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How Cardio Gets Rid of Abdominal Fat

So how exactly does cardio help to get rid of abdominal fat? The first thing that cardio does is get your heart rate up which in turn will make you burn calories. The one thing that too many people do when they are running or walking is try to keep a steady pace, and this is not the most efficient way to do cardio. The best thing to do is to do a walk, run, jog sequence. If you can walk for 1 minuted run for 30 seconds and then jog for 1 mined your heart rate will go up higher and you will burn more calories.

You have to remember that cardio only works if you do it enough. But how much is enough? It all depends on your activity level and your fat percentage. If you are more fat than muscle then a brisk walk 2-3 times per week will be enough to get you started, but if you are an athlete you will need to do hard running 4-5 times per week. So it all depends. But whatever your body type is you have to do cardio to get rid of abdominal fat.

Cardio works directly to get rid of all kinds of fat which will end up showing your muscle definition. And the more muscle you have means the more calories you will burn by just sitting down and doing nothing. Some people like to do all their cardio in the morning just to get it out of the way, but I have found out that it works better if you can do cardio 2 times per day but split the time you normally exercised into 2 so you can burn calories in the morning and get your heart rate up for a couple hours after and do it again in the evening. This way you will burn even more calories than before while you do nothing.

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Best Fat Burning Exercises For Women – Workout to Get a Flat Stomach and Lean Body

Everyday I always get the question what are the best burning exercises for women. But before I answer that question I say to them that their major focus should be on their food choices. Most women en men think that if your workout routine is good you can eat whatever you want, however this is not true.

The number 1 time waster If you know what workout routine is not good for you then you can decide what the best fat burning exercise for women are. Now a lot of women do think that they are successful as long as they are doing something.

To be honest with you this is not true. I am referring to low intensity cardio training here. The only real benefit that slow cardio has to offer is that it is not harmful for the joints. However if you do some slow steady state cardio for some time now do you really expect different result within a few months.

Best fat burning exercises It would be impossible to sum up all the best fat burning workouts for women. A general rule of thumb is that as long as you do have enough energy to do something else your exercise is not effective. For example if you can call or talk to another person you are wasting your time when it comes to losing body fat.

Some very effective fat burning exercises for women that really do deliver are hill sprints, stairclimbing, jump roping and rowing

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Slim in 6 – A Workout to Tone Up and Slim Down

Slim in 6 is a fitness workout DVD that is very effective for those of us that have struggled to lose weight. Getting rid of post-pregnancy fat, the middle-age spread, or just the extra fat that has crept up as time goes by, is a lot harder than many miracle cure diets and fads will have you believe.

The fundamentals of slimming down are very simple:

Eat healthy and get plenty of exercise

That's it. But in reality, its hard to stave off those cravings for cookies, cakes, pizzas and fries. And it that was not hard enough, try finding the motivation to get yourself to the gym and spending 20 mins on the treadmill.

Fitness workout DVDs for women are popular with many who are eager, determined, even desperate to lose weight and get their body back into shape. However, just buying a DVD will not lose the weight for you – you actually have to do the workouts and keep at them consistently until you start to see results. And this is where many people simply fail. The feel-good-factor of buying fitness workout DVDs does not last long. After a few days, you probably experience feelings of guilt because the DVD is lying unopened and untested. If your guilty feelings are that strong, you might be propelled to playing the DVD once, or maybe a few times and actually doing the exercise. But for many people, it stops there.

This is why going to the gym with friends is a good thing because you are accountable to someone else and have to make a huge effort to get up and go – and then as you have paid for the gym session or training class, you feel you owe it to your self to try.

Doing fitness workouts at home is not always easy but if you are really determined and it is not so easy to get out and about – for example if you have just had a baby, then trying to get back into shape might be a better option for you. Its easier to keep an eye on the baby if she is close by while you are still doing your workout.

Debbie Siebers' “Slim in 6 DVD” is an excellent fitness workout for women as it comes with a lot of extras that aim to help you on your journey to getting your body back into shape and becoming fitter and healthier. It has fat burning and light resistance programs but also gives you tracking tools to measure your progress.

