hey guys! Since I have just “become a runner” – whatever the definition of that would be – as a person who constantly drives for “perfection” – I believe it does not exist – and is interested in honing my skills whatever area, I have become interested in how to optimize my running skills and interested in finding how I can stay away from injuries (100% stay away, if possible).

What have I found? Well, I have simply used my common sense – to come to the conclusion that this works as anything else works – it's all about enabling yourself to receive and read feedback and then, based on what the feedback tells you, take right action … And how would this look in running? Well, if we take the avoid-injury-issue … how many nuances do you feel in your feet when you put them in the ground? I am talking about amount of pressure, the angle of the foot and leg and all that … Not a whole lot of nuances?

Well, that is because that is not where your focus is … if your focus is on how tedious running is – no surprise you are getting injuries if you are not even aware of what your feet are doing! It is not about simply avoiding roots and similar things – but about the angle which you put the foot in the ground with … so you have to consciously place your focus where you want it – in this case, in your feet. With the focus there, all your mental power is freed to perceive what is going on in your feet – in terms of the angle of your foot, the amount of pressure applied when you put it in the ground etc.

Then, using your common sense – meaning, if it hurts you do something else and if it feels good you continue doing what you are doing – you run.

So, this is, really, all there is to it – consciously choose to focus on what is happening in your feet, feel what is happening, and – using your common sense – take right action.

I wish you good luck in trying this out! Obviously, even though I think this way of going about this is a great foundation, I am a beginner, so any feedback – especially if I am way off and am actually risking injury doing it this way; which I highly doubt – would be appreciated.