can often be difficult finding a gym, or health club in a foreign country, particularly one that has a different language, living standards and city structure to what you're used to. You'll ask yourself – why should I waste my time finding a gym when I can do some fitness in the comfort of my own hotel?

The answer to this lies in performing HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. This is a series of high intensity, rapid bursts of body weighted movements, intended to get your heart rate up, and has been scientifically proven to encourage what is known as the “afterburn” effect, or better known as EPOC – ie Excess Post- exercise Oxygen Consumption. Without bogging you down with the nitty gritty, it's essentially the body's ability to continuously burn calories after you've exercised. And common sense informs us that to lose weight, one must burn more calories then consumed. Here HIIT promotes this.

Got your attention now? Great. You may be asking, “So, give me an example of HIIT?” OK, well there is one recommended routine I know, and it's called the M100's. I found this out by watching a YouTube video of Mike Chang (Six Pack Short Cuts fame) who demonstrated this, which should take 5-7 minutes, all in the comfort of your home.

Here it is:

3 sets of:
10 Burpees
10 Mountain Clmbers
10 jumping squats

Then you finish with 10 Burpees.

This routine will definitely get your heart rate up to the max, and by the end of it you will definitely be very sweaty and hot. In fact, with HIIT, it has been proven to be more efficient at fat burning then steady state cardio, such as jogging.

So, it's a no brainer folks. Why waste 40 minutes of steady state jogging, when you can do few exercises in a couple of minutes, and with better results. Sounds like you're in? Good, then YouTube “HIIT” and implement this in your weekly workouts.

Yours in Health,


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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Personal Trainer

Personal training is highly recommended very particularly when it is performed by a professional trainer. A personal trainer applies fundamental exercise science in the fitness program to ensure their clients attain desirable fitness and health goals. They play the important role of implementing and promoting the use of effective and safe exercise prescriptions through proper client screening, evaluation and consultation. Personal trainers are also recommended because they help to educate and motivate their clients – geared towards improving their fitness and enhancing their health. The key factors to consider when choosing a trainer include:

· Trainer's credentials

Because there is no license required, anyone can practice as a personal trainer. This has resulted in an influx of unqualified trainers. Therefore, for the best results it is important to find a competent trainer who possesses the necessary certification to practice as fitness professional. The certification program requires the candidate to pass a detailed written exam on fitness and exercise. Several leading organizations offer certification courses to personal trainers. However, being in possession of a certificate is an indication of the trainer having a basic understanding of stretching, exercise and stretching as opposed to competency.

· A good physique

A personal trainer should possess an admirable physique to serve as a good fitness role model. A trainer who has a physique that inspires you can motivate you to remain on course. Therefore, it is important to consider working with a trainer who has attained an enviable physique because they could serve as a good source of inspiration. You should be skeptical of a personal trainer who is unfit or overweight. Trainers who are out of shape do not serve the role of a positive role model.

· The personality

The right trainer has more than knowledge. He / she should have qualities that deliver positive reinforcement to different personalities. The trainer should know the right time to be compassionate and the right time to be forceful. He / she should be in a position to effectively relate to the trainee's needs.

· References

Any trainer who has been practicing for several years should be in a position to provide you with the contacts of their clients. Once you contact the clients, you will be able to determine the competency of the fitness professional. Ask for contacts of people who had similar goals as yourself, and people of the same sex and age. This will help you assess accurately whatever the trainer is skilled to handle your particular needs. Make sure to ask your contact as many questions as possible to gain some deaf insight relating to the trainer's knowledge, temperament, flexibility in scheduling, etc. Furthermore, find out from the contacts wherever they are satisfied with the outcome.

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How an Automatic External Defibrillator Can Save Lives?

In the past couple of years manufacturers have come up with some of the most easy to use automatic external defibrillators. The AEDs as they are called are now a lot smarter, do not require experience and have a manual override setting for experienced doctors and paramedics. These devices have increased the chances of survival for many people suffering from heart conditions. But before people use this device it is important that they understand exactly how it works and when to use it.

The dangers of ventricular fibrillation

Ventricular fibrillation is a medical term of irregular heart rhythm. When the heart rhythm becomes abnormal or irregular it cuts off supply of blood to all the vital organs including the brain. So, any ventricles that are damaged because of cardiac arrest if they are not raised on time may result in an eventual death. This is because these are the main blood carrying vessels responsible to directing blood from the heart. From the time a person sufferers from ventricular fibrillation he only has 10 minutes to live. The first five minutes are the most important and so defibrillation delivered with CPR within this time will increase their chances of surviving by 80%.

Ventricular fibrillation treatment

The most effective way of treating the conditions is to reset the heart by directing a high intensity shock to it. This method is often referred to as being defibrillation. That said there are various types of defibrillation and so the rate of survival will mainly depend on what method is used.