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Using Easy Aerobic Exercise to Stimulate Fat Loss

Fat loss is unquestionably one of the most popular topics in health and fitness, as people constantly seem to be looking for that special workout, diet, pill, or piece of exercise equipment to give them the body of their dreams. I have written numerous articles about the importance of performing challenging workouts if you want to lose fat and improve your fitness level, but as with most things in health and fitness, there is more than one way to achieve fat loss. This article explains how easy aerobic workouts can help stimulate fat loss.

Performing easy aerobic workouts to lose fat is rather common, but not too many people are successful with this approach. The mistake people make is to have their workout routine contain only easy aerobic workouts, often with little variation, instead of including a variety of workouts. Easy aerobic exercise is not an efficient way to burn calories or lose fat and it is not very useful for preventing muscle loss when dieting. While these workouts do not really do much except burn a few calories and possibly improve your cardiovascular health, depending on your fitness level, they can help you lose fat if used in specific ways.

The key making easy aerobic workouts more effective is to use them in addition to other forms of exercise and not make them the entire focus of your workout routine. Challenging workouts are more efficient and effective than easy workouts, so you should always perform at least one challenging workout per week. If you perform a lot of easy aerobic exercise, then it is a good idea to make a challenging workout some form of full-body resistance training, such as lifting weights.

Challenging resistance training exercises provide many benefits not found in easy aerobic exercise, such as preventing muscle loss while restricting calories, increasing your metabolism, and improving your overall fitness level. After having the initial fat burning stimulus from the challenging workout (s), adding easy aerobic workouts then complement the stimulus by burning additional calories to help promote fat loss beyond what is accomplished by the challenging workouts.

You may be wondering why you would include any easy workouts if the challenging workouts are more effective, but the truth is most people can not handle performing challenging workouts all the time. If you do not have any problems recovering from difficult workouts, then you should probably perform challenging workouts as much as possible, but if challenging workouts take days to recover from, then performing frequent challenging workouts is counterproductive. They will just wear you out mentally and physically until you become overtrained and lose progress.

One of the largest keys to sustained fat loss and fitness improvement is finding the balance between giving your body enough recovery and challenging yourself with your workouts. If you get easily worn out or do not recover well from workouts, then you will have to take things more slowly and not challenge yourself quite as often. Fortunately, you do not have to wait until you fully recover before doing all types of exercise and this is where the easy aerobic workouts are most effective.

Even though your body may not be up for a challenging workout, chances are you can still do some light exercise without wearing your body down more. In fact, easy workouts can actually speed recovery, which may allow you to perform challenging workouts more frequently and with fewer negative after effects. Of course, you also burn extra calories when performing these workouts and although this calorie burning will be less than during challenging workouts, it still adds up over time to help you lose some extra fat.

Personally, I have been experimenting with this approach for a while, because I tend to recover poorly from challenging workouts. I found that I can perform one tough workout plus one or two other fairly challenging workouts a week without experiencing negative effects. If I do more than that, I start feeling run down and if I keep pushing, I end up suppressing my immune system and start getting sick. However, I can still include additional easy workouts to my training routine without experiencing these negative effects.

One thing to note is easy aerobic exercise is not very efficient, so you have to perform a lot of exercise to make a significant impact on your results. A few minutes here or there will not do much of anything. For myself, I noticed some improvements by adding about 3 hours of easy exercise per week on top of my normal workout routine, but since everyone is different, your results could have been very different from mine.

When all is said and done, challenging workouts are the best way to achieve almost any fat loss and fitness goal, but easy aerobic exercise can still be a useful tool. Using easy workouts to their full potential is all about performing them at the right time, specifically when other workouts would be too demanding for your body. By burning some calories and helping your body recover, they can give you just that little boost you need to lose that unwanted fat.

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Aerobic Dance Exercise

A combination of workout routines and a variety of dance styles like jazz and ballet is called an Aerobic Dance Exercise. These routines may be defined as a low-impact exercise compared to other fast-paced routines. This type of exercise is perfect for people who are pregnant, old or overweight but still want to stay healthy and fit.

An aerobic dance program often uses a selection of tunes for its course. It follows style and speed variations for the routine. Aerobic dance are classified into low and high impact, water dance and step aerobics. High impact routines are strenuous exercises like jumping movements that are synchronized with the beat of the music. On the other hand, step aerobics uses the step bench and water aerobics is done either in deep or waist-deep water.

