1. It all begins with your hormone levels and blood. Your biological state is the first priority to everything else. If your insulin levels, or cortisol levels are high you are already putting your body in a catastrophic state for negative results. the same as if your growth hormone or blood pH levels being low. It is critical that these things are balanced at the right levels.

2. In doing such, you must ensure certain basic conditions in your life. Various foods which spark insulin and cortisol like refined carbs, refined sugars, high glycemic carbs, sodium, transaturated fat must be taken out of your diet.

3. To keep growth hormone and testosterone levels high, you need to ensure sufficient strength training exercise each week, like at least 3-4 times and a proper balance of dietary intake. Eating a high-protein low carb, moderate fat (consisting only of polyunsaturated fat like omega 3 from flax seed, salmon, olive oil, walnuts) will keep testosterone and GH levels more balanced.

4. Do not overtrain. Training longer than 1 hour actually raises cortisol levels and actually burn s muscle and stores fat. Keep your workouts short and intense and focused for the best results.

Every little thing counts, so take each tip into consideration and you will be pleasantly satisfied with being diligent.

The key is to be consistent and take consistent action each day and over the long term to see the most effective and long lasting results. You can not expect to get something for nothing.