  • Experienced doctors in hospitals or paramedics will use a manual defibrillation unit with success because they know exactly what intensity shock to use. They can also dial up the intensity based on what feedback they get from the heart. Cardiac arrest victims have a very high survival chance in the hospital.
  • Cardiac arrest victims often have a lower chance of survival when outside the hospital especially if they do not get defibrillation within five minutes. A CPR specialist may be able to revive the person but with a low degree of success.
  • Automatic external defibrillation can save lives outside a hospital but only if the device is used on time. The person in charge of running through the steps will need to keep calm and follow through the voice prompts by the machine.

How important is cardiopulmonary resuscitation

CPR has been known to save lives primarily by providing a degree of relief via artificial circulation. CPR does an excellent job of delivering some oxygen to the body in addition to jolts to the heart which in mild fibrillation is able to revive people. However, CPR in the case of fibrillation is best used in conjunction with an AED or a manual defibrillator. After each shock is delivered the person should perform CPR and check the heart for its rhythm. Doing this correctly can save lives outside of a hospital but people who do not know CPR may be able to save lives only if an AED is available.

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10 Ways to Get Back Into Shape

Every new diet or exercise program promises a new and innovative way to lose weight. However, the method in which you lose weight or get into shape really has little baring on your success. The way you think and feel are the real drivers of success.

So here are my top 10 ways to get back on track, to start losing weight and get into shape today.

1. Decide on why it's important to you

Just because you think you should be thinner is not motivated enough to sustain a healthy lifestyle, you need to know why you care – why it matters to you to be healthy. This means taking time to think about what it means to you to be healthy and how it will improve your life. In addition, you must be clear on the costs associated with remaining unhealthy.

2. Taste vs pleasure

There is a reason junk food appears to taste so much better than healthy good, when you are not used to healthy eating, or when you include too much junk food in your diet. There is a HUGE amount of money spent on research to ensure the taste is pleasing and addictive. Shifting from highly processed, high salt and high fat foods, to seemingly bland food can be very challenging. So, you must give your taste buds time to readjust. The more you cut back on these things and choose healthier alternatives, the more you start to appreciate and enjoy more natural flavors.

3. Top on mind

In order to be healthy it has to be top of mind, so that you do not slip back into bad habits when you forget to pay attention or your mood is not quite right (eg during times of stress or hormonal changes). When you are focused on being healthy, you can incorporate behaviors into your life (other than eating quick-fix feel good foods) to address your moods. Keeping you focused on why you want to live a healthy life.

4. Stop feeling like you're not missing out

When starting to eat healthy it's very important to not feel as though you are being punished by thinking 'its horrible that I can not eat delicious food any more'. The idea is to want to eat healthily because you enjoy how fresh, clean and energetic you feel. So, you do not feel tempted to gorge on junk food in order to modify your moods or to satisfy a craving. You want to be able to enjoy trips when appropriate (eg celebrations), but be able to revert back to healthy eating again straight away.

5. Believe you can do it

Self belief is critical to your success. Use other examples of when you have set your mind to achieving a goal & succeed in achieving it (eg saving for a holiday, changing careers, buying a new home) – to motivate you. This way, you can regularly remind yourself that when you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.

6. Ignore well meaning others who want you to join them in their eating habits

Food and socializing are very closely linked, so people around you are going to try to encourage you to eat and drink unhealthy foods from time to time. The key here is to ensure there are delicious healthy dishes served that you can all enjoy together. In addition to you feeling less stressed about having to explain your new eating habits, the consumption of healthy food will lead to lighter conversation, more energy and increased fun.

7. Stop all or nothing thinking

As noted before, it's very important to be flexible with your eating habits so that if you end up eating more junk food than anticipated, you simply move on, rather than use it as an excuse to eat like crazy. Remind yourself that you are not being restricted. No-one is telling you what to do. You're eating healthy because you want to.

8. Be organized with meal preparation

Ensure you eat regularly throughout the day and that you have healthy meals prepared in advance to avoid picking up quick and easy high fat foods on the run. Take time each week to ensure you have sufficient healthy snacks in your bags, drawers at work and home pantry. Then, either arrange for someone at home to prepare your meals for you, or cook a few healthy meals at the start of the weeks and freeze them for those nights when you really can not be bothered cooking.

9. Prepare delicious alternatives

Eating healthy should never be boring. Log on to the Happy Life website below for some free delicious meals you can easily prepare. It's really important to have a positive association with healthy eating, so be creative and prepare foods you enjoy. Do not just stick to the same old salad and soup diet. You want healthy eating to be a lifestyle, not a chore.

10. Get your family and friends involved

It's so much easier to sustain a healthy life if your family and friends are involved. You can involve them by arranging to engage in physical activity together, preparing healthy meals everyone can enjoy together, or by discussing what you are doing and asking for their support.