Aside from the movements and the music, aerobic dance routines are also done with fast breathing. This way oxygen is being pushed into the blood stream and revives the body. Aerobic dance routines are often done 2 to 3 times a week between 20 to 40 minutes. It's like dancing on rhythmic patterns and counts but on a set up the tempo.

Like any other form of exercise warming up is always very important before proceeding with the routine. 10 to 15 minutes of warm up and stretching will lower the risk of any possible injury since it will prepare the body for any low or high impact movements. Now, after the routine there should also be an additional 5 to 10 minutes cooling down to slowly support the muscles and the heart to relax.

Aerobic dancing is an entertaining way to lose weight. It works your body out and at the same time tone the muscles. It also increases blood circulation and lowers your cholesterol and glucose levels. It also helps increase stamina and energy. Aside from that this is a perfect way to deal and release your stress.

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Home Heart Training – 2 Great Cardio Exercises For You to Do at Home!

Who says that you can not get a great cardio workout done at home? As a matter of fact, with the right training drills and proper motivation you can get a better cardio workout at home than at a gym in a lot of ways. The best cardiovascular workout has to involve nothing more than your own hand held gym that is known as a kettlebell and a little outdoor yard space. Keep reading if I have your attention.

Cardio Conditioning At Home!

1. Kettlebell Snatches To Jump Rope: This is one sick cardio conditioning combination that you can easily perform right in your front yard. With this drill you will simply want to execute a series of kettlebell snatches with a moderately heavy bell with each arm. As soon as you have finished your set of snats then simply drop the bell on the ground and grab a jump rope and get after it for a duration of 2 minutes. When you have completed the series simply allow yourself a 2 to 3 minute recovery and repeat the process all over again. This is some of the best cardiovascular training you can do anywhere!

2. Kettlebell Totes: For this drill you will need the availability of a couple of bells of moderate resistance and equal weight. From here you are going to utilize the length of your yard to perform some loaded walks with the bells. For this drill the walking surface should be flat, so if your yard is not a good option then you may want to look into using your driveway, inside hallway, etc. Begin the drill by picking the bells up off of the ground and holding them at your sides. Walk a challenging distance while carrying the bells at your side. You can determine your distance either by measuring or just by simply walking for timed laps. Either way you can make this drill effective by doing so.

Once you begin your loaded walks simply walk the designated distance with the bells at your sides to start. Once you have completed doing this then clean and rack the bells at your chest to perform some loaded walks with them at the rack. This adds additional intensity to the drill and your heart will start really pumping at this point. Once you complete this variation you can take the drill a step further and clean and press the bells overhead to perform the walks. This will add a whole new dynamic of sick strength and unmatched cardio to your workout!

If you have not already started to implement the 2 mentioned cardio drills into your workouts then you are missing out. Take the time to do so and you will have one of the best in home cardio programs going! Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!

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Mini-Elliptical Benefits

Mini-Elliptical Machines

The mini-elliptical trainer is a popular and very beneficial addition to anyone's home fitness regime. It has been said that the elliptical will soon replace the treadmill. A great aspect of the elliptical is that it incorporates both upper & lower body into your workout. You can even make your workout harder by using resistance bands or add hand weights.

Benefits of the Mini-Elliptical Machine

No Impact: The elliptical duplicates the same natural movement of your body as when you are walking, running or jogging. But when you are on the elliptical there is no impact on your joints, it is just fluid movement.

Upper & Lower Body Workout: This machine gives you a great workout because it works both the upper and lower body at the same time. Most elliptical machines are equipped with handles that are used to exercise your arms and upper body, while at the same time the pedals work your legs and lower body. The pedals go in forward or reverse. When pedaling in reverse you are working the same muscles but in a different way.

Great for Cross-training: Since the elliptical is a combination of the treadmill and the stepper it can also be used if you like to cross-train.

Benefits your Heart: When working out on the elliptical you burn the same amount of calories that you would if you were running on a treadmill. If you like to swim for exercise you will burn twice the number of calories on the elliptical that you burn after a moderate swim. This is great for your cardiovascular system, because your heart rate will rise very quickly due to the fact that you are working both upper and lower body together, this will strengthen your heart muscle. Another plus is your metabolic rate will also increase and that means you will be losing weight all through the day even after you finish your workout.

