Want to know if cardio workouts let you lose belly fat? Research shows that may not meet that expectation.

When I started to exercise on a regular basis I worked with a trainer to learn how to take care of my body and make the most of the time and energy I spend in the gym – or so I I thought. That person told me to warm up by walking on the treadmill, climbing the stair stepper or riding the bike for 45 minutes before starting to work muscles on the various machines.

One day another trainer asked me why I spent so much time warm up. She said I only needed twenty minutes of cardio to prepare for the muscle workouts. Of course I wanted to cut down my workout time so I did what she recommended and found that twenty minutes was plenty of time to prepare my body for the weight resistance routines.

My workouts then took one hour instead of 1 h hours, Great! Only I noticed I never lost inches doing the cardio. I also realized I never lost inches doing cardio for forty-five minutes either. In fact, when I look back, despite the miles or riding up and down hills as teenager I never lose a single inch of fat.

Hmm. What was missing?

In the past ten years I discovered I had to mix up my routines to succeed at creating the body and health of my dreams. As instructed, I alternated between cardio and resistance work. I was in excellent shape but still I never lost any inches.

What I knew was that if I wanted to lose inches I needed to swim. By swimming for just twenty minutes twice weekly I could easily drop inches and build my heart and lung capacity to optimum levels that let me easily hike in the mountains.

Why did swimming work so much better than cardio plus weight resistance?

When you swim you push against the water so that every stroke offers the equivalence of weight training. Plus you exercise your entire body not just an isolated muscle or group of muscles.

Today's knowledgeable trainers teach you to incorporate both cardio and weight resistance for multiple muscles into the same moves. Best part? You finish your workout in twenty minutes instead of and hour or two.

Actually if you are ready to work harder than you can imagine, with the right whole body exercise you can complete an entire workout that will totally alter your health and body in as little as seven minutes!

Think about this fact: you live your life working multiple groups of muscles simultaneously as in walking, bicycling, running, etc. Why in the world would you isolate muscles to work them out? That goes against Nature.

It does not work. Cardio exercise alone will never take off inches or optimize your health. What do you do instead, next swim?