You are the only one in control of your destiny. Take control and live the healthier lifestyle you deserve today.

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Cardio Exercise – Good for the Heart

Cardio is short for cardiovascular. This is the system that centers around the heart to transport blood that carries nutrients to various parts of the body. The proper name for this type of activity is aerobic exercise, exercise that requires a lot of oxygen during a prolonged time frame. Cardio exercise is very different from high intensity interval training that involves very fast movements in short bursts (30 seconds to a minute), a short rest and repeating in a cycle pattern. Cardio is done for much longer periods of time with or without rest resting on the fitness level of the individual. Activities include walking, running, cycling, swimming and even dancing.

Benefits of Cardio Exercise

The health benefits of cardio exercise are well-known and general exercise is highly recommended by doctors to help alleviate a number of conditions. Benefits include:

  • the added circulation of blood needed during this type of exercise, your heart will be stronger and your body's ability to handle heavier activities will increase
  • muscles will get a workout and that takes energy. Burning calories will help to lose weight in the form of fat
  • the release of endorphins will help combat stress, anxiety and depression
  • improve your complexion
  • reduce the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease

Types of Cardio Exercise

Low Impact – this type has very little impact which means it puts less stress on your joints. Activities include walking, cycling, swimming, yoga and Pilates . As a general rule, this type of exercise will not increase your heart rate as high and are generally classed as a slower paced workout. These are good for older individuals, people who are overweight or new to exercise and those recovering from injury.

High Impact – As the name suggests, you will put a strain on your body from plyometric exercises – forcing your body off the ground in a jumping motion. Activities include jogging, running, skipping and binding like during an aerobics class. Impact is not bad for you without it is done improperly. Good technique is essential to avoid joint damage. Research has shown that it can help to build bone density which can prevent or delay osteoporosis.

Workout Session Details

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate cardio exercise five days a week. If high intensity is your thing, do 20 minutes three days a week. For those looking to lose weight or to increase their fitness level, 30-60 minutes of moderate to high intensity activity five days a week would be better.

To help prevent injury, always warm up with a light jog and some dynamic stretching. A cool down incorporating a light jog and stretching will help to lower your heart rate and temperature and flush out lactic acid.

Deciding how hard to workout can be tough but a simple formula can be used to find your training zone. The most recommended training zone is 60-85% of your maximum heart rate. To calculate your range, use 220 – your age and multiply by 0.60 and 0.85 to get the lower and upper limits. For example, a 40 year old person would have a heart rate training zone of 117 – 244 beats per minute.

While you doing cardio are exercise, take your heart rate by feeling the inside of your wrist or neck for 15 seconds and multiply by 4. Some sports watch have a heart rate monitor built-in to make it easier.

Regardless of the type of cardio exercise you choose, do it regularly and within your training zone to get the maximum benefit. A good training routine paired with an excellent diet will help you live a long and healthy life.

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Tips When Purchasing Aquatic Therapy Exercise Tools

It is no secret that more and more people are facing the problem of obesity and being overweight these days. Unhealthy habits habits, sedentary lifestyle, and stressful schedules are some of the contributors of being overweight and struggling with obesity. Obesity causes a lot of potential problems such as increased blood pressure, heart problems, fatigue, and a lot more. So, many people are seeking a solution to get rid of obesity and excess weight. The good news is that you can shed unwanted weight from your body through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Many people do not have the right amount of time to do regular exercises. This is where aquatic therapy exercise tools come into play.

One of the best examples of these exercising tools is the underwater stepper that attaches to your legs. You can wear them and move along while you are in a swimming pool. By means of deflection and compression, the spring collections, stores, and returns the energy you put in. The harder you press down, the more energy stores and bigger the return. Getting started with aquatic therapy exercise tools is very easy. All you have to do is follow a simple manual that comes with the product, and you are on the go.

There is no need for you to go to any extremes to enjoy the benefits of the underwater stepper. Walking and bouncing along in the water are just some simple and fun ways to shed the extra pounds in your spare time. The best thing about this fun way of losing weight is you do not have to take out extra time from your regular routine. You can shed your excess weight during your free time or while relaxing in the morning or evening.

Different types of aquatic therapy exercise tools are available to suit the needs and requirements of all classes of people. You can find simple tools as well as advanced tools that deliver more effective results. Depending upon your preferences and budget, you can shop and buy a suitable pair. However, the key lies in buying top quality products made by reputed brands to derive the greatest benefits. Although a bit pricey, products manufactured by top rated brands are durable and tend to last for a longer period.

Inquire offline as well as online, and prepare a list of legitimate companies that offer high quality aquatic therapy exercise tools at reasonable prices. Surf through the wide choice of products available at different stores before selecting. Compare product features about pricing, durability, as well as warranty. Finally, buy the underwater stepper that is durable as well as affordable.

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