Tones your Muscles: The fluid movement of the elliptical tones the muscles of your arms and legs while strengthening and toning the abdominal and back muscles.

Builds Endurance: Another great benefit of the elliptical is that it will build up your endurance, so you do not tire as easily. As little as 20-30 minutes a day on the elliptical can give you more energy to do those chores that you are normally too tired to do.

Low Maintenance & Easy to Store: With the mini-elliptical you do not have to worry about belts, motors, bearings, rollers etc. wearing out. It is smaller than a treadmill making it easy to store. If you have very limited space this is the perfect piece of exercise equipment for you.

To sum it all up the mini-elliptical is great for improving over-all fitness, toning and losing weight. You can change up your routine by alternating between the forward movement and the backward movement. The mini-elliptical is available with handles or without. If you prefer the one without, you can rev up your routine by adding hand weights or using exercise bands. This puts variety into your workout to avoid getting bored with the same routine all the time. This is a great product for home fitness.

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Fun Aerobic Exercise Without Using a Treadmill Or Elliptical

Exercising aerobically is one of the best ways to lose weight. It's as simple as that! Aerobic exercise is exercise that gets your heart pumping and when this occurs you begin to burn calories. There are so many great ways to get aerobic exercise with out having to use a treadmill or elliptical machine. This article will help you find a fun-filled aerobic exercise that will melt off calories.

Sports are such a great way to get an aerobic exercise. Playing football, soccer, or basketball will all get your heart rate up. Now keep in mind that not all sports will do this– playing a round of golf or going to the bowling alley is not go to do much aerobically. Try to stick to the sports where you will be running or jumping a lot. Soccer and basketball are both so great because you are constantly running back and forth on the field or court. The best part about using sports for your aerobic exercise is that they are so fun, it does not even feel like a real work out!

We all know how relaxing it is to go to the pool and sun bath. Next time you go, try getting in the pool and swimming. Swimming is such a great aerobic work out because the water in the pool acts as a resistant and makes it harder to move. It seems so easy though, so you will not even realize that you are working even harder than if you were to go for a jog. You will leave the pool having burnt lots of calories and with a nice tan.

Signing up for an aerobics class is also a fun-filled way to get your exercise. These classes consist of different ways to exercise using weights, mats, and bands that will get you toned and keep your heart rate up. The classes are usually an hour – that's 60 full minutes of aerobic exercise!

Exercising aerobically has so many great perks. Studies have shown that those people who do aerobic exercises on a regular basis are less likely to become obese, have high cholesterol, and develop heart disease or diabetes. Overall, it will improve your physical health immensely.

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The Benefits of Cardiovascular Excercise

Cardiovascular exercise is any kind of movement that causes the increase of the heart beat, and the increase of breathing. Cardiovascular training, exercises our lungs and heart, it also enables the body to burn fat and carbohydrates. It works best when performed on large muscle groups such as those used for swimming, aerobic exercise, pump classes, running, and strength training. It really does not matter if you decide to go for a run, train with a personal trainer, or go for a roller blade, or what ever takes your fancy? As long as you have a increase of heart rate (blood pumping through your body at a quicker then it normally would) for 20 to 30 minutes at a time will improve your overall health and fitness will benefit.

There are many benefits to cardiovascular exercise, and of all the different types of exercise cardiovascular exercise has had the most scientific investigation. The results of these tests conclude that cardiovascular exercise reduces the risk of certain cancers, developing cardiovascular disease, obesity, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, just to name a few. It also has a positive effect on our mental health wellbeing, coordination, and boosts our energy levels for extended periods of time. I find that whenever I do a cardiovascular workout with my personal trainer, whether its 6am or 6pm, I feel a increase of mental well being. It either kick starts my day, or puts me in a better state of mind after a hard days work.

Personal trainers are a great way to really exert yourself with cardiovascular exercise. They push you to use large muscle groups, and to increase heart and lung capacity in a controlled environment with weight and circuit training. I always find that personal trainers are great to make sure you have correct posture when lifting weights. Unfortunately a lot of gym users end up with bad back due to incorrect posture and stance. Personal trainers are also great due to the student / teacher environment they provide. A good trainer will always push you to excel and improve your cardiovascular fitness

There are two kind of cardiovascular exercise, continuous, and intermittent cardiovascular training.

