Let's be honest here, the moment someone mentions the word “aerobics” we get a little scared because the first thing that comes to our mind is the thought of strenuous and breath ceasing exercises.

Dance based aerobics are one of the best and fun ways to stay fit and healthy. For the past thirty years, dance-aerobics have made going to the gym a fun experience. Back in the 80's these forms of cardiovascular training were extremely popular, movies and television shows have been made around this fun exercise program. More and more fitness clubs in the country are providing their clients with the option of dance based fitness training that will not only help them burn off calories, but also strengthen their heart muscles and keep them healthy.

When you conduct your search for dance aerobics in your area, you will notice that some of these classes have fascinating and unique names.

Not everyone enjoys conventional exercises; a lot of people find it really boring and will invent excuses to avoid taking part in any exercise that will get them to lift heavy stuff or do push-ups. Dance movement based aerobics offers you the opportunity to have loads of fun and stay fit using dance routines that are not only interesting in a “Fame” kinda way but are also quite easy to learn.

Nowadays, a large number of fitness centers and health clubs in the country usually offer a wide variety of aerobic classes with interesting dance routines. The classes have a different names, descriptions, and use different types of formats. Currently, the common formats for aerobic classes incorporating dance in the United States include Latin, hip hop, martial arts-based aerobic routine, jazz, and Hi-lo. You will soon be attracted to taking a dance based aerobic classes when you see people of various ages perform awesome dance moves. You will also be surprised at just how easy it is to learn the steps. Get great cardiovascular training, while looking great on the dance floor.

When you have decided to sign up with a local fitness center or health club, ensure that you are quite familiar with the variety of dance based classes offered and take time to study the class description. By doing this, you will be able to choose the class that will best suit cardiovascular training needs perfectly.

The aerobics section follows the warm-up. This particular section is chiefly aimed at improving your body composition and your cardio-respiratory endurance and makes use of large body movements that are continuously performed to increase your heart rate. The classes typically end with stretching and relaxation exercises – these exercises are performed to help lower the heart rate and avoid muscle soreness, develop flexibility and also re-establish homeostasis.