The first, continuous training, means exercising for a longer period of time without a decease or break in the pace you set, at a lower intensity over a longer period of time, then intermittent cardiovascular training. I personally use Albert Park Lake as a circuit for continuous cardiovascular exercise. Its 5.3 km to do a lap of the lake, and to jog or walk at a steady pace for that period of time allows me to do that in a continuous motion without stopping or slacking the pace. Intermittent cardiovascular training is high intensity training for a period of time that then allows a break in the intensity of training for a period of time, and then increasing the intensity again. An example of this would be to run for 3 minutes at a fast past and then slow down to a jog or fast walk for 2 minutes, and then increase the pace again for another 3 minutes. This allows the body to have some recovery time before the next high intensity of cardiovascular exercise.

Cardiovascular exercise has many great befits for the mind and body. It allows us to empower ourselves in so many positive ways. It really does not matter if we swim in a pool, go for a run or walk, or go to a personal trainer. A healthy mind and body is all that really matters.

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Use Your Trampoline to Jump For Joy, Fun, and Fitness

Trampolining is rapidly overtaking other forms of exercise as the fun and easy way to burn fat and tone the body. Having a garden trampoline means the entire family can jump to fitness and health in comfort and safety. Bouncing is low impact exercise which requires no special skills yet the benefits of trampolining are almost endless. The convenience of a garden trampoline means you can exercise in the fresh air whenever it suits you, without the time and expense of joining a gym or club.

So what are the benefits of trampolining? First and foremost this type of exercise increases strength and fitness especially to the legs. With improved bone mineral content which strengthens bone density, you are reducing the likelihood of future osteoporosis and fractures. This is valuable for people of all ages. Being low impact, it does not jolt load-bearing joints in the same way as jogging running and other aerobic exercises, which makes it a gentler and more pleasant form of exercise.

Because all the muscles are involved, in particular in the stomach, arms and legs, trampolining can help to firm up the tummy, the thighs and the bottom. Regular exercise can help reduce bodyweight, which in turn reduces the risks of obesity and the consequent problems that can cause in later life. Just a few minutes on a trampoline each day can help you lose weight, strengthen the muscles and provide better overall health.

The cardiovascular system is also improved. Increased pulse rate and oxygen levels help to strengthen the heart and repair tissue damage. Perhaps most significant though is the positive effect on the lymphatic system, which is the key to a healthy immune system. The lymphatic vessels are the storage house of leucocytes or white blood cells, which are the body's natural defense system. Unlike blood vessels, these require motions such as breathing and muscle contracting, to be pumped through the body, assisting the absorption of essential nutrients and getting rid of toxins. Trampoline bouncing, which creates G forces, is an ideal way to activate lymphatic activity and keep it at peak performance.

For years NASA scientists and doctors have extolled the health benefits of trampolining and it is a regular part of the exercise routine of astronauts. It improves the mood and the digestive system, helps you to relax and Promotes restful sleep. On top of all these benefits, trampolining improvements coordination and concentration as the body has to maintain height and balance while simultaneously responding to gravitational forces. This is particularly good for the very young and the elderly. Additionally, a reduction in cholesterol and triglycerides is also a great benefit to older people.

Modern trampolines can be fitted with enclosures to make them safe for even the youngest family members. They are easy to put up and come in a variety of sizes to suit any garden. They can fold flat for easy storage, or be covered to protect them in severe weather. More importantly, they are an inexpensive way for the entire family to have great fun while improving their fitness levels and trimming off unwanted pounds. With a trampoline in the garden, the kids need never be bored again, and they will be far more likely to tear them away from Nintendo and Playstation's virtual worlds and start jumping for joy, fun and fitness in the real world.

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Ten Tips For Creating Zumba Routines That Are Easy to Follow

Fitness instructors often have to be choreographers if they create their own routines. A dance-fitness instructor has to be skilled in creating routines that are fun, rhythmical, and effective and that can be easily learned by students. Zumba instructors also have to incorporate non-verbal cueing into the equation. Here are ten tips on how to choreograph easy to follow Zumba routines.

  1. Keep it simple. Use three to four steps and put them in a pattern. Repeat this pattern through the song.
  2. Be creative when repeating steps. For example, you can repeat a step with different arm movements. You can also do the same step but turn it as you do it so that you face four corners of the room.
  3. Start your routines with an introduction by marking the rhythm for the first eight to sixteen counts. This way students can feel the rhythm and they can all start on the same beat.
  4. Use eight-count phrasing. Design your choreography so that you do the same movement in eight to sixteen counts, matching the phrasing in the music.
  5. Repeat the chorus. Each time the chorus is played try to do the same exact pattern of movement. Whenever the class hears the chorus they will know exactly what steps to do.
  6. Match movement to the lyrics of the song. For example, if the music says to raise your hands then add that to the choreography.
  7. Use clear transitions. Give students an indication that a new step will be coming by using transitional steps such as marching before beginning a new pattern.
  8. Use a familiar song. When you use popular music most people will already be familiar with the rhythm and phrasing of the song, and so they will be more comfortable learning your steps.
  9. Use non-verbal cues to direct students. For example, use hand movements to direct students to go to the right, to the left or to stop.
  10. End it on a fun beat. Use music that ends on a note in the music rather than fades out. You can use this beat to end your routine with a strong finish!

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Sprint to Lose Belly Fat

Are you a runner? Do you get up every morning and go for a ten mile run? Or maybe you just go to the gym every day and jog on the treadmill for hours. Are you tired of waiting for results?

Well it is about time you learned the truth. Long, boring cardio sessions are NOT the most effective way to get rid of belly fat. As far as I am concerned, no type of “workout” where you can be having a conversation while reading a magazine while watching television, is an effective workout.

Plus, its boring! Not only that, but it could actually be detrimental to your body. Research has shown that long stints of cardio actually increases free radical production in the body, can degenerate joints, reduces immune function, causing muscle wasting, and can cause a pro-inflammatory response in the body that can potentially lead to chronic diseases.

So, now you are probably wondering, what is a better alternative? Well it is right there in the title! Sprinting is possibly the most effective form of cardio, even though it is an anaerobic form of exercise. Plus, it does not take up hours of your time!

Just as a simple proof, take a look at Olympic long distance runners vs. sprinters. The long distance runners are emaciated, weak, and almost sickly looking in some cases. Honestly, I think you'll agree that this is not a very healthy look. Now, look at the sprinters. These guys are strong, muscular, and healthy looking. Their muscles bulge and ripple with every step they take. They often have even lower body fat percentages than long distance runners but with twice the lean muscle. That is the kind of body we all strive for!

Sprinting actually accomplishes two things at once. While it is true that it does not match long distance jogging in the amount of calories burned (depending on the time spending doing each), it does do something equally important. It burns a lot of fat, yet it also builds muscle at the same time! Doing cardio for a long duration and distance builds no muscle and may actually delete some of your muscle because long distance running can cause a catabolic state in your body

Our bodies are meant to do interval, stop and go type of activity. Just look at most animals. Look at most of the activities we do and most of the sports we play. It is natural that we should also train like that.

A simple sprinting workout could look something like this: do approximately 5-10 sixty to one hundred yard sprints. Obviously the amount and the length can and should be adjusted according to your personal ability. So get out to the park and start doing sprints 2-3 times per week, and watch your body start getting leaner and more ripped!

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Kettlebell Intervals – A Truly Great Cardio Workout Plan!

Truly successful cardio workout routines must included bouts of high intensity. Its simple physics people. The harder you work, the more results will come! Kettlebell intervals are a wonderful way for you to achieve these intense burst of cardio while being able to accomplish this pretty much anywhere you want. Read on if I have your attention.

A Cardio Workout Plan For You!

If you are going to get into the greatest shape of your life then you have got to dial up the intensity. You see many studies have been done that show there are many tremendous benefits to be gained from your cardiovascular program when engaging in high intensity training. When combining the elements of both strength and cardiovascular condition you are getting a workout that hits both sides of the coin at once!

One great way to do this is through the implementation of kettlebell intervals. This is a great way for you to structure a highly effective cardio workout and it can be done just about anywhere. An example of this would be to perform a bout of kettlebell swings and then as soon as you are done immediately perform a bout of lesser intensity cardio such as jumping jacks, jogs, or ankle hops. By engaging both of these styles of movements you will stand to gain a high level of cardiovascular fitness.

Kettlebell intervals can be done indoors or outdoors and you can mix it up by performing one or many different styles of kettlebell lifts in conjunction with one or many styles of less intense cardio drills. If you are going to get an optimal workout then you have got to get creative with the structure and execution of your workouts. Take the time to learn the most basic kettlebell lifts such as swings, snatches, and jerks so you can kick off your interval training as soon as possible.

If you have not already started to include this type of training into your cardio weight training plan then you are missing out on gaining some super results. Take the time to learn more about effective cardio program design by accessing more of my articles on the subject for free. Remember that most people can train hard, but only the best train smart my friend. The sooner you start then the sooner you can look at getting the results from your training that you always wanted!

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What Are Some of the Best Cardio Workouts?

There are plenty of great cardio workouts that have been around for years, but most people do not know of all the different types of workouts you can do when it comes to working cardio. However, this does not mean that the classic workouts are not still excellent workouts, especially since they have been tried and proven to work over the years. But there is nothing wrong with trying new things, especially if you are the type of person that gets bored fairly easily when they keep doing the same things over and over again.

Mountain biking is a great workout that is sure to get your heart rate pumping. And this is also a great way to go out and do some exploring. There are tons upon tons of trails that you can go on, which range from easy, all the way up to extremely difficult. Basically it all depends on where you go; If you want the maximum possible workout, then just head for some steep mountain trials to ride up. However, if you want something a little bit quiet paced, then just go to some trails in the woods that are in areas that are more flat, and do not include hills that are quite as steep as what you would find on the actual mountains .

Outdoor swimming is another excellent cardio workout. But the reason why I say “out door” swimming is because of the fact that you can change things up by doing different places, versus being stuck in the same old boring indoor swimming pools that are typically found at most gyms. The fact that you can pick where you want to go, is one of the most exciting things about swimming outdoors. And on top of that, it is one of the best work outs you can do, at least when it comes to building your endurance and cardio health.

Canoeing is another great cardio work out that most people do not even usually think of. It is fun and exciting for the same reasons as swimming outdoors, but it actually adds another element; the fact that you can explore rivers and new areas at the lake, which would not be practical to swim to. Also, rowing in a canoe is an awesome work out, not just when it comes to cardio, but when it comes to upper body strength and conditioning as well. You use just about all of the muscles in your entire upper body when you paddle a canoe, and you even use a good amount of your abs and obliques as well.

There are many other good work outs that you can do as well, not all of which are unnecessarily out door activities. Basically the sky is the limit. The main thing is to just find something that you enjoy, which makes sticking to your work out that much easier. And changing things up now and then is never a bad thing either. Just find what is effective for you, find things that you enjoy doing, and do not forget to try new things as well, and you will be well on your way to being fit for years to come.

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Cardio and Weights – Should They Be Done the Same Day Or Alternate Days?

Although opinions differ on whether to do cardio before strength training most of the research points to doing cardio one day and strength training on another day. If you must do them both on the same day then cardio before strength wins. This however pertains to weight loss not muscle building.

The main reason in considering whether to do one before the other is your answer to this question: Are you trying to complete building muscle size or losing weight? If you want to enhance your muscle size then lifting weights first is ideal. Using your glycogen as fuel for your weight training and then doing cardio will also burn more fat. You need glycogen levels that are optimal in order to have enough energy for muscle contractions. A long cardio workout will deplete your glycogen levels making your weight lifting unproductive. Many believe that if you do cardio first or too long (over fifty minutes) too much Cortisol will be released and will interfere with your goal of building muscle.

If you are supplying your body with the nutrients it needs and limiting your cardio to about 45 minutes before weights it should not interfere with building muscle strength. And, according to research people who did weight training a day later after a strenuous cardio workout could do more reps than people who trained both cardio and weights the same day.

So, in conclusion, if your main goal is losing weight doing both on the same day will increase your metabolism and burn more calories, but make sure and do weights first then cardio. Ideally perform cardio one day and weights on another day especially if you are trying to build muscle, or use cardio as a warm-up but only for ten minutes or